Update: 4-month-old puppy in Kansas City set on fire recovering

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In Kansas City, Kansas, a four-month-old puppy was found running down the street after someone set her on fire. Since then, the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City has been treating the puppy, who when found, suffered from second and third degree burns covering half of her body. On Sunday, Aurora’s health update brought smiles to animal advocates hearts across the United States:

“Aurora Update! We cannot thank everyone enough for the overwhelming response to Aurora’s story. She is stable and feeling a bit better today after having her meds and a comfy place to sleep last night. This morning she had a little walk indoors & some yummy turkey for breakfast!  We have received some leads as to her backstory and that information is being passed onto the KCKPD detective working her case. We’ve also received many foster applications for her and will be going through them soon to find the best match for her. Once she is fully recuperated, healed, and completed her vetting she will be ready for adoption,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

Authorities believe this may have been an intentional act of animal cruelty. As the puppy’s heartbreaking photos garnered social media’s attention over the weekend, not much was known about Aurora except that she needed everyone’s help to survive:

“Every so often we see glimpses of humankind at its worst & today is one of those days.  These pictures are graphic, but we want you to meet Aurora, a ~4 month old pit bull mix puppy who was brought to us today with 2nd & 3rd degree burns covering almost half of her body. She was reported to the local authorities while seen running down the street after being set on fire. Aurora was then picked up at 813 S. Ferree St. in KCK and brought to us through our Ray of Hope partnership with KCK Animal Services. She is now safe and being treated for her severe injuries, which will require about one month of burn care & may result in permanent scarring. Although we haven’t known Aurora long we can already see she is one brave little pup.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Gunzenhauser with the Criminal Investigations Bureau of the Kansas City Police Department – KCKPD at 913.573.6058 or jgunzenhauser@kckpd.org.

Donations can be made to Ray of Hope, Gabriel’s Fund for injured animals or directly to Aurora’s fund. The puppy will also need a foster home; if interested in helping, please contact the shelter or call (913) 596-1000.

Previous story here.

Check out one of Aurora’s new videos:

Morning walk.

Posted by Humane Society of Greater Kansas City on Sunday, April 30, 2017

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  1. pennysdachshund says:

    I HOPE that the LAW ENFORCEMENT AND OTHER AGENCIES in the Kansas City Kansas area take a VERY PROACTIVE STANCE IN FINDING THE “perp” who committed this horrific crime on this innocent little dog!!!! They can’t let their city and THE FINE STATE OF KANSAS BECOME another MICHIGAN< NORTH or SOUTH CAROLIENA < …. if this case is allowed to go unsolved it will only get worse !!! Kansas is a STATE of hard working and proud people… DON"T lit the ANIMAL TORTURE AND ABUSE BECOME a MAJOR FACTOR in DESTRUCTION of the STATE!!!

  2. Simeon Sponsler says:

    This makes me sick and I just don’t understand how some one could do this. As a Christian I should not want the person to suffer who did this, but I do. Whoever did this is one sick individual!!!!

  3. Kathleen Drude says:

    There are only so many places this kind of coward hides, we will find you! You better hope the cops get to you first, if we do there will be tit for tat, in other words as you made that baby suffer so shall you and yours! Trust me on that!

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another human maggot who should have been aborted. This subhuman is a spineless coward who will do this again if not caught – PLEASE – someone knows who did this – step up and report the sniveling punk to authorities. Aurora deserves a meg dose of justice.


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