Drowning puppy saved

Watch – frantic mother dog digs to save drowning puppy

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A video shows a frantic mother dog digging in a water-filled ditch trying to save her drowning puppy. By the worried dog’s side is a person trying to scoop away gravel with a bucket…side by side, the pair works to get to the puppy who is underwater.

As soon as there is enough space, the worried mother dives in – after a few, tense moments, she is met with sweet success! The water-logged puppy, who appears lifeless, is pulled out of the water, to safety.

Initially, the puppy isn’t breathing – but after some chest massage and licks from mom, he (or she) is resuscitated.

Watch this concerned mother dog for yourself!

(Image screenshot via Metro U.K.)

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    No one can ever tell me animals are stupid – they are more intelligent, caring and insightful than lots of so called ‘humans’. THANKS to the kind person who help Mom save her puppy.


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