UPDATE: Eight-month-old puppy starved and shot survives emergency surgery

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It’s Thursday afternoon and she’s up on her feet; she may now be a “tripod” but Mindy is one puppy miracle. Not only did the eight-month-old puppy survive emergency surgery, she’s up and walking around with her tail wagging and available for sloppy hugs and kisses.

On Wednesday afternoon, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC received a plea from a rural South Carolina shelter asking for help with an emaciated, stray eight-month-old puppy. Described by the shelter as in “generally poor condition” and unable to put any weight on her hind leg, the nature of the puppy’s injuries were shocking:

“…when Mindy got to our SC vet, the horrifying discovery was made that she’d actually been SHOT,” posted Jackie O’Sullivan, the organization’s  co-founder, on Facebook. “You can see the bullet fragments that shattered her femur. And you can see tissue hanging out of the open wound. There are no words to describe the rage this makes us feel. This sweet, innocent 25 pound puppy starved and shot! It’s truly sickening and makes us wonder what has happened to the human race.”

Just hours later, Mindy’s life hung by a thread. Her leg had swelled to twice it’s normal size when examined; veterinarians determined it had become infected, and if she was to live, her leg would have to be  immediately amputated during emergency surgery. At approximately 6:00 p.m., Mindy underwent surgery, even though she was not regarded as a good candidate, because of her emaciated condition and with blood work results showing she was likely septic. There was no time to waste; the puppy’s life had been slipping away.

On Thursday morning, Pet Rescue Report received the news that Mindy survived surgery; in fact she had surpassed all expectations:

“She’s doing well. Her red blood cell count went up to 32; her temperature remains low in the normal range and although she was touch and go prior to surgery, she rebounded very well. The vet made the right call to amputate her leg; it had been causing sepsis (life threatening illness caused by the body’s response to an infection.)”

Photos of eight-month-old puppy shot and starved courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook. Subscribe to the Pet Rescue Report and never miss an important story.

Read Mindy’s previous story here. Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.






Check out Mindy’s miracle recovery. If only all serious cases of neglect and abuse could have resolutions like this:


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  1. Only due to the diligence of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC is this little puppy alive, surviving and getting well. If it weren’t for them this little dog would have been put to death – THANK YOU RESCUE DOGS ROCK NYC.


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