Warren police follow social media leads to disturbing photos of tortured dog

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In Warren, Michigan, authorities have been following leads in reference to disturbing images posted on social media sites of a dog hanging from the ceiling. On Sunday, animal advocate, Skyler Atwood reported the disturbing images to police stating on her Facebook page:Skyler Atwood 2

“I was furious and wanted this out there. I’m sick and tired of going on Facebook and seeing animal abuse,” stated Skyler. “He was hanging his dog from his harness from the ceiling. Then he duct taped his mouth and legs shut. Because it’s local and he goes to Warren Mott (high school), I wanted to make sure everyone knew about this.”

Skyler had been informed about the photos on Sunday after a friend shared them with her. Since then, Skyler has been persistent and wants to help this dog and make sure he is safe. The heartbreaking story of alleged animal cruelty and what could have happened to this dog has been shared on social media:Skyler Atwood 3

 “So this kid named Marvin that my little cousin knows sent her a screen shot of his piece of s*** friend named Cleve putting snap chats on his story of putting his dog in the dryer, setting him on fire, hanging him by his harness from the ceiling and duck taping his mouth and legs shut. They are both Warren Mott high school students. 15/16 years old. Still trying to find out Cleve’s address. My little cousin went to the police station but not sure if they are going to be able to do anything without the kids(sic) address. Can everyone please share this so it gets attention and he gets what he deserves…”

On Wednesday afternoon, an update of the situation was provided. The dog has not been located nor has the background shown in the SnapChat photo corresponded to the home of the teen allegedly involved. Anyone who recognizes the dog or the home shown in the photos is asked to contact police in order for prosecutors to have enough evidence to bring forth animal cruelty charges. Be the voice for those who cannot speak. Just look at the photos, and decide if anyone should be able to walk away laughing and joking from such alleged animal abuse to an innocent dog.

Anyone with information is asked to call (586) 574.4700 or (586) 574.4810.

Photos via Warren police screenshots from Facebook.

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54 replies
  1. Dorothy Faye Reynolds says:

    Why don’t I ever read about guys and gals that do this to animals get their asses beat. It’s all talk and no action..!

  2. julie says:

    Someone needs to go investigate at Mott Highschool. Ask around who knows this POS “Cleve”, if the police won’t do it. Also, Make a complaint at the Police dept. that they have info on Animal Abuse & they know where to locate the suspect by what school he attends & they are not investigating this Felony offense.

  3. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    I hope you find this poor little baby and find who is treating him like this and don’t let them get away with this atrocity. They have to be found and charged with abuse.

  4. pennysdachshund says:

    LOOK at the HAND holding the POOR LITTLE DOG ::: that JUST MIGHT TELL YOU SOMETHING as to what kind of person IS ABUSING & TORTURING the DOG and ALSO WHY THE AUTHORITIES AREN”T LOOKING too HARD for the POS … They DON”T want MARCHING , RIOTS, PLACES BURNED !!!!!! so they turn their heads….. This is SICK

  5. SLV says:

    I personally feel the authorities aren’t doing enough. I honestly feel that if they put their mind to it they could find out who this “Cleve” POS is. He is obviously a punk coward. Such a big man picking on an innocent little dog…..nothing but a punk @aa p*ssy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kathleen Drude says:

    This is disgusting! Social media? What the hell is so social about seeing horrific pictures of animals being tortured! The fact that this little piece of garbage is posting these pictures my question is where are the parents? They don’t know what this kid is doing? The fact these pictures have shown up on line there has to be a way to trace it back thru the I p address! Find this jackass!

  7. linda says:

    Even though the leads are few it should be helpful in finding who the POS’s are that is causing such horrific abuse. I only hope it isn’t too late.

  8. Carol Drennan says:

    I’m understanding one of the kids knows the people responsible. The one picture looks like a open beam, like maybe it was in a building with no roof. The pictures are hard to see. Can’t locate the dog if all of those heinous things were done he is probably dead. If he will post it he will also brag about it at school. To bad a reward can’t be offered in find these worthless pieces of shit

  9. Nancy Raymond says:

    Someone KNOWS who this punk is and offering a reward will get them to open up – this dog needs to be saved NOW and the maggot that is torturing this poor dog. This little maggot needs to be arrested, dumped in a cell and forgotten about. Let his fellow inmates enjoy his company.

  10. Robin says:

    Better find this loser Cleve,he is a future serial killer,heartless that will continue doing this sickness until he is nailed to a wall!!!

  11. Jacinta says:

    If it’s on Facebook, people know this piece of sh** for God’s sake. Get that dog out! NOW! This coward should face the same as punishment. What should we caption his photos with? Piece of trash!

  12. Laura says:

    Go straight to the school principal, they will find this punk. It needs to be announced to the entire school so he knows what he’s doing is unacceptable.The poor dog should be taken away from them.

  13. kathleen says:

    I am printing the article and faxing it to the Mott H.S. fax is 586.698.4226. phone 586 5743250 and here are their names and emails

    Mr. Dignan
    Ext. 13909
    Main Office

    Mr. Meengs
    Ext. 13949
    West House Principal
    Last Names A-G

    Mr. Cwayna
    Ext. 13939
    South House Principal
    Last Names H-N

    Mr. Buford
    Ext. 13919
    North House Principal
    Last Names O-Z

  14. Susan Casey says:

    Someone who knows this pathetic abuser of this precious puppy please step up and save him. Please .,.. before it is too late. You will be in my heart little one.

  15. Connie says:

    If this is a kid, where are the parents? Do they not know this kid is F’d up?! Or the parents are probably F’d up too this is where the kid has learned all this behavior. Our society is in a sad state these days. No compassion or empathy for anything but yourself. I hope the dog is rescued and all the other animals out there getting the same kind of abuse. Prayers for us as a society that thinks this kind of action is acceptable. Thanks to the people that try changing the world.

    • E M says:

      He goes to Warren Mott High School. He is now denying that he ever had the dog but I don’t believe it because one of his classmates
      (female) posted that she overheard him laughing and telling another boy that they will never find the dog and can’t pin anything on him!

      • Susan Casey says:

        So do we think the poor puppy is dead?!?! Why is no one investigating this?!?! So unbelievable to me. My gut is telling me it is too late for this little pup. Very very sad and heartbreaking. He could have been saved.

    • kathleen says:

      I had a response from one of the principals at mott h.s.

      This is the response I got from one of the principals

      Thank you. There’s an on-going investigation with the Warren Police Department into the matter.

      principal John Dignan

    • Tina Shurtleff says:

      Please post info if dog is found. I hope the poor thing can get a loving home. Hope this evil man is found and gets the maximum that is allowed or someone gets him first

      • E M says:

        I agree why is he still in school. A classmate posted awhile ago that they can’t prove anything and he was laughing about it. Makes me sick!

      • pennysdachshund says:

        The AUTHORITIES TOOK THEIR DAMN TIME ON THIS CASE AND GAVE THE BASTARD THE OPPORTUNITY TO KILL AND RID HIMSELF OF ANY EVIDENCE!!! Hope the Parents of this Psychopath Ass, are PROUD of what and EVIL Bastard they Produced and set free on Society.!!!!

  16. Beth says:

    Has there been an update on this story? Why doesn’t anyone care?? Like the parents or any adults in his life? He is totally lying – but WHERE IS THE DOG? That is all i care about – is the pup alive or dead???

    • Susan Casey says:

      I’m wondering the same thing Beth. All this time …. was the puppy rescued? Also wondering why there have been no updates?!?

  17. Kelley King says:

    Does anyone know the status of this case? I don’t understand why the police didn’t go to the school and locate the abuser there?
    And there must be other kids in his class that know who he is, where he lives, and where he hangs out.

  18. Sheri says:

    Worthless POS PUNKS????
    Have they been caught? Any update on this poor furbaby????
    Somebody knows,,, punk ass kids gonna brag about their sick acts of abuse !!

  19. Kelly Giannetti says:

    WHERE IS THE WARREN POLICE??! I can’t tell that they’re EVEN working this??! How hard is it to find a prick named Cleve in the high school he attends? It’s not like he has a common name! Damn!! The poor puppy is probably dead by now!! Oh, let me guess, the police dept or the detective assigned to this case is NOT an animal lover?? THAT shouldn’t matter whether you’re an animal lover or not, YOU KNOW DANN WELL HE’S BREAKING THE LAW! It’s a KNOWN/PROVEN fact that SERIAL KILLERS start out this way!! How long is it going to take you to go get this delinquent and question him??! What do you need his parents and address for right now??! Get this asshole out of class, go to the office and get his address and take his ass to his house and I’m sure you’ll see at least ONE parent! You should’ve had this handled by now! Anyone, whether human OR a dog, shouldn’t have to wait THIS DAMN LONG TO BE RESCUED BY A COP!!! GET IT TOGETHER!!

  20. CeCe says:

    I literally just read this. To the author of this article – have you any news to share? Has anyone gone to FaceBook for information related to this? It should be easy for FaceBook to provide police with the user’s name or at least computer address. The police can get this information as well. This is the most disturbing story I have ever read on the internet and these “kids” must be held accountable.


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