Utah woman drowns in swift current trying to save her dogs

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In a sad story, a Millcreek, Utah woman drowned on Sunday afternoon as she tried to save her dogs from a raging creek. According to FoxNews, Liudmilla Feldman, 58, and her husband had been walking their dogs near Parley’s Creek when the dogs ran into the water and became caught up in the current.

Lt. Dan McConkey of the Unified Police Department explained what happened:

“The dogs went into the water and got caught in the current; she went in to rescue the dogs; she got caught up in the current. It doesn’t take much to lose your balance and fall into this water and be swept down. This creek runs quick, with the runoff it’s starting to run really fast.”

Several witnesses jumped in hoping to rescue Liudmilla. One Good Samaritan was able to grab the woman by her foot and pull her out of the water. Other witnesses began CPR, but she had been under water for more than 90 seconds and was unable to be resuscitated. Police emphasize it is important for people walking their dogs near Parley’s Creek to keep their dogs leashed. This year experts state the creek is especially dangerous because of the runoff.

Mr. Feldman and the two dogs are expected to recover. Rest in peace Liudmilla.

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8 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    This is a truly sad story – and should be a reminder to all that your dogs should always be leashed to prevent this tragedy from happening again.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Rest in peace Liudmilla Feldman you died trying to do what most of us would, save your dogs. Condolences for the family.

  3. Red says:

    Horrid thing to happen. But…. it could have all been avoided if you would just PUT A LEASH ON YOUR PETS!!!!! There was no reason for this woman or her pets to die…..but for some reason her and her husband thought the dogs needed to run free.
    So…. now they are, at Rainbow Bridge.

    • resqdogz says:

      Actually, Red, it sounds as though the husband AND both dogs “are expected to recover”, though I doubt their lives will ever be the same again…


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