UPDATE: Outrage at college students torturing an opossum to drink beer

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In Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania charges were filed on Thursday against three men who have been accused of torturing an opossum. According to WnepNews, the game commission has charged each suspect with disturbance of wildlife and unlawful taking or possession of game or wildlife, both summary offenses.

The photos of several young men, abusing an opossum by forcing it to drink beer, kissing it and then throwing it into a trash can, caused outrage on social media. The Snapchat photos, posted by at least one student attending Bloomsburg University, showed the group picking the scared animal up by the back of its neck, pouring beer down its throat and over its face, and then tossing the animal into a garbage can. A statement on Facebook by the Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania commented on the disturbing situation:

“Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Our investigation continues into the incident involving animal cruelty. We are taking this matter very seriously and do not condone the actions depicted on social media.

Any Bloomsburg University student involved will be subject to the Student Code of Conduct. Any outcomes of the judicial process will be confidential per the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

The university is aware this matter is also being investigated by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.”

The opossum was alive when it was found in a trash can on the property and allegedly captured by the men. The animal was also alive when it had beer poured down its throat and over its head. According to the investigation, the animal survived and “ran” away. The latest press release by the school addressed the investigation:

“Our investigation under the University Student Code of Conduct into the incident involving animal cruelty is near completion. Please remember the judicial process is confidential per the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

As an update on the status of the opossum, the university has learned through eyewitnesses the opossum was alive and ran away upon being released.”

If found guilty the men could each face a $1,500 fine and up to three months in jail.

(Photos of torturing an opossum to drink beer)

Read the original story here.

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8 replies
  1. Red says:

    $1500 fine and 3 months in prison. REALLY? That is not punishment. That is a fee from their parents and a 3 month vacation away from school and their responsibilities!!!! MAKE THESE MONSTERS IN TRAINING PAY!!!!!!!!!!! How about 1500 DAYS locked up and $3000 dollar fine!!!

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    WHAT PROUD PARENTS These three “dick-less wonders” MUST HAVE!!! almost make’s a responsible hard working parent/parent’s want to change the Moronic Child they Spawned last Name and change the lock’s on their home…. I know my deceased Mom would have went ballistic …. on me if she even thought I was involved in a Rotten Incident like this.!

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    These are the future Bankers, Politician, Doctor’ and God Forbid teachers of the next generation…. Just what we need!!!

  4. Cynthia Como says:

    WOW!!! I’m am SO,SO HAPPY to hear that these infantile jerks were swiftly charged!! BRAVO to there being no stupid lengthy delay for this inexcusable cruelty!!! I hope they do some time in jail to help send the message to these block heads that this is unacceptable and cruel behavior! I also think the school should mete out a six month suspension…..GROW THE HELL UP U FOOLS!!! STILL WAITING FOR THE STATE OF FLORIDA TO CHARGE THOSE VICIOUS, BLACKHEARTED, BRAIN DEAD TORTURERS OF THE POOR SHARK THAT WAS CRUELY AND PAINFULLY DRUG BEHIND A SPEEDBOAT TO ITS DEATH FOR ENTERTAINMENT OF THESE DEMENTED ASSWIPES THAT ALSO CHOSE TO SHOOT A PISTOL AT THE DEFENSELESS SHARK!! It’s been MANY,MANY months now with no consequences for this cruel torture! And it’s been discovered that this is one of many acts of cruelty inflicted upon a varitity of different animals! The parents of these wealthy and entitled evil monsters work in government and have wealth which many think is playing a role in the fact that they haven’t been charged yet! Some of the animals they have tortured are protected species and still…. NO CHARGES!!! The state of Florida should be VERY concerned by these many acts of cruelty because these asswipes are sickos and vicious and soulless! ????????I hope this poor possum is ok and not out there physically suffering ????????

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    These fucking punks do not deserve any sort of college education – they proved themselves to be useless sacks of garbage. They should be kicked out permanently, held up to public ridicule and have their names posted online and through all media sites. Then they should be imprisoned where their punk white butts would become victims of some predatory inmates – let the punishment fit the crime – they deserve to be the ‘girlfriends’ of the cellblock.


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