Update: Angry blind senior who faced the wall begins anew

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Ten-year-old Luna, a blind senior Chihuahua figured out her family didn’t want her anymore.  Brought in as a stray to California’s Baldwin Park Animal Shelter on January 12, Luna had been microchipped, but when called, her owner no longer wanted her. For the first five years of Luna’s life, she had been living with the family she loved. Then cataracts developed, and her sight slowly began to fade away. When her family no longer had time for her, they gave her to another family, and the next five years went quite well – that is until Luna went completely blind. Suddenly the blind senior ended up in a cold cell – dogs barking, strangers talking to her, and she was just plain scared and miserable. There she was – betrayed again.Luna the blind senior

A volunteer, brought to tears watching the frightened sightless Chihuahua who seemed to have given up on life, posted the following on Facebook hoping to attract attention for Luna’s desperate rescue plight:

 “Sh*t out of luck little blind chi who just faces the wall and growls when anyone approaches! She has about as much chance of getting adopted as she has of driving a car. To make matters worse, she is at the back of the shelter and a non-public medical building so no one’s ever going to get to see her. I thought she was incredibly cute though and pray that maybe some kind soul will take pity on her and her grumpy predicament and get her the heck out of there!!”

When Pet Rescue Report shared Luna’s heartbreaking story, social media and kind animal advocates did the rest; they shared the tragic plight of a dog who just got old and lost her eyesight. Just two days later, came the senior’s big break; Hand in Paw came to Luna’s rescue.

“We learned of her story just yesterday, and we were able to help her because a wonderful woman has stepped forward as a committed and experienced, special-needs foster. She is not one bit aggressive and she loves to be touched. She just wants to be safe, surrounded by warmth and calm. Welcome, Luna…your future is bright with us, and we will NEVER stop loving you,” Piper Wood, the organization’s founder posted.Hand in Paw Luna

“I’ve fallen in love with this girl, Luna. She is one of the most precious dogs I’ve ever met! The fear and apprehension are gone. All she has left is love and affection, which is all she will ever receive from now on. This before and after is heartbreaking, but it is proof that kindness and compassion create miracles.”

Welcome home Luna. The group is investigating if Luna’s eyesight can be restored, but no big deal if that’s not possible. Many thanks for everyone who shared this dog’s story. (Photos of blind senior courtesy of Hand in Paw Rescue.

Read the original story here.

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    • pennysdachshund says:

      Just keep posted on the Houston Shelters…. so many, many, dogs not unlike Luna there are in the same position!!! You sound like such a caring person YOU will come upon a little one that really NEEDS YOU!!!

  1. rhondaredmond says:

    My boy, Beckett, lost his sight at 9 years of age and we took him to an eye surgeon in Mt. Pleasant, SC. They did surgery on his eyes so he was able to see, and see he did, until his death 4 years later. I never regretted that $3500.00 Best I ever spent.

  2. Catherine Staffy says:

    At last! This good news made my day! Hope she will live with this kind woman for the rest of her life…happy, healthy and calm.

  3. Cherryl Gallo-Trapolsi says:

    Cheryl, & Pet Rescue Report…first I need 2 THANK ALL of U! And, funny thing…I’ve not done much for past 2 days, & Luna, & 2 particularly other sad babies were on my mind & I was desperate 2 SHARE this morning! Fortunately someone else did, & I’m SO excited & EXTREMELY GRATEFUL! I have already emailed “Hand in Paw” & anyway…before I ramble LOL

    • Bunny Peters says:

      Absolutely!!!!!! Good deeds, compassion for others (people and animals) will definitely help a person get to Heaven????????????

      • Bunny Peters says:

        To clarify:

        It is my hope that all good people go to Heaven for good deeds and all bad people burn in Hell forever for their cruelty to others…….

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