wolf shot in Yellowstone

White wolf shot and left to die in Yellowstone

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Someone shot a white wolf in the Yellowstone National Park and left her to die. On April 11, the severely injured alpha female, of the Canyon Pack, was discovered by hikers near Gardiner, Montana – the wolf was wounded badly enough that she had to be euthanized.

On Friday, the non-profit group, Wolves of the Rockies, announced the offering of a $5,000 reward for information leading to the prosecution and conviction of whoever is responsible for killing the wolf. The group wrote:

Enough is Enough! (Please Share This Post)
Why is it wolf organizations and advocates have to protect and defend wolves within the established system? When criminals can kill wolves, any wolves, wherever and whenever they want.

This has to end!
Wolves of the Rockies is offering a $5000.00 dollar reward to anyone that leads to the successful conviction of the shooter of the Canyon Alpha Female. You information will be kept in the strictest confidence. If others would like to add to WotR Reward please make a donation with a comment for reward.

The motive for the killing is not known – KOTA News has reported that ranchers in the area have voiced their displeasure about wolves being reintroduced to the area.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Yes I’m sure the “ranchers in the area have voiced their displeasure” and it was probably one of them that killed this poor wolf! I hope they find the culprit, they need to pay for what they have done.

  2. jeanette says:

    there are dog breeds that will keep the wolves away without killing them. leave the wolves alone damn it!

  3. Elaine says:

    The wolves were probably there way before the ranchers ever were. Yes probably was a rancher that shot her. Fucking jackasses

  4. Jon says:

    Probably saved a lot of sheep and cows lives!! Must have killed all the elk an deer in the park and came out for some roast beef or mutton. Sorry bout yr luck wolfie.

      • Cynthia Como says:

        Jeanette,Jon shows up on this site sporadicly for the sole purpose of making assinine moronic comments like the one he made about the stunning white wolf that was in a protected national park and killed,hence the $5,000 reward. He cares not one iota about ANY animal that is brutalized or killed! He has an agenda and that agenda is to upset all that hate the brutalization and killing of animals,be it a dog,cat or whatever! YUP! A first class asshole! Ignore him please,he is not worth it!

      • Jon says:

        This is like trying to communicate with libtards. How do u know the wolf was inside the boundary of the park when it was shot? Gardiner, MT. is not in park.How do u not know it was not outside park killing livestock when it was shot?Cindy, I have a dog and a cat and if I would catch anybody mistreating them it could become fatal for them. By the way, first time i ever logged onto a site to comment!

      • Jon says:

        Jean,Your comment about dogs keeping wolves from livestock is a factoid. Wolves eat dogs for snacks in MI an MN every year. Ck it out

      • Jon says:

        They reintroduced wolves to Yellowstone in 1995 to cut down the elk population but they have gone to far. They have eaten over 80% of the elk. Now the wolves r leaving the park to eat beef/sheep because elk r to hard to find and the ranchers don’t like that .

      • linda says:

        I am aware of the wolves being reintroduced to Yellowstone in 1995. Since then the ecosystem has improved, however this white wolf was killed illegally.

  5. Marsha Flynn says:

    She was pregnant and “gut shot”…. Meaning the coward meant to make her suffer by not taking a kill shot..Left to suffer for how long???Fckn coward!! You’re NO Hunter!!


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