Update: Red Bluff cop shoots two St. Bernard dogs running loose in neighborhood

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Two St. Bernard dogs were shot on Sunday in Red Bluff, California after an officer from the Red Bluff Police Department reported the dogs were aggressive, and he felt compelled to fire several shots killing one of the dogs and critically wounding the other. The sad update on the surviving dog was announced late Monday evening:

“I am sad to report that Alegra passed away at 9:18pm last night,” posted witness Amy Ball on her Facebook page.
The vet bill is $2800, Alegra and Annie’s owner wishes to have both dogs cremated. All donations will be going towards the vet bills and cremation cost. #justiceforannie&alegra”

According to the Red Bluff Police Department report, police received a call regarding two St. Bernard dogs running loose on Nelson Drive. The person calling in the situation told authorities the dogs had chased a little girl riding her bicycle, and the dogs were acting aggressively. When the officer arrived, he  used pepper spray to deter the dogs at which time the dogs ran away. The officer said he followed the dogs in his patrol car trying to find out where they lived. When they entered the yard of a home, the officer exited his patrol car and spoke with a neighbor, but suddenly the officer said the dogs began to bark and charged at him aggressively; the officer stating he became trapped between his car and a fence as the dogs approached. He  pulled his revolver and fired several shots at one of the dogs closest to him contending the other dog kept barking aggressively. He then fired at the second dog killing him.

A conflicting report by eyewitness Amy Ball paints a different account of the situation stating the report written on the Red Bluff Police Department’s Facebook page is completely false. When Amy first spotted the dogs in her front yard, other dogs began barking at them. The St. Bernards, who just moved into the neighborhood with their owner, had escaped from their backyard with Amy stating the dogs were not bothering anyone and just exploring the area.

In a report by the Record Searchlight,  Amy stated when the officer arrived he attempted to corral the dogs using his patrol car forcing the dogs into the driveway of a nearby home. She said he actually pushed the dogs with his vehicle. And so Ball, thinking the dogs were safe and they would be brought back to their homes, started to walk home. After walking just a few feet, she heard two gunshots ring out and ran back to the area near a small fence where the officer continued to fire; she screamed at the officer to stop shooting. One of the dogs had dropped after the first shot, however the officer continued to shoot and immediately took aim at the other dog that had been walking away.

The owner of the Alegra and Annie has not made any statements at this time. An investigation  continues and detectives have asked the community to be patient with the investigative process. it is not known why so many shots were fired at the dogs. Additional information will be provided at the conclusion of the investigation.

Rest in peace sweet dogs.

(Photos of dogs shot in Red Bluff via Amy Ball on FB)

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(Photos two St. Bernard dogs via Facebook Amy Ball, Kevin Hutchinson)

15 replies
  1. Red says:

    The police SHOULD PAY THE VET BILLS AND PAY FOR THE CREAMATION…… after all…. none of this would have happened if their punk little cop was not afraid of dogs!!!! Amazing how postmen and utility meter readers deal with dogs DAILY and never seem to have to kill any of them!

    • Vet says:

      Yes, but now this officer can put 2 notches on his gun belt and won’t feel left out when other officers tell of preventing real crime with their firearms.
      You can see in the video his puffing his chest out and seeming very proud and content about shooting someone beloved pets.

  2. Stephen Phillips says:

    “be patient”??? Like that arrogant officer was, with these two precious souls?
    Fire and prosecute that bastard, and SUE THE DEPARTMENT!

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    I do NOT believe the cop’s version at all. I believe Amy Ball’s version of this tragic incident.

    I hope that POS cop is fired. I also hope that the owner gets a top notch attorney to sue the crap out of the POS cop……

    There were other, non-lethal ways to have dealt with 2 large dogs on the loose……

    The police department needs to change how they deal with pets….. or else anti police hostility will get much worse….

  4. Cindy Mosher says:

    B patient? That cop took two precious dogs away and b patient? Anybody can tell by watching the pos he is arrogant and no remorse. How about the dogs and the family? How about that cop b shown what he showed those dogs? I would not b patient with this at all. We the taxpayers need to stand up and say no more. I would not b patient with a cop who clearly needs to pay for what he did. Do u guys get paid to lie or protect and serve?

  5. BA says:

    LIES AND MORE LIES AS ALWAYS!!!!! animal hating cops with Guns…The Neighbor saw exactly what this creep did, didn’t mention “using his car” to get them…oops forgot LIAR?????? Shotting that many times was a SLAUGHTER, the creep needs to be fired and pay the vet bills….these poor innocent souls were slaughtered and now he will do what they all do – “aggressive” to justify killing dogs….R.I.P sweet INNOCENT angels…..JUSTICE FOR THESE PUPS!!!! hells waiting for the gun happy CREEP

  6. Lori Spier says:

    You have a Saint who was shot multiple times. Definitely in pain. Why are there no reports of this “aggressive” dog biting people trying to transport it? A dog biting someone because it is in pain is very common, yet that doesn’t seem to have happened here. Could it be that the dogs were never aggressive, the people (using the term loosely) making complaints were lying, and the officer just wanted to kill a couple of large dogs? The chief has obviously made up his mind that the office is innocent and the shooting was justified, even though eyewitnesses say the opposite. We need to keep this from being swept under the rug people. Contact major media outlets and get them interested. Right now, the only ones covering this story are local.

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    If this is an example of what Red Bluff considers a good cop they need a huge wake up call – this asshole shot and killed two innocent dogs because he was scared – and he is lying through his teeth – St. Bernard dogs are anything but aggressive – this idiot didn’t feel like waiting for animal control so he killed them. I have NO patience for these cops who shoot dogs because they have a gun then lie about it and the department covers up for them – this asshole should only be armed with a squirt gun.

  8. Ken says:

    This arrogant punk ass coward needs to be fired and held accountable . I have always said cops should attend animal behavior classes regularly . This puke was obviously scared of dogs as St. Bernards are gentle Giants by nature … I would love 5 minutes with this coward .


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