Vengeful man runs over dog and then beats dog repeatedly with a bat

Man accused of beating dog to death with a bat
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A vengeful man, seeking justice for his cat, allegedly ran down a dog in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and then beat the wounded dog with a baseball bat. According to KFOR News, the man behind Friday’s cruel incident is identified as 36-year-old Darren White.

According to horrified witnesses, the man drove through yards to get at the dog, who he said killed his cat. After finally striking the dog with the vehicle, White allegedly got out a bat and repeatedly hit the dog until the dog died.

Authorities reported that White stated that the dog, “learned what a baseball bat was.”

The violent incident has resulted in a charge of animal cruelty against White. Click here to watch the KFOR news interview with a witness.

(Screenshot via KFOR News)


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    • Yet one more dead-eyed POS who doesn’t deserve the description ‘man’, but trashbag, slimeball, or filth. If he loved his cat so much, why the hell didn’t the cat live INDOORS, which is where mine safely do?

      I know: why not take this out on the dog’s OWNER, who is responsible for making certain the dog stayed where he or she belonged, and NOT THE DOG, who was only following the instinct built into dogs over thousands of years?

      Hmm…. maybe if he weren’t an irresponsible pet owner himself he would have blamed the dog’s owner and taken his anger out on the someone who could actually fight back, not the INNOCENT dog who was equally a victim of having an irresponsible owner, just like this murderous dead-eyed thug did.

    • If this monster cared at all about his cat, he would NOT have allowed the cat to roam outside. The life expectancy of cats that are allowed to roam outside is about 1/4 as long as cats who lived exclusively inside the house. My cats are all indoor-only and they have great lives. Dogs do need room to run and potty outside, although I suspect the dog wasn’t confined to a securely fenced yard, either. Seems to be that the victims here – cat and dog – were victims of the humans who were supposed to care for them and keep them safe. I really hope this monster gets some serious jail time. No normal person would go to the extremes he did. What if it had been a kid who killed his cat? Does he even have proof it was the dog? And, again, what the f*** was the cat outside for to begin with? Idiot!

  1. This is a maniac! This thing has no business being in polite society! This thing drives thru yards to get at the dog runs it over then beats it to death? If this had been a child it would be murder! Because it’s a dog it’s just a cruelty case? This thing needs to be put away!

  2. Ok, nobody wants a dog to kill their cat but this is going overboard! It’s a good thing I live nowhere near Tulsa, OK or I would be hunting HIM down with my car and baseball bat! This disgusting piece of filth better be charged for this, he could have hurt someone else in his tirade! Note to Darren White, keep your cat in the house, dogs can’t get to it, and frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if the cat hadn’t started the fight in the first place!

    • Star – If I lived anywhere near this maggot I would be honored to shove that baseball bat so far up his ass he’d choke on it – this hunk of sewer slime lets his cat outdoors and expects nothing to happen to it – he has the intelligence of a box of rocks. He desperately needs to be dealt some severe street justice.

  3. Is the MFPOS dead yet? If not, he needs to be.
    I’d hit that bitch with my truck, back up & hit him again. He has shown that in his mind, this is acceptable behavior; I’m all for “talking” to him in a “language” he understands.

  4. Feral dog in a pack goes on private property and kills a pet cat in view of its owner. Sounds like the dog needed to be exterminated as the pest it was. Could have gone after a child next.

  5. He should have 2counts against him. 1 runing over the dog and 1 count of beating the dog with a bat. In the end 1 to 2 years in jail.

    • I own 3 cats and would never go that far. IF the dog did kill the cat I would have called the authorities You are a C*NT for thinking that way. I’d run you over you POS!!! YOU GET A GRIP!!!!

    • The only “stupid vicious” thing is this man. Dogs don’t know any better, and I’ve had cats that would go after dogs. If this POS had a problem with the dog, then call the authorities, sue the dog’s owner, but don’t kill a dog that only did what is in his nature. Why was it also that this man, who cared so much for his cat, allowed it to run around the neighborhood, my cats were always kept indoors away from being attacked or run over. You are the one that needs to get a grip.

      • Barkley’s Mom not all cat owners keep them indoors 24/7. Don’t blame them for allowing their cats outdoors. We don’t know their circumstances.

    • Mike I agree Caremla should be run over and beaten with a baseball bat. I’m a cat lover. Overall I’m an animal lover. She obviously does not like animals. She’s a fucking troll who wants to get a rise out of animal lovers. Carmela get a grip BITCH!!!!!! Maybe you would enjoy watching animals being beaten and skinned alive. You’re on the wrong post.

  6. you are getting a distorted picture of the events leading up to the killing of the dogs. You people are obviously cat haters. This man here is the victim and he is not the criminal. The stupid dogs were mauling his defenseless cat. Do you understand that or not? He is not a psycho dog killers killing innocent dogs. It could have been a child there. The dogs had to be put down. Plain and simple

    • I am NOT a cat hater, I have had cats and dogs and I’ve actually seen a dog get hurt badly by a cat.This POS is not a victim his cat is, and he had not left his cat outside to fend for it’s self then the cat would not have been mauled. I’m sorry but running down dogs and driving through people’s yards to do it (It’s a wonder he didn’t hit a human) then beating the dog to death IS handling the situation like a “psycho dog killer”. At the very least he needs anger management classes, Heaven help any human that makes him mad. If the dogs were vicious then it was Animal Control’s job to round up the dogs and determine that. Why you are defending someone who is a dog killer is beyond me, he had other options and the one he chose was barbaric!

    • I am not a cat hater. I own 3 cats. BTW it was one dog. He is a criminal he went too far by running the dog over and beating it. It goes to show you are a CUNT if you think this was ok!!


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