Warrants to arrest woman who abandoned deaf and blind rescue dogs

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In Cobb County, Georgia, warrants were issued on Thursday to arrest the woman who abandoned two dogs at a home and left them to starve to death. In a heartbreaking animal cruelty case dating back to December 2016, Ashley Davis is alleged to have left the dogs for 16 days with no food or water. She faces multiple charges of aggravated animal cruelty and abandonment of animals. According to Fox5Atlanta, a  blind  bulldog dog named Simpson and Lucky, a deaf pitbull mix were originally “rescued” by Davis who stated she wanted to help dogs with disabilities:

“They were tortured by lack of feeding,” stated Detective Steve Hammond. “She moved out of her residence and left the two dogs behind.”

When the dogs were discovered, Lucky weighed only 31 pounds, and veterinarians were not even sure the dog would survive. The dog has since recovered and is in the care of Bosley’s Place Rescue.  Lucky has been in a foster home and is currently available for adoption. Simpson suffered from glaucoma, and recently underwent surgery to remove his eyes. He has been at Cobb County Animal Control, along with two other dogs removed from Davis’ home. Before the dogs can be placed up for adoption, court proceedings will be needed to remove Davis’ legal custody.

Davis is not believed to be living in the Atlanta area, and details are in progress to find out where she is currently residing.

(Photos of dogs leading to warrants to arrest Davis via Bosley’s Place Rescue and Fox Atlanta)

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  1. What a nasty,evil,cruel witch!!! Starvation is a brutal, cruel,slow and torturous way to exist and die!! This was a conscious,deliberate act of horrific torture and it’s absolutely unforgivable!!! I’ve always noticed that a lot of people who starve animals are usually very well fed themselves to the point of being overweight!! If I had only a small amount of food my dogs would get it and I would do without!!! They can spend the time hunting her down but if they do not intend to sufficiently punish her I say why bother!!! I hope her life turns into a living nightmare and she is completely miserable for the rest of her despicable life!! Rotten cruel bitch!!!

  2. Well this Bitch’s Legal custody could be ended “with a couple cinder blocks ” a long rope and a DEEP! DEEP LAKE!!! Wishful Thinking!!! She deserves NO EMPATHY !!!!

    • This POS needs to be drowned with cider blocks! Unfortunately even adopting with questions from whom they adopt from doesn’t always protect the dogs. Not enough is done. BTW pennysdachshund did you noticed our religious nut bag hasn’t been on this site lately? Lol!

      • I noticed it has been quiet lately! Karma may have intervened and she won a trip to New Zealand for rest and spiritual meditation. Seriously I hope all is ok it didn’t sound like she had a good life and I actually felt kind of sad for her , we never know the weight of the shoes another has walked , and can only suspect!!

  3. This disgusting Bitch, (excuse my language) left these dogs to die! Why on earth court proceedings will be needed to remove Davis’ legal custody, is beyond my comprehension; She gave up all rights when she decided to abandon them! What is wrong with our laws?

  4. I am having brain pain today because my only daughter Danielle would have turned 30 yrs old today, but she is in heaven. …and these dogs remind me of my Daisy, one of my rescues (dogs argentine/pit bull)…and she is dying of bladder cancer…and I am scared each day I come closer to losing her…I won’t let her suffer of course….and then I see a bitch like this; who has two precious lives she was supposed to be responsible for and she tortures them by starvation….They already had a rough road with their disabilities. Life ain’t fair guys. Hope they show her as little mercy as she did those precious animals.

    • Sherry I SHARE you feelings, and my sincere thoughts are with you::: I think of all the little one’s we have had in our care for the last 26 years:: since my marriage to the most caring gentleman I have even known when it comes to the ‘four legged population” and like you and I HE HAS NO respect or one ounce of compassion for Scum Bags such as this Moronic and Evil woman… We turned in a puppy mill in Montana and the Federal Government got involved … over 150 dogs were in crisis… small town with ” Freeman Fraction” of individuals living there… it was not nice . These dogs were in horrific condition and they were moved to the county fairgrounds and had round the clock protection, and the most wonderful volunteers for the town and county they were moved to for their protection…. The ” people???” got off the state charges because of a technically , the federal charges for child endangerment were held valid, the volunteers, and the neighboring town were heart broken to see these dog returned to he hell hole they and left. Live as we know isn’t always fair… I hope this bitch get held accountable but I won’t count on it …


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