Badly beaten dog found abandoned in dumpster

UPDATE: Badly beaten dog Charlie left to die by dumpster slowly improving

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This week, good Samaritans found a badly beaten dog abandoned by a Philadelphia dumpster. The Philadelphia Animal Hospital, which has been treating the injured dog, advised Facebook followers about the animal cruelty case:

The Animal Hospital wrote:

“The following photo is hard to look at but is very important.

This is a severe dog abuse case we are currently treating at Philadelphia Animal Hospital. Two wonderful people brought this dog to us when they found him tied to a dumpster and badly beaten, and we are taking every measure to ensure he gets well.”

On Saturday afternoon, Dr. Lawrence  Rebbechi at the animal hospital, who has been treating the two-year-old pitbull mix dubbed Charlie updated the thousands of animal advocates following the sweet dog’s plight:

“Charlie is still resting. He is stable, but we are monitoring his condition. The wounds around his muzzle will require surgery. Unfortunately, we cannot proceed with this step until he is a bit stronger.

We have no way of predicting when we will be able to operate; right now we are just ensuring that he is comfortable.

Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern…”

As the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals continues to investigate the circumstances behind  Charlie having been left for dead in a pile of trash, no new reports have yet to be issued, however Gillian Kocher, an SPCA spokesperson advises everyone to “stay tuned.”

Veterinarians still worry about Charlie’s ability to fight off the infections he suffers from maggots into his open wounds while lying in the trash pile outside of South 63rd Street. His condition is being monitored very closely.

“Charlie is alert and being kept comfortable with pain meds. He’s happily giving kisses and is even eating treats! He’s still got a long road ahead of him and more surgeries coming up, but his future is looking bright,” the hospital’s Facebook posted.

Please note that the Philadelphia Animal Hospital is not accepting donations.

“We just want to reiterate that we are not accepting any donations! We appreciate all the support, inquiries, and concern, but we encourage you to please send all of your financial contributions to City of Elderly Love: Save a Senior Pet!”

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.

(Photos of badly beaten dog Charlie via Philadelphia Animal Hospital)

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7 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    Someone KNOWS who had Charlie – a reward should be mandatory to find the bastard who did this – some one will want the money bad enough to turn in the maggot puke – Charlie is an innocent victim and deserves justice. Way too many animal abusers are never punished or get no more than a slap on the hand – there needs to be a federal law that mandates ALL animal cruelty cases are felonies and perpetrators get five years 1st offense – 10 years second offense – no plea deals, no time off good behavior – animal cruelty has become a national disgrace in this country – dogfighters should get 20 years minimum.

  2. Alisa clark says:

    I would like to thank the people that bright this dog the the vets. And thanks to the wonderful staff at the hospital. And I hope they find who did this to this poor animal. Charlie did not deserve this

  3. Helen says:

    Praying for Charlie’s full recovery. Find the POS and hope someone rearrange the bastard’s face, then throw the human trash in the garbage site.

  4. Adrienne says:

    Thanks to the good Samaritans’ for getting help for Charlies. It will be a long journey, but Charlie is in good hands, and if he improves each day, that will be wonderful. Dog fighting is the biggest suspect in cases like this since Charlie’s injuries are to his face and front legs. Heavy rewards for cases like this and immediate extensive jail time for those who could do something like this not only to Charlie, but other innocent dogs. Police need to go into each community where dogfighting is suspected and start arresting/jailing these pieces of scum who do this to dogs. Put an end to dog fighting in each state and community.

  5. pennysdachshunds says:

    This Vet Hospital is ONE PLACE IN A MILLION!!! Their compassion and kindness in helping Charlie will not go unnoticed !!! They should be one of Purina Dog Food’s Hero of the Year of 2017


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