Update on 12-year-old dogs surrendered by callous owner

Dogs surrendered by callous owner
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This week, two 12-year-old dogs were walked into a busy, open-door animal shelter in San Bernardino, California, by a man who seemed to care little (if at all) about the fate of his senior pets. The man’s callous disregard for his old dogs struck a nerve with countless people who were amazed when they heard audio from the surrender…the man literally stated that he was okay with the dogs being euthanized because they had enjoyed “a good 12 years.”

Fortunately, the senior duo was rescued before the unthinkable happened – Roxy and Nicky are now with the Frosted Faces Foundation in Ramona, California. The rescue agency recounted what the man had tried to do to his senior pets before taking them to the shelter:

Roxy and Nicky’s owner had first tried taking them to two different places to be euthanized, but the professionals declined because the dogs were in good health and were behaviorally sound. San Bernardino City Shelter could not euthanize them because the owner could not show proof of ownership.

Thanks to Frosted Faces, Nicky and Roxy enjoyed a freedom ride from the animal shelter and a grooming session. Today, they will see a veterinarian for an exam.

The rescue group wrote:

While we don’t understand why Nicky and Roxy were surrendered to the shelter today, but we need to remember that we are lucky they made it through those doors opposed to being euthanized elsewhere. Hell, we are even lucky enough that their owner was recorded having a confusing conversation with the shelter volunteer because that guaranteed the girls a quick exit.

Frosted Faces Foundation is comprised of people who put love into action.

The rescue group reminded Facebook followers how they can help with Nicky and Roxy (or other dogs who are currently in the agency’s care):

Foster or Forever Foster Nicky & Roxy (or any of the other rescued Frosted Faces in our care) to make room for us to rescue more. Apply at www.frostedfacesfoundation.org/apply/

Become a $25/month sponsoring Fan of Nicky, Roxy, or any of our other Frosted Faces. Register at www.frostedfacesfoundation.org/fans/

Volunteer at the FFF facility, to transport, or to do home inspections. Apply at www.frostedfacesfoundation.org/volunteers/

Make a one time donation to support our ongoing work. You can donate in the following ways:

• Call San Diego Bay Animal Hospital (619) 481-3007 and donate to Frosted Faces Foundation’s account
• Via PayPal: [email protected]
• Via Web Donate Link: www.frostedfacesfoundation.org/funding/
• Via Check or Cash through the Mail:
Frosted Faces Foundation
1448 Pine Street
Ramona, CA 92065

Original story (with video) about Roxy and Nicky here.

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  1. Thank you Frosted Faces for saving these two precious girls and giving them a second chance at the loving home they deserve!!!!

  2. OMG!! THANK U,THANK U,THANK U FROSTED FACES!!! And to the previous owner…..I’d LOVE nothing more than to have u euthanized for u are a total and complete waste of human flesh stealing everyone else’s air!! WHAT A POS!!!

  3. thank you frosted faces! I observed these two intelligent animal’s images when the owner brought them in. The ignorance of the owner contrasts with the beautiful animals. Thank you, again.

  4. Thank you Frosted Faces! Now I’m beginning to wonder if he was the real owner and perhaps a family member who had no regard for these beautiful seniors.

  5. Bless you Frosted Faces for taking in these precious dogs. I too am wondering what was the motivation of this POS to want to euthanize these healthy dogs! I am so glad he was unsuccessful and they are now safe.

  6. So Glad they were rescued in time!!!! The Owner needs to be euthanized because he’s lived long enough!!! Stupid Fuck!!

  7. The photo shows two alert seniors with plenty of years left to love someone. Sharing for a foster home. Thank you FF. You’re the best.

  8. Shame on this PENIS of a person that would betray his two old companions this way. Hell waits for you baby. …and HURRAY to frosted faces! I’m a big fan and love that they are a sanctuary for many abandoned seniors. God bless them.


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