Tylee, a special needs puppy faces many challenges

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If Autism was diagnosed  in animals, Tylee, a ten-month-old Staffordshire/Dogo Argentino mix, displays the classic symptoms. Although she is a sweet dog, she is completely disconnected from everything outside her own little world. Loud noises, out of ordinary routines, unusual types of dressing/appearances upset her easily.

She is not accepted by any dog communities, or other dogs, who seem to notice she has an abnormal mentality. Other dogs (except her own mother) just want to hurt her. Tylee, along with her brothers and sisters, was rescued by the Animal Coalition Unlimited in Portland, Oregon.

When Tylee was just eight weeks old, she was just like any other puppy; a soft, squirming bundle of fur with a sparkle in her eyes. At that time her future seemed bright. However, over time the sparkle in her eyes diminished, and her abnormal behavior started showing when she was about 16 weeks old. The challenges seemed to increase significantly right after she turned 6 months old.

She used to go on puppy outings three times a week, but one day during her routine daily walk in the city, she suddenly freaked out and managed to slip away from her handler for a brief moment. That incident made Animal Coalition Unlimited realize that Tylee couldn’t be walked in public for her own safety. The stress from cars passing by, delivery men walking around the sidewalk delivering packages, and all other colorful elements around her were just too much for her to handle.

Her guardian still takes her for car rides on the weekends to have her see the outside “normal” world, but she must travel in a crate with a nice, soft bed for comfort and her own safety. Tylee finds her biggest joy in life playing with her ball. She is very good catching the ball in the air; either on the way up or down. She will leap joyfully, over and over again and catch it almost every time.

Despite her detachment, Tylee is a very smart dog that learned to understand several commands faster than her siblings, But, she will only do it if she knows you are going to let her fetch the bouncing ball afterwards. You can’t let her down/give her false hope, because it will put her mind wondering and for this type of disability, she should be provided with a set routine at all times. Although Tylee is a special needs dog, who basically lives in her own world, she is not a submissive dog. She will fight back regardless of the size of the other dogs. Animal Coalition Unlimited has been able to prevent anything bad from happening to her by understanding what things may trigger her to react.

Although she is quite smart, and loves to play fetch, at ten months old her future looks bleak with no home and a challenging road ahead. There are only three people Tylee allows to be around her and only because they have been around her since she was born. She won’t let other volunteers handle her or come close to her.

Tylee spends much of her time outside, just sitting quietly, staring up at the sky, possibly wondering what kind of future she will have. Tylee did not ask to be born this way, however, she deserves a chance to live a full life, feeling loved and a sense of belonging. Unlike her brothers and sisters, she is not yet ready to be put up for adoption.

If and when the time comes, Tylee will need a very special person to adopt her. When that person is found, her adoption fee will be waived. To make sure she is going to be cared for properly,  the potential adopter will have to sign a 6 months trial period contract prior to transferring ownership.

Any questions, please email: animalcoalitionunlimited@gmail.com. Or visit their Facebook page 

If you would like to help Tylee, donations are needed towards her continued care, training and upkeep.

Donations can be made via https://squareup.com/store/GivingPLEDGE/.

















9 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Hope that with training,love and a regular routine schedule, that Tylee can lead a happy life. She needs to know what to expect before things happen and that people are there to help and love her. Pray she finds the right family to deal with her issues.

  2. susispot says:

    Wow! Spreading the word. I have no doubt there is someone out there for her. They just haven’t met yet. We have got to get the word out so they can find each other. Sharing, of course.

  3. Mary Ann Clark says:

    Tylee needs a family that can care for a special needs dog! I think that this is much more common than is reported and I hope this will bring light to these behavioral differences in animals so they are just not murdered by society!

  4. Alisa clark says:

    I agree shelters should not be so eager to murder just because the animal has issues. The people that they thought would be there for them has let them down it takes time. After all animals have feelings too

  5. carrie ainsley says:

    Wow I have one like this, I didn’t think there was a name for it. She was born at my home because I rescued her mother, not realizing she was pregnant. 3 weeks and 10 puppies later, surprise! I started noticing she was different from the other puppies by the time she was 6 weeks old. She would retreat when the other puppies would come forward. It was a struggle to hold her, when the other puppies just melted in your arms and tried to give kisses. When her planned home fell through, I decided to let her stay because I was concerned about her temperament. She is triggered by any type of weather, loud noises, truck sounds, closed doors (being shut in a room), strangers, and doesn’t tolerate anyone that isn’t me or my daughter and attacks any dog in the vicinity should she get upset by anything and they are within range. She has a wire crate that is her safe place. We put the other dogs in bedrooms and let her have the house when we’re not home. She is super sweet and affectionate, and we love her dearly. The vet has her on Trazadone which has helped her tremendously in some areas, especially the car – maybe Tylee would also benefit? It’s not expensive.

  6. Red says:

    Bless her heart…… thank you for helping her and loving her. Do you think she would be a candidate for the place in Arizona that keeps animals that are handicapped and can not be adopted? I believe it is called Best Friends Sanctuary…..


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