Wanted: Man who repeatedly stabbed dog and left dog to die by dumpster

Repeatedly stabbed dog found tied to a dumpster
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Authorities in Irving, Texas, are searching for a man who is accused of repeatedly stabbing a dog and leaving the dog tied to a dumpster to die. According to WFAA News, surveillance video shows a thin build man, between 40 and 50 years of age, who was seen walking the dog who was found dead on February 26.

The dog had been tied to a blue dumpster outside of a dentist’s office near the 1800 block of West Irving Boulevard. Witnesses who saw the dog’s body have reported that the dog, a three-year-old pit bull mix, was stabbed “dozens of times.”

On Thursday, the Irving Police Department reached out to the public for assistance in the disturbing animal cruelty case. According to the authorities, the man observed on surveillance video is approximately 5’8″ tall and he is either white or Hispanic.

A reward of $5,000 has been offered by the DFW Humane Society for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible.

Anyone with information about this situation is asked to contact the Irving Police Department at (972) 273-1010 (24 hours) and reference case number 17-4507. Additionally, tips may be submitted via email at [email protected].

(Photo via Irving Police Department)

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  1. Someone KNOWS who this maggot is and a reward of $5.000 should be able to get this hunk of sewer slime in custody. Putting his face on TV along w/a reward – someone will turn him in. He should just be sent right to the wood chipper, he has no right to breathe.

  2. Well why do they want to find him? He eont be punished in any significant way,he will just get the usual slap on the wrist! A fine and probation,and if we are lucky he MIGHT get a week in jail! Why would he not do it again? He and all the other animal abusers/killers know they won’t be punished in any way to maybe think twice about doing it again! If his cruel,brutal,disgusting ass had to spend 5 yrs in a prison cell he might think twice before doing this horror again! Most likely he has brutalized/killed innocent animals before and u can bet he will do it again and again,and why not,it’s totally ok with the law and the judicial system! To see the picture of this poor helpless dog,trusting his killer,being led to his brutal cruel death will haunt me. WHY DOES THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM NOT GIVE A SHIT??? WHY?? What is damn OFFENSIVE to the law and the courts about protecting companion animals from the horror of animal cruelty? Our judicial system protects the pieces of shit that inflict this horror and condone this overwhelming brutal crime of animal abuse!!! I’m sure our God is crying about the lack of humane and caring heaped upon his creation called dogs! ALL ANIMAL ABUSERS NEED TO BE EXTERMINATED FROM THIS WORLD WITH A BULLET,and it would be more humane than the crime of animal abuse. Animal abusers deserve NO MERCY from God or their fellow man! And with every animal abuser exterminated from this life the world will be a better place for us all,ESPECIALLY ALL THE INNOCENT ANIMALS WHO HAVE SUFFERED AND DIED! MAKES ME CRAZY AND MAKES ME SICK! The world will pay one day when God says ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! The indifference shown towards companion animals well being is beyond appalling!!! My heart and soul aches for the injustice of it all!

  3. What’s sad is looking at this picture and thinking this precious dog had no idea what was going to happen….just out for a walk and nothing else. I hope they find and PUNISH the pos dirt bag!

  4. I believe that some people do not deserve to be alive themselves, as they have failed their challenges in Life to care for others, to rescue and love those in need. Maybe this is because of their tragic childhood or mental illness. Either way, these people should never be in touch with animals or children!!

    • Well NOW this after all IS “TEXASS” how hard do you think the law enforcement and other agencies ARE REALLY SEARCHING for the “EVIL BASTARD” that THEY ACTUALLY HAVE VIDEO FOOTAGE OF!!! Those of us that frequent this Wonderful Site are Well Aware that for the MOST PART ANIMAL’s of every species are pretty damn Low Priority THERE!!! Hell this State had a YOUNG MAN that INTENTIONALLY Murdered two NESTING BALD EAGLES!!!! The youth was caught ” RED HANDED and the STATE FAILED to PROSACUTE!!! THIS “IS A PROTECTED SPECIES”!!! THE symbol of AMERICA!!!! so you think a poor dog dying a horrific deaths means shit to these people!!!! NOT in a heartbeat!!!

      • Sometimes IT is just Too Much!!! There are so very many wonderful People other than the “few of us” also dedicated to trying in anyway we can , to help feed, house, support in anyway , possible to provide a safe and caring environment for Animal’s in need. Many of our states, cities, and towns are extremely Caring and Proactive and SUPPORTIVE in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE …. Then when you read about CERTAIN STATES That Turn their heads and won’t lift a finger to try and curtail this increasing BIZZARE trend of Torture, Maiming, Butchering, for fun and sport, and our Law,Enforcement Agencies , Judicial Systems, Family Welfare Agencies, Social Workers, JUST Not Being Vested !!! Because we are talking about a NON-HUMAN SPECIES !! What are These ” College Educated Professionals” MISSING… Look at every Serial Killer, this Nation has a Profile on!!! Animal, abuse and torture of a species that can not CRY OUT for Help!!! A society of Criminal Mined Social/Psychopathic Perverse Individuals are running around at will and our Country is thus becoming absolutely NO Better Than The Third World Nations we Shun!! This should be a Serious Concern to our USA as a whole!!!


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