Update: Pup abandoned next to Bailey chair and left with stuffed toy

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Near University Park, Florida, a young dog was abandoned just one week ago, when her unknown owner tied her to the Bailey chair she needed to help her survive. A note was attached explaining the dog suffers from  megaesophagus, a lifelong condition in which the esophagus doesn’t move food into the stomach. She must be fed in a Bailey chair, in which the food is pulled by gravity into the digestive system. Her heartbreaking photo suggests she knew she was no longer wanted; her stuffed toy was perched on top of the chair.

It was feared had the dog been transported to the nearby shelter, there would not be sufficient funding or assistance to help, and she would not survive. Local shelter volunteer, Cris Ferreira, along with an army of animal advocates, shared the heartbreaking situation about a dog with a disability needing help, and another success story emerged thanks to social media.

Orlando rescue group, BullyUpRescue, stepped up. And as if somethings in life are just meant to be, Reva Fedigan,  who lost and misses her own dog, Maddie, similarly affected with megaesophagus, will foster Izzy until the perfect home becomes available:

 “WELCOME IZZY!! Izzy was abandoned at a dog park w/a note attached. She, just like my beloved & very missed Maddie, has Megasophagus. We’ll love her and take care of her until that perfect home is found. Izzy will NEVER be abandoned again!”
To help this organization with expenses for Izzy, donations can be made by clicking here.
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(Photos of Izzy with her Bailey chair via BullyUpRescue and Cris Ferreira-Reed)

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  1. There are living angels that walk amongst us.. Your a blessing, Thank you for stepping up to love and provide what this precious girl needs and more importantly deserves! ❤️????

  2. THANK YOU,THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH BULLY UP RESCUE!!!! Sweet Izzy is on her way to a happy life with someone who will love and treasure her! GOD BLESS THIS RESCUE!

  3. Bless,you Reva, you are truly an angel sent from heaven to save this precious pup.wishing her a life of much love and care.

  4. THANK YOU Reva for stepping up and basically rescuing Izzy – without you she would surely be put down – hopefully, you will find that fostering her is not enough and will give Izzy the forever safe loving home she was previously denied.


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