Video of miniature horse in highchair sparks animal cruelty outrage

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The video of a miniature horse eating in a high chair has sparked social media outrage with animal advocates; many viewers calling the action animal cruelty and abuse. The short 27-second video emerged online last week and quickly built up steam as viewers watched a miniature horse sitting in a high chair, making it look more like a human baby eating rather than a tiny horse.

According to the Daily Mail, animal advocates contend the animal, which appeared to be eating carrot pieces from a bowl, should not have been perched in the chair worrying about the consequences on the horse’s health and safety. The video is stated to have originated out of  a farm located in Saku, Japan, and later circulated on social media. Suetoshi Farm, which has posted videos of its miniature horse in the past, shared the clip on Instagram last week. Readers and viewers of the video were very outspoken – many overtly disturbed, after viewing the video:

“…. This is not funny. It breaks my heart. To people who find this amusing, be a bit smarter. This is animal cruelty. One of the most stupid things I’ve seen lately. Stop treating animals like human babies. Instead give them an appropriate animal-friendly living.”

Other viewers commented on the damage the position could do to a horse’s back, stomach and intestines.

So, then the question remains if the mini suffered from a condition called megaesophagus, a structural issue from a malformed esophagus making it hard for an animal to swallow. The malformation does appear in dogs and cats, and propping them upright in a high chair is a way to use gravity to help the animal swallow and prevent choking. And then a user, identified as Lizzi Moore corroborated the condition of the miniature horse. It is not known if the mini has megaesophagus, however as many people did emphasize – the mini didn’t seem to be in any kind of distress, and anyone who knows horses, know they don’t eat when they’re stressed.

What do you think?

Photos of miniature horse in high chair freezeshot from YouTube video.

Watch the video here:

7 replies
  1. Kathleen Drude says:

    Ok the larger issue is where this mini is residing! The farm in question has already been on a list that kills animals in reprehensible ways for human consumption! The fact that this little horse is sitting in a high chair is in and of itself not cruel! What is cruel is the breeders of mini horses genetically altering the physiology of horses to create even smaller animals! I have horses and this whole issue with mini horses is what is cruel not the fact that one is sitting in a high chair! As far as the statement made that its cruel to treat animals as children get a grip! My dogs are my children but I don’t treat them like a human! It means they are my heart!

    • linda says:

      Kathleen I agree all breeders of various animals should leave the breeds alone. I used to show color points back in the 70’s. I have seen the changes in cats and dogs as I’m sure you have as well being a DVM and what they are doing is causing major health problems. Persians now have to resort to eating food that is shape like mountains so they don’t suffocate when eating. Siamese now have much longer noses and small almond shaped eyes where they no longer look like the original looking Siamese cats. Now they want to breed GS with shorter legs. Breeders to this for what? Vanity at the risk of causing medical issues and freakish looking cats and dogs?

  2. Darla says:

    Megaesophagus was my first thought….but I don’t know if horses get that. No one that I know thinks it’s cruel to see a dog with megaesophagus sitting in a high chair. This little horse doesn’t appear to be in distress but with such a short time to watch, it’s hard to know for sure.

  3. susispot says:

    My concern is the animal’s safety. What would happen if he started to struggle? If the chair went over and he became entangled? It is a stupid thing to do to A HORSE, no matter the size. It is an accident waiting to happen. Sorry little guy. You live with a dope.

  4. Sherry says:

    It doesn’t look like a natural or comfortable position for the horse…and yes, susispot, what if it got spooked and tried to get out of there and ended up badly injured as a result. Does not look wise to me. …also disturbing, earlier comments about THE SETTING/place.


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