Veterinarian frees chained horse and gets the best ‘thank you’ ever

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In Romania, it is a common practice to chain the front legs of horses to keep them from roaming and running away. On this particular day however, veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu intervened when he found the wild horse in desperate need of some help. Just the thought of the young mare suffering as the chains dug deeper into her tender flesh was unbearable to the Four Paws Romania animal welfare charity volunteer.

Rosu sedated the horse and then began his work cutting through the chains. When finally he was able to free her and help her recover from the sedation, the horse showed her gratitude in a way no one would ever have suspected – she gingerly approached her rescuer and gave him a delicate kiss.

According to Four Paws International, the mare has been clipped and marked so she can be identified in the future should she ever become chained again.

“Should we find her in chains again we will take steps to find and report the owner to the authorities,” state the spokesperson from the organization. “We may also take steps to train the owner about the proper way to treat and look after horses, depending on their willingness to cooperate. Unfortunately practices like this have been in place for many years across many countries, not just Romania.”

(Photos and video of wild horse saved and saying “thank you” via screenshots of YouTube video Four Paws International)

Check out how a horse says “thank you.”

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