Update: Hunter finds 6 puppies in ‘Shoot Me’ box

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Three of the six emaciated and starving puppies found in an isolated area crying in a cardboard box  with the words “Shoot Me” printed on the outside, have been listed in critical condition. According to the Underdog Project, the rescue organization that stepped forward to help, the puppies were rushed to emergency veterinary care on Tuesday morning.underdog-puppy-2

When found, the pups suffered from severe diarrhea with bloody stools. They had all been vomiting and suffering from internal parasites consisting of hook and tapeworms.  All were being treated for coccidiosis, but the damage to their intestinal lining may have been worse than originally anticipated. The little ones are losing fluids and have not been able to either gain or maintain their weight. Tragically, their condition continues to deteriorate; the veterinarian staff are infusing them with fluids and hoping for the best. All are considered extremely critical at this time.underdog-puppy-3

The six puppies were discovered on December 30 when a hunter and his wife stumbled upon an old cardboard box with the words, “Shoot Me” sprawled across the outside. The woman’s husband wanted to shoot, but as he cocked his gun, ready to brutally end the lives of each and every puppy, because the words “Shoot Me” on the box perhaps signaled a bizarre message to him, the man’s wife was able to keep the puppies safe until rescuers arrived. No one knows who left the puppies in the woods – there is no question the heinous, heartbreaking animal cruelty act would have left all of them to die slow, excruciating deaths. Volunteers, however continue to fight for these little ones and pray for their recovery.

Donations are critically needed to help with the mounting veterinary expenses. To help, please click here.

(Photos of “shoot me” puppies courtesy of the Underdog Project.)

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17 replies
  1. Star Shelley says:

    Gosh. I hope God punish to who ever did this to those babies, I dont belive in some shelters, but at least they could have been safe in a shelter who they could have had a chance in life. Wishing the idiots a life of nightmares, and no peace on their mind. soul and heart for the rest of their miserable lifes. Karma is powerful!!!!!!

      • ellen cottone says:

        And in safe hands.
        Not being euthinised because it is hopeless.
        being treated by professionals.
        you do realise there is hope?
        and he is cute. with wonderful eyes.hes happy hes saved.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        I’m not understanding her statement but I do think Ellen’s mental capacity is deteriorating.

    • ellen cottone says:

      Still here?
      Trouble understanding you say?
      Your that bored? And you wittle away the long hours by being ….
      A dick?

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Yes I’m not going anywhere and yes I enjoy being a “dick”.(you must be bored too, you are still here)

  2. Edward says:

    You were married to that piece of s*** that wanted to shoot those ancient puppies I will be there I should have been if I can head to you a favor and then you can get another real man would have f***** with a gun and shoot it had puppies what the f*** is wrong with your a****** husband


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