Update on missing dogs stolen by pet-sitter

Dogs stolen by pet sitter
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There is news to report on the two dogs who were stolen by a pet sitter in September 2016. After an article was published to the Pet Rescue Report, one of the dogs has been recovered  – alive and for the most part, well. On Friday, the Facebook page which was established to help bring the missing dogs (Bella and Rosie) back to their owner, posted the joyous news to page followers.

The post describes how Ekemini Udoh, the dogs’ owner, first got the news that one dog had possibly been found:

Around 11 a.m, I was about to step in the shower to prepare for my daily routine of the Bella and Rosie search when I got a call from someone who claimed to have one of my dogs. I had been through this before so I wasn’t really enthusiastic about it. I asked for a picture and I looked like it could be Bella but I wasn’t too sure so I asked for another one. He agreed to meet at Petsmart and wanted to remain anonymous as is his choice.

The man claimed that he had purchased the young dog two weeks ago at a mall from a white man in Chester County. Udoh met up with the man at the pet store and she felt that the tiny pup that he presented to her could not be Bella…but they decided to have her scanned for a microchip at the store, just in case. She described her subsequent shock.

The shock that went through my bones when the chip read as Bella was indescribable. Immediately I fell on floor and started screaming. I couldn’t believe that this little one was my Long lost Bella. I put her on the scale and her weight was 4.8 lbs. Amidst my joy was sadness. How did Bella get this way? How does a little puppy lose over 2 lbs of body weight in 3 months? She’s supposed to have gotten bigger and not smaller.

She continued:

The kind gentleman was paid his money back for the purchase by an amazing person who didn’t even know me. I scheduled Bella’s check up and she had a lot of tartar and was very skinny and dehydrated. Otherwise, she is fine. She didn’t seemed like she was abused, except maybe underfed. She knew my couch and my bed instantly. She starts barking at herself in my dresser mirror. When I put out food for her. She gobbled it up immediately. She still knew most of her tricks. She was her old self. I didn’t even recognize my own dog. Had it not been for the chip, I would have asked the guy to go home with his dog.

Bella is now home, safe and sound, but Udoh worries about Rosie, especially after seeing Bella’s condition after her time away from home – she wrote:

I am even more determined to double my efforts and do whatever it takes to get my baby back to me and her sister. I urge the person or person(s) who has my Rosie to do the same thing this wonderful person did and return her to us. I have cried and suffered enough.

Follow the continued search for Rosie at this link to the Bella and Rosie Facebook page.

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  1. If only luck will hold out and poor little Rosie back too!!! Our country is made up of giving , loving, and caring individual’s let’s just hope there is SOMEONE out there who will come forward in either the little Rosie, or reliable information to help find her too!!!!

  2. Bonne nouvelle, je suis heureuse pour se petit chien ainsi que pour son maître. Il faut maintenant, que la ou les personnes qui ont l’autre bébé, contacte le propriétaire et fasse que la famille soit enfin réunie.

  3. How wonderful to find someone who thinks they have bought someone else’s dog and are willing to return it to them. Bless him for getting Bella back to where she belongs.

  4. Penny Eims is this story accurate? Who was the person who paid the gentleman back his money? How does an owner not know their own dog? 2 pounds is not much for a dog to be unrecognizable. Something doesn’t add up.

    • All of Bella’s facial hair was trimmed off to hide her identity. Her face was always round and chubby but this dog’s face was long and skinny. She looked like a 2 month old puppy. The hair and coat was Bella’s. I thought she was one of her sisters from a more recent litter. On September 14, she was 6.8 pounds. She was 6 months at the time. She was stolen around September 29. She obviously weighed more than 6.8 pounds then. She’s 10 months now and should weigh a lot more. She was 4.8 lbs!!! This was even before I held her and felt all her ribs poking out of her. 2+ pounds is a lot in a small puppy that is supposed to grow and not shrink. The lady who paid the money is someone who followed the story from begining and even offered the to pay the reward money because I have gone broke from finding them. I never knew her before I lost them and that day was the first time I ever met her. I just wanted to recognize her for what she did but she likes to stay behind the scenes.

      • Ekemini, thank you for responding and your story. Hope you will be reunited with Rosie soon. Take care and be well.

      • What a horrible ordeal for you to go through, I will keep you in my prayers that you find Rosie. I can’t imagine losing my pups like this.

  5. Can we see a picture of how Bella looks now? If her owner did not recognize her than we might not recognize Rosie if we see her……an updated picture of Bella might help us recognize Rosie better.


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