Update on dog chained to top of cage on Florida interstate

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Less than two weeks ago, a disturbing video posted on Facebook had animal advocates outraged and rightly so. In Flagler County, authorities continue to investigate the driver of a vehicle that showed a dog chained to the top of a metal cage traveling down Florida Interstate 95 headed toward Flagler in Florida. Within 21 hours the video garnered over 264, 000 views and 4,500 shares from the Facebook page of Brenna Cronin who originally posted the disturbing event with the following comment:

“Just saw this asshole driving down 95 with a dog with the letter S carved into his leg chained to the top of a cage….does anyone know this vehicle? Got off on 100 going towards flagler ( wasn’t able to get his plate).”

According to the Palm Coast Observer, the dog’s owner has been fined $35. for violating a city’s ordinance for safe transportation of animals. State animal cruelty charges are still possible, contingent upon whether or not detectives determine if  there was criminal intent to be cruel to the dog, stated Flagler County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Mark Strobridge. The owner of the dog chained notified authorities the day after the video went viral and said they were taking their pit bull named Zeus hog hunting, contending the dog liked to ride on top of his cage.

Animal Control officers have been to the owners’ home and stated all of the dogs were well cared for and their kennels were clean. A new Florida bill, introduced on January 10th, titled “Dogs in Vehicles” will require pets to be safely secured in open trucks and receiving proper ventilation.

Read previous story here.

(Photo of dog chained via Brenna Cronin)

Previous video can be seen here:

Just saw this asshole driving down 95 with a dog with the letter S branded into his right back leg, chained to the top of a cage….does anyone know this vehicle? Got off on 100 going towards flagler, I called the cops and they opened and investigation and have now found the owners, I am so happy this video was able to help these poor dogs out.

Posted by Brenna Cronin on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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  1. Angela Corso says:

    Sorry to hear there is no real punishment for this stupid action. That dog does not look like he’s enjoying that ride!!!

  2. Nicole says:

    He only got a $35 fine???That’s a crock of shit. That poor dog.What if the guy was in an accident?That dog would be dead.What kind of Planet do we live in!!!!I’m appalled! !!

  3. Kristin Reed says:

    $35 Fine isnt enough! He should of been charged a hefty fine !…and possibly chained and dragged behind the vehicle himself , nothing pisses me off more than people miss treating animals, his home could of been prestine and satisfying to the cops but looks can be deceiving…Hope more charges r going to be filled against him and a pretty heavy one too…poor dog !

    • Karla Dennington says:

      I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU KRISTIN!! It should have been an extremely massive fine and immediate jail sentence of at least a mandatory minimum 10 years in solitary, no windows, only bread and water, and a cot without blankets!! No luxurious or privileges whatsoever for that POS SOB LOWLIFE!!! And that poor innocent pup was very obviously terrified and needs to be rescued!! Determining if cruelty was intended?!?! WTF?? ARE THEY F’N BLIND?!?!?! A letter was carved into the poor innocent furbaby’s leg AND he was CHAINED TO THE TOP OF A METAL CAGE ON I 95!!!!! Charges should have been filed and he should have been convicted of extreme animal cruelty all within the first minutes of getting on the f’n highway!!!!! In fact, that pos lousy scumbag should have been attached to his damn chain and dragged BEHIND the truck until there was nothing but the chain left!!!! Since that is not allowed, that pos bastard best get a severe jail sentence WITHOUT PAROLE or release on “good behavior” And should NEVER be allowed to have or even be anywhere near any animals ever again!! That mf’n sob best be thankful we moved out of Palm Coast back in August and didn’t know about him and his abusive behavior or else that furbaby and the others would have been rescued a long time ago!! That poor innocent pup needs to be brought into a TRUE 5loving forever home!!! WE NEED A WORLD FILLED WITH AND ONLY RUN BY TRUE ANIMAL LOVERS!!!!! ALL THE EVIL POS SOB BASTARDS JUST NEED TO BE KILLED OFF ALREADY!!!!!
      Rant over for now….

  4. JUDY SEXTON says:

    He should have the dog taken away from him and never allowed another , by punishment of jail and a real fine, he is cruel and stupid!

  5. Sherry says:

    $35.00! What a joke! The dog looks terrified to me. So disappointed by the lack of laws protecting animals in this country and when there are laws in places, the penalties are usually laughable.

  6. Peg Soden says:

    $35? Seriously? And his dog “likes it?” Did he ask the dog? If your child wanted to do that, would you let him? NO! That would irresponsible. That poor dog looks terrified. And I suppose he liked having an “S” carved in his leg, too. That alone should be grounds for a cruelty charge. What difference does his house make if the dogs are outside in kennels? Some people are just ignorant and irresponsible and shouldn’t own ANY pet. Period! Shame on Florida for allowing this and handing out a JOKE of a punishment.

  7. psylentsyrn says:

    Really? $35.00? the poor dog did NOT look like he was enjoying anything being up there. and the bill passing for dogs being secure in seats—EVERY SINGLE dog owner should KNOW to have your dog secure in a seatbelt–yes they make the for dogs, or a crate in the back (INSIDE the vehicle) and make sure they have airflow—-IF you DO NOT know to do this–then you should not have the precious life in your hands that you do.

  8. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    He should have been charged more than just 35 dollars. He needs to be charged and told to put the animal in the cage not on top of it.

  9. Andrea KIngs says:

    Trust me the owner did not learn her lesson.. this is a pitbull and use it for hog hunting and they use this dog for fetching…
    and since this is a pit for fetching I really hope these people live like way back in the woods
    Because they are encouraging this dog and teaching this dog aggressive behavior..
    And since they seem not to be that bright obviously that concerns me.. and these are the Pitbull owners that give the rest of us who have really good well-behaved non aggressive pitbulls look bad and that makes me mad

  10. Karen says:

    $35, really!? Our laws are completely ridiculous! Every animal should be taken from this family and they should never be able to have any more EVER! It’s time to take a stand and make a statement… No more animal abuse or cruelty. If a human’s actions hurt or put an animal in danger, hold them accountable in such a way they will never think to do anything again to harm an animal. Be their voice…they do not have one! Protect animals for real!

  11. Tina says:

    He didn’t even get a slap on the wrist! $35 REALLY!!!!Why couldn’t his dogs ride inside the truck? It’s big enough. So many things could have went wrong. To many dogs get hurt in the back of pickups and alot of eye damage risk then some idiot does this. Just as bad as walking your dog on the side of your vehicle while driving the streets.
    This country needs tougher animal abuse laws.

  12. Jackalyn says:

    WOW, a big fine $35.00 AND why was an S carved into the dogs leg. That’s cruel too. How the hell do they know the dog likes to ride on the cage. Did the dog tell them that, DUH!

  13. Michelle Thomas says:

    $35 for, what I would say is illegal transportation of an animal/pet? I would give 2 shits if I had an animal/pet that enjoyed swimming with the sharks! It isn’t gonna happen! That owner obviously doesn’t have any sense! As far as the investigation? Again I say no sense! There shouldn’t even be an investigation, it was unsafe!!!

  14. Phyllis says:

    I will give you $35,00 to chain the driver on top.No fine is to high for this piece of S*** doing this to that poor baby.I hope the dog bit the He** out of him when he stopped.

  15. kenneth says:

    where is the local HUMANE SOCIETY in all of this ? they need to step forth & take that dog & others in that home…….. i am so sick & tired of seeing day in & day out of all kinds of animals being abused & tortured by people , ” if thats what you want to call them ” ? we , all of us animal lovers comment on these stories, and thats that !!! until the next story …….THE LAWS NEED TO CHANGE !!

  16. ninammam says:

    $35.00 REALLY… Shamefull and it says something about the state of this country!! No different than a third world! We are in the 20th century for god’s sake, Barbarians! ALL Animals ALL LIFE should be PROTECTED!!!!!

  17. Garnetta says:

    Are you serious, a $ 35 fine, that was a waste of time and paper to write it on. He should have been fined alot more and the dog been removed from him. The poor dog looks scared to death. Its illegal to have kids, people ride in the rear of trucks and yes we were raised that way and we could say we wanted to and enjoyed it. This poor defenseless dog can’t say that he is scared only show his fear and have an IDIOT for an owner. ????

  18. Doreen says:

    Wow Florida way to go! That poor dog looks so scared, thats the best you could do for him! They should chain his owner to a cage see how he likes it. This makes me sick. Florida you should be ashamed! ????????????

  19. vicki says:

    Oh wow $35.00 fine.. and still not sure of animal abuse????? Really??? This stupid owner probably has a dog fighting ring too


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