Virginia man accused of killing dog with golf club

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A Bristol, Virginia man faces one animal cruelty charge  and one charge of the wounding a man after authorities claim he used a golf club to kill a dog and then broke his father’s nose after the father became upset about the dog’s death. Jonathan Cole Shaffer, 31, faces one misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty and a felony charge of malicious wounding.

According to NewsWjhl, the Bristol Virginia Police Department were called to a home on Madison Street last Saturday. Officers discovered the dead body of a small black and white dog lying in a pool of blood that had been beaten in the head with a golf club. The dog had been tied to a pole in the backyard; a golf club was found nearby. Shaffer’s father was bleeding from his face.

Shaffer is alleged to have told the police he hit the dog because it had bitten his child. When Shaffer’s father saw the dead dog and confronted his son, Shaffer punched him in the nose. None of the children had any injuries relating to a dog bite, nor did medical services finds any indications of bites.

Shaffer is now being held in jail in Bristol without bail. His father suffered several fractures to his nose.

Rest in peace little dog.

(Booking photo of man accused of killing dog with golf club)

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  1. This guy who killed a small dog with a golf club, your kid is going to grow up just like you, another loser. Please do not bring anymore children into this world…!

  2. He looks like a worthless piece of trash / thug / scum. There’s a lot of that in that part of the state. The good news is that whatever prison he ends up in probably has even worse people in it than him……

  3. I have a nice pitching wedge that I would like to use to leave a couple of divots in this POS’s scull. This is disgusting, he tied the dog to a pole and beat the helpless dog to death, His father must be so proud of his son and his children also! I know he will get more punishment out of punching his father, but I do hope he gets something for killing the dog!

    • Isn’t that crazy? Brutally beating a dog to death gets less punishment than breaking someone’s nose. Seems way off to me. But, you are right, I bet that will be the case. This guy looks scary and I’m sure has committed and will continue to commit other violent crimes. SCUM needs to go to jail and stay there.

  4. This piece of shit probably thinks he was being brave and macho because the dog MAY have snapped at his child, probably for good reason. People like this waste of oxygen do not need to have children. They do not need to be allowed around animals, children or people. Period. Bravo for the father for trying to defend the dog’s life. Might I suggest you beat your son to death with a golf club? It would be best for his children, best for you, and best for any living creature who crossed his path.

  5. Jonathan Cole Shaffer has proven his uselessness to the human race – What I do not understand and infuriates me is that this maggot is only charged with a misdemeanor – he killed a little dog who had no way to escape and then lied about it. He should be nailed to a tree and used as target practice.

  6. This state needs to join my state,Ohio,and the other states out there and making the crime of animal cruelty a FELONY!! This brutal evil act rises WAY above the level of a misdemeanor! This poor little dog was trapped and couldn’t even begin to try and save itself! This fucking monster has children,and from the sound of it they were present when all this brutality was happening! Not only should he be taken out of society for a significant amount of time he needs to be kept from EVER having contact with those children! I hope he gets a brutal beat down by some criminal THREE times his size while being held down by his neck! Even that isn’t painful enough for him!


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