Veterinarians remove 6.4 pound tumor from miniature poodle

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Oreo, an adorable and extremely friendly poodle had a 6.4 pound tumor removed less than one week ago after he was surrendered by his owner earlier in August.

Struggling just to walk,  the suspected lipoma weighed nearly one third of the six-year-old dog’s total body weight – 26 pounds. Although he will need further surgery to remove the excess skin, in just one week since his two hour surgery, Oreo is feeling like a new dog – and now he weighs just 19 pounds with the tumor finally gone. Here is his story.

According to the rescue group, Poodle Rescue Connecticut, the dog’s neglectful owner never bothered to take the dog for any kind of medical treatment. In addition to the heavy mass entangled in mats and soaked in the dog’s own feces and urine, Oreo also struggled with a severe flea infestation as well as Lyme disease. While waiting for preliminary testing to be done to ensure the dog would be a successful candidate for surgery at the Watertown Animal Hospital, the shelter’s director, Daryl Masone had observed Oreo sleeping in his kennel. Oddly enough, the pup had adjusted to the growth and used his tumor as a pillow while he slept.

On Tuesday, Poodle Rescue updated Oreo’s progress on their Facebook page. Results of the pathology have not been received yet, but this is one happy and perky little pooch.

“Hi everyone! It’s me Oreo! I’m starting to feel pretty darn good! I did a little run/walk today! I had my big bandage change today and I heard them telling Daryl I’m doing incredibly well. Tomorrow they will be taking out my drains (not much drainage!!!) and My Mom can take me home…I saw her today and I got incredibly excited to see her!!! They said I’ll go home tomorrow!!! Yippee! Thanks go to Dr. Kerbin and vet staff at Watertown Animal Hospital! Thank you all for your incredible donations, well wishes, new bed and snacks! I feel like I’m a KING!!!”

Get well soon Oreo. You’re an adorable little star. May you live a long and healthy life from this day forward.

Donations for Oreo’s continued care can be made by clicking here.

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(Photos of dog with 6.4 pound tumor via Poodle Rescue Connecticut)

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12 replies
  1. Daniel Clarkson says:

    Why is Oreo going back to the same place that allowed that tumor to grow so large? Clearly this is a case of extreme neglect, that could have killed him. This needs to be investigated thoroughly, and charges laid if anything suspicious is uncovered.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Thank god he was saved and will have a wonderful life. How can anyone see this dog with that growth hanging down and not try to contact the right people to take care of it. How long was this dog with this hanging tumor? So many people are horrible and only care about themselves.

  3. BA says:

    feel better angel…when they wrote “going home with Mom” that is no way the previous owner I pray….unreal what this poor baby has gone through…horrible to let him suffer with this hugh tumor OMG karma to them!!!!!

  4. Red says:

    SURELY whomever surrendered this poor soul was fined, jailed, something!! We need a national abuse registry for everyone who surrenders, abandons, abuses, kills animals. Make sure they never can adopt, purchase or live in the same home as a pet ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Cynthia Como says:

    The amount and extent of neglect done to Oreo is astounding! I thought denying medical care to a pet was illegal,is that not true in this state? Oreo’s POS abuser should be charged,because neglect is abuse! I am hoping and praying that his tumor removal has completely cured him of any cancer,if indeed his tumor was cancerous. Isn’t Oreo just a handsome and adorable boy! This is such a great ending for such a horrible case of extreme neglect inflicted upon such a sweet and wonderful little dog! HAPPY LIFE SWEET OREO❤️ THANK YOU TO ALL INVOLVED IN SAVING THIS WONDERFUL BOY❤️

  6. Sherry D Hadley says:

    I sure hope they plan to press charges against this neglectful owner. This tumor didn’t appear overnight and the dog was suffering, barely able to walk. This is clear cut animal cruelty. Press charges!!

  7. pamela bolton says:

    Have charges been brought against the owner? Should be for letting this tumor get so big with no care for the dog. This is cruelty and abuse of this little dog. The owner should be banned from ever having an animal for the rest of their lives.


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