Week old puppy with gaping bite wound found in dumpster

Injured puppy found in dumpster
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An injured newborn puppy, believed to be just a week old, was recently found in a Charleston, South Carolina, dumpster, reported Thursday’s ABC News 4. The puppy, dubbed “Walnut,” was found by a good Samaritan who transported her to Veterinary Specialty Care in Mount Pleasant.

The tiny pup was discovered with a “gaping” bite wound on her leg – according to her veterinary team, it is likely that the pup was bitten by her own mother and whoever owned her may have panicked and made a “rash” decision to discard Walnut in the trash container.

Fortunately, not only was little Walnut found, but she has been treated for her injury and she is expected to make a full recovery. Thanks to a charitable foundation established by Veterinary Specialty Care (Sam’s Fund) Walnut is receiving treatment, even though she does not have an owner.

If you are interested in donating to Sam’s Fund (read more about this foundation here) you can call animal hospital at 843-216-7554.

On a positive note – little Walnut is currently recuperating in a foster home and when she is old enough, she has an adoptive family waiting.

(photo screenshot via ABC 4 News)

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  1. She looks like a Pibble pup. Probably bitten by another pack member and since the “breeder” thought he couldn’t sell her, just dumped her like trash. POS! SO GLAD she’s being cared for and already has a furever home! ????????❤????????

  2. Walnut is one very lucky baby! Sh e is lucky she was found, lucky she is being treated in a very good foster home and lucky she has a home waiting to go to! There are so many others who are looking for homes! Please save a life adopt from your local shelter!

  3. Really? POS owner couldn’t have brought it to vets? Makes me wonder what else is going on in that home with the other dogs

  4. Whoever dumped this tiny baby in a dumpster should be hogtied and dumped in the nearest landfill with the rest of the trash – let the punishment fit the crime. So glad Walnut was rescued and will be OK – she deserves a safe loving home.


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