Update: Champ whose severely injured face requires lengthy surgeries

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In a rural area of Fort Worth, Texas rescue group volunteers from Dallas Dog RRR – Rescue. Rehab. Reform posted a very disturbing photo of Champ; a severely injured dog found wandering in a rural area late Thursday afternoon. No one knows what happened to Champ; the horror and disbelief of his condition was shocking:

“We literally sat back in complete shock, horror and disbelief when we saw his condition. What could possibly have inflicted that kind of injury?? Half of Champs face is nearly ripped off. His left nostril is missing and his jaw is shredded. His teeth look like they have been ground down. Is it possible that someone actually did this to him?,” wrote the group’s moderator on their Facebook page. “He has no other obvious signs of trauma anywhere else on his body. He is emaciated with his ribs protruding. We cannot bear to think what he has lived through. How much pain and suffering and neglect did he have to endure before he was found. We don’t even want to think about it !”

On Saturday, Champ’s past is slowly being pieced together, and what happened to this sweet dog is heartbreaking as there is significant damage to the left side of his mouth.

“His teeth and cheekbone are fractured along with severe internal and external tissue damage. His cheek is completely separated from his gums and he is going to need surgery to remove the teeth that were impacted along with reconnecting everything that is completely blown apart,” the rescue group posted on their Facebook page to update their followers.

And how did Champ wind up this way? According to the dog’s veterinarian team, the damage was not done in a dog fighting arena; the injuries were done from the inside out. Most likely someone exploded a firecracker inside of Champ’s mouth, and this dog has been described as so loving to everyone he meets and non-reactive to other dogs, he may have trusted the very human who did this to him; thinking he was receiving lots of love and attention.

Champ will require major reconstructive surgery. To help with Champ’s medical needs, donations can be made: http://dallasdogrrr.org/donate-online/

Paypal donate@dallasdogrrr.orr

Mailing address
Dallas Dogrrr
1301 Lochness drive
Allen Texas 75013

Please note that Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs has joined in the effort to help Champ. Donations can also be sent to Www.nycsecondchancerescue.org/donate

Or by mail
PO Box 570701
Whitestone NY 11357

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.

(Photos of Champ via Dallas Dogs RRR)

Check out Champ’s brief video:





Read the original story here.

26 replies
  1. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I’d like to put a few M-80’s in the orifices of the monster(s) who did this. Sharing with prayers. Such a sweet dog. He didn’t deserve this.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    WTF is wrong with people???

    How can anyone be so cruel to an innocent, loving being (who only wants to give love and be loved)……..

    SMH as to what kind of world do we have???

    The POS who did this deserves the same treatment……

  3. Julie Lightfoot says:

    Poor champ how could anyone commit such a heinous act of deliberate cruelty I hope this poor sweet boy makes it and the evil pos who did this suffers their whole life this makes me so angry ????

  4. Sherry says:

    It continues to amaze me how people can be so cruel and callous to dogs and /or other defenseless animals. I used to think this kind of thing was a rarity, but faced with so many of these horrific stories, I can no longer be naive about this. What happened to compassion in some human beings is baffling to me. What is wrong in their PEA BRAINS that makes them enjoy mind bogglingly cruelty. I pray for this animal; I know he’s in good hands now and have donated. Hope my fellow animal advocates out there keep speaking out and donating with me as well; just keep helping in any way we can to combat the evil in this world. Best of luck to this beautiful dog.

  5. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    La cruauté de ( l’humain ) est sans limite. La seule espèce pour moi, qui n’aurait jamais dû exister. HONTE À CELUI OU CEUX QUI ONT FAIT ÇA. VOUS N’ÊTE QUE DES SOUS MERDE, DES CONSANGUINS. ????????????

  6. debor33 says:

    When I get paid I want to donate toward his medical bills….where is the best place to donate? I hope they catch whoever did this & punish them to the fullest extent of the law….days like this I wish it was back in the Old Testament days…..an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. And whoever adopts ths sweet baby teats her with al the love she deserves ….look at those beautiful eyes…I wish I lived close enough to adopt her.

  7. pennysdachshund says:

    It is More THAN JUST AN EVIL BEING that IS WALKING AMOUNG the POPULATION OF ALLEN TEXAS !!!! We are supposed to Be a Civilized Country!!!! OMG if found the BASTARD that did this should ACTUALLY be “DRAWN AND QUARTERED”!!!

  8. linda says:

    What about his tongue? He needs to drink. Those rat bastard pricks need to be found no doubt they had to force him to put firecrackers in his mouth.

  9. Emma Renee Williams says:

    I can not stand the fact that he trusted the monster who did this to him it truly breaks my heart. Sending well wishes and healing prayers from Alabama

  10. scourgeresse says:

    FBI I hope is aware of this DISGUSTING TRAGEDY, AND yes, it is a tragedy! There are all kinds. The one in Syria where children are attacked with gas, and die while helpless parents can only watch them and cry in their own sad agony, and starvation and the most abject, inhumane destitution of “life” as we know it! We have our own DISGUSTING, INHUMANITY, RIGHT HERE IN THE GOOD OLE USA! Not just animals being tortured, killed, and slaughtered, but infants, yes…children too, killed by their own parents! And the list goes on! This world is ran by a bunch of worthless politicos who CARE NOTHING ABOUT PEOPLE! DON’T you know it by now? Judges, cops, all hungry for power, that includes even pastors and preachers! As long as money can be passed around and plentiful, who cares about children, pets, homelessness, poverty, people suffering and abandoned and no one cares!

  11. Debby Biondo says:

    Has there been any thing done to fix this furbaby at all yet…. I am not rich by no means,, But if you find the bastard that did this I will shoot him free of charge..

  12. brianna says:

    how could these people be so rude? I cant stand thinking about how they did it! Those bastards show die for what they did. Ugh! They need to f***k off and stop messing with defenseless animals. If you do this stop and dont u dare try to kill these animals. Or I will hunt u down and kill u myself.


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