Accused of abusing and killing a turtle

Veteran beaten by vicious thugs who were killing an animal

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A Navy veteran was beaten this week after confronting vicious thugs who were killing an animal in Daytona Beach, Florida, reported Thursday’s Huffington Post. On Tuesday, when 45-year-old Garry Blough was told by his crying daughter and wife about three men who were killing a turtle, he went outside to tell the abusers to stop.

The tri0, identified by the authorities as 23-year-old Ryan Ponder, 18-year-old Johnnie Beveritt, and 16-year-old Alfred Jose Chico, not only ignored Blough’s demand to stop the abuse, but they allegedly continued to hurl the turtle to the ground and then repeatedly kicked it.

The abuse was then directed to Blough after he told his wife to call 911. Blough was seriously injured when he was punched, thrown to the ground and kicked. His injuries required a trip to the hospital and he suffered several serious injuries, including a fractured skull, a severely injured eye, concussion and broken bones in his face.

The entire incident left Blough stunned – he  told the Daytona News Journal, “”I was just in shock, just in shock. For adults to be there and putting a turtle over their head and smashing it on the ground. It was appalling. Don’t hit a woman, a child or an animal in front of me, I won’t stand for it.”

The men accused of the abusive action are facing a multitude of charges including aggravated battery and bodily harm/disability and animal cruelty/intentionally causing cruel death.

The turtle at the heart of the sad situation did not survive the abuse.

(Photos via Huffington Post)

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  1. James Goble says:

    Do the same to them (the abusers). Inflict the same suffering and cruelty they put the Navy veteran thru. Give them the same punishment they inflicted on the turtle. If they survive, then this is their second chance. If they dont…guess they weren’t deemed worthy of that second chance.

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    WELL! WELL! a VERY TELLING PHOTOGRAPH of TWO of the THREE DAYTONA BEACH ” CITIZENS OF THE WEEK” Such well rounded “VILE ,PUTRID, BASTARDS” they have nothing better to do THAN KILL A TURTLE for GOD’S SACK, this was probably prior to their evening activity time of gutting live puppies, or hacking the legs off kittens for their evening exercise… Their ” KIN -FOLK” at least the ones not in a Heroin induced stupor or in the nearest FEDERAL PRISON should be proud of them… Bless the VETERAN WHO almost LOST HIS LIFE trying to protect the turtle… I hope they go to the nearest prison for a few years!!! WON”T happen thought because some LEGAL EAGLE will present these Worthless Scum Bags as Victims of the system!!!

  3. Kathleen Drude says:

    I’m not surprised this man was attacked by these pieces of garbage! Just take a look at the two pictured! This man went to try and protect an animal that was being killed by these things! In turn they put this man in the hospital with serious injuries! Their families must be so proud of them! Killing defenseless animals then beating the hell out of a man who tried to help the turtle! So not only did the turtle die a horrific death but these three pieces of garbage tried to do the same to a man! Hmm what does this tell you! Your children are psychopaths who should be locked up where they can’t hurt anyone or anything again! By the way nice job raising animal abusers! Children imitate what they have seen!

  4. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    ÉCOEURANT, pour le petit trou du cul et ses potes, la peine de mort, faire un exemple pour ceux qui s’aviseraient d’être cruel avec les animaux , ça ne mérite pas de respirer le même air que cette pauvre âme innocente. Bande de fumier, résidus de capote, sous merde, vous n’êtes rien et encore, rien, s’est encore trop pour vous, quelle honte d’avoir engendré des trucs pareils. Et je reste correct.

  5. Michele Vernet says:

    Mr. Blough, our Navy Veteran is a REAL MAN, with compassion and bravery. Unfortunately, THESE QUALITIES mean NOTHING in the USA’S JUDICIAL COURTS AND TO POLITICOS! TOO BAD JUSTICE IS NOT LEFT TO THOSE WHO WOULD RENDER IT WITH King Solomon’s wisdom!

  6. susispot says:

    Wouldn’t it be tooooo bad if these thugs didn’t survive prison? I hope that is where they are sent. They are beyond help at this point. To the Navy vet. Thank you kind sir. I hope you are on the mend and your community sees you are properly thanked.

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    Well the good news is, these thugs will more than likely get more of a sentence for hurting Garry Blough than they ever would get from hurting a turtle, but here again it shows the escalation from animal to human. These are nothing but thugs! Please if there is any justice at all punish these POS’s!

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    These three are no more than useless wastes of flesh and blood – they have proven exactly what they are and I propose just eliminating them from this world – they do not deserve to be in it.


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