Unlikely hero steps in to rescue drowning dog

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A  video showing one dog’s accident and near drowning as he slips in a raging river has gone viral. It’s a must see heartwarming story of the most amazing kind, as an unlikely hero steps in to rescue a drowning dog. The rescue took place in  Cordoba, Argentina and since posted has garnered thousands of views and likes.

A black Labrador retriever is shown running and then leaping into the river to retrieve a stick as a Golden retriever watched intently from the river bank. Seemingly too interested in the stick he is busily fetching, the Lab lost his balance, his paws slipped and he fell down  into the gully. The rapids were rough, and the outcome might have been tragic had it not been for the unlikely hero observing from the river’s edge.

In a split second movement to help his pal, the Golden reaches down and grabs the other end of the stick the black Lab has in his mouth and pulls the dog to safety. The video was uploaded to Imgur  and subsequently Facebook by the dogs’ owner, Rafael Franciulli. Comments on social media range from “what a great dog,” to the question, “was the ‘rescue’ just staged”?  One person commenting wrote “dog saves stick.” Other videos of the dogs show them to be incredible athletes. You make the choice.

(Photo and YouTube via Imgur and Rafael Franciulli)



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  1. Krys McConville says:

    My issue with this us, while it’s great the other dog saved him, instead of filming, this person should have been the there for the drowning dog… what was more important? A viral video or helping your dog to safety???

  2. Red says:

    How can a TRUE dog lover watch your pet getting swept away and just film it? What if that retriever had not done what he did…. the idiot behind the camera would just watch his lab be washed away??? I can not believe what IDIOTS some people are!!! Why in the world would you be playing fetch over that rapid running water anyway? Go to a DOG PARK where it is safe for crying out loud!!!

  3. susispot says:

    It looks like a pretty dangerous place to be sending your dog in after a damn stick. Lucky his yellow dog was smarter than the people he were with. Geez!


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