Update on video showing dog beaten in Hillsborough convenience store

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A dog has been removed from his owner’s home after the Hillsboro Police Department received a call that the animal was being beaten and crying out in fright and pain. According to KoinNews,  police were able to identify the suspect and the dog from a video. The dog, named Darnell, was taken to a local veterinarian Tuesday to be examined.

A Hillsboro, Oregon woman videoed the disturbing animal cruelty situation on Monday at a Shell gas station convenience store located on SE Baseline and Third Street. As the woman stepped off the bus to purchase a beverage, she noticed a man enter the store with his dog. Determined to help the dog being abused, the woman immediately called authorities as well as the Oregon Humane Society. Recording the man’s cruel actions towards his dog would help provide the proof she needed:

“This guy comes in with his pup. His presence wasn’t easily ignored, and he walks in angrily yanking his dog up off the ground by the dog’s leash,” states Sunshine Alexandria on her Facebook page after sharing the video on social media. “The poor dog is so scared of being hit by this piece of human garbage again, so he doesn’t want to walk; he just lays down in submission.”

Alexandria describes the man’s anger and his frustration that his dog was so terrified and just cowered in utter submission, the man then proceeds to scream at the dog.

“…SCREAMING in the animal’s face and kicking it in the ribs, punching him, etc. while the dog just cries and lays there. What I was able to record was the last bit of the abuse and nothing compared to what I witnessed off camera,” Alexandria added.

On Tuesday, the dog, named Darnell was placed into protective custody until the case is resolved. He is currently at a local veterinarian hospital undergoing a complete physical examination.

The dog’s owner has not been publicly announced at this time.

The video and previous story can be viewed here.

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(Photo of Darnell courtesy of Hillsborough Police Department)

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20 replies
  1. Solveig Pettersson says:

    Hope thé poor dog Will be rrecovered ???????????????????? i am so sad read about this behåring ❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Sheri says:

    Thank goodness! And I pray that POS doesn’t get the dog back. Actually he should never be able to own another animal again.

  3. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Il n’y a aucune excuse pour que ce monstre ne soit pas condamnée à la prison à perpétuité. Pas de pitié pour les barbares.

  4. Michelle Morgan says:

    So happy this woman had the courage to video and report this. Thank you. Hope the pooch gets a new and loving home. Poor guy!

  5. linda says:

    Thank goodness the dog was saved. If the POS could do that in public I hate to think what he does too Darnell behind closed doors.

  6. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Glad the pup has been taken away from that male SOS. But … I still have to wonder WHY a person who is recording an abusive situation doesn’t intervene????? Yes I know the possibility of the SOS getting meaner, but … there has to be a way to follow “it”, get more info, block it’s vehicle and call 9-1-1. I’ve done it several times.

  7. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG! THANK YOU,THANK YOU, SO MUCH FOR THIS UPDATE! Not only did I FINALLY watch the video but I cried and kept crying every time I thought about this dog,I just couldn’t get this dog off my mind! I dropped to my knees and prayed,prayed hard this dog was located! And for the love of God they better not return this dog to this vicious monster!!!!!!! And if they do the residents of this state need to raise holy hell! Come on Oregon,band together and demand harsher laws for your communities! I wish I had this brutal evil monsters name so that I can keep track of when he goes to court and if this precious dog is forced to go back to the hellish life it’s been forced to live!! PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT RETURN THIS DOG! PLEASE!!!!!!!! The evil monster will take vengeance on it….FOR SURE!!! At least I can relax a little knowing this dog is away from its cruel abuser!! CAN WE PLEASE BE KEPT INFORMED ON THIS CASE,PLEASE????? PLEASE!!!!

  8. Barkley's Mom says:

    Now if they will only dole out a punishment worthy of this POS’s crime! I can’t understand why someone even wants a dog if this is how they must treat them. The worst part is this monster probably abuses everything he comes in contact with.

  9. Red says:

    Thank you to the lady to video taped this monster and THANK YOU to the city for removing this sweet baby from the monster who owned him. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN him at any cost!!!

  10. michelle taylor says:

    This bastard animal abuser needs to have his name published so payback can be enacted.
    No update has been made on the dogs status.Nothing states where he is located currently.For all we know this poor dog may have been returned to this POS abusive owner.

  11. Nancy Raymond says:

    The owner’s name is Bill Stoneman – he has a facebook page where you can see it is the same dog – this bastard needs a severe case of street justice dealt to him. In yesterday’s Pet Rescue Report someone gave his information so I looked it up and, yep, its the same dog – DO NOT GIVE THIS POOR DOG BACK TO THIS MAGGOT.

  12. Jene Pierce says:

    This person is not a man and should not be given this poor defenceless dog back come on he’s pondscum there is no excuse he could give for this and if he’s comfortable acting this way in public can you imagine how this dog is treated in private my god it’s sickening

  13. Sherry says:

    I hope they blast his name in the paper and on the news to shame this asshole, that is IF he is even capable of feeling shame/embarrassment. Seems sociopathic tho, the way he publicly beat the submissive dog. What a cowardly piece of crap.


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