Two women toss flea-ridden and dehydrated puppy over fence caught on video

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In a disturbing act of animal cruelty, two women were caught on a surveillance video tossing a flea-ridden and dehydrated black puppy over a woman’s fence in Long Beach, California. According to KtlaNews, on Tuesday, two women and a man had been walking another dog when one woman drops the puppy over a fence in a neighbor’s backyard near Atlantic Avenue and Third Street. The women then ran away; laughter could be heard in the background.

“Some piece of crap dumped a puppy in our yard. They literally dropped her over our fence, wrapped in a pee pad, and then ran off LAUGHING. I caught it all on our security camera. If anyone in the Long Beach area knows who these assholes are, please let me know. My neighbor and I are figuring out what to do with the puppy now. I gave her food and water and some treats, and Manny has been plucking ticks off of her. She’s seriously malnourished and I’m furious that someone could do this to a puppy. What is wrong with people?,” Amber wrote under the video.

Amber Latham posted the video to her Facebook page, said the four-month-old puppy was “covered in large ticks, dehydrated and severely malnourished. Amber picked up the dog and gave her food and water before calling Animal Services. The puppy had been wearing a collar, but was not microchipped nor had any tags to identify her.

The puppy is being cared for and may be up for adoption after May 25 through the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles.

Photo and video of flea-ridden puppy via Amber Latham’s Facebook.

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  1. Amber , deep down your grateful that she chose your back yard. Now you know she will be safe.
    That dog has been living on the cold hard ground out doors. But you gave her her first warm, nice smelling soapy scrubby bath and then fell in love with her.

    • Thank goodness for “Big Brother”. Poor pup was frightened. Wishing this puppy well with positive thoughts finding a loving home.

    • There are so many evil people in our country alone today hurting pups. This dog was probably stolen from someone they didn’t like or they stole to sell for money and didn’t get money. Many different reasons. One thing is for sure, the dog found loving people who could care for it. Be careful what shelters you bring the dog to if you do. A lot in Cali are kill shelters. The best thing is to get medical help to get rid of fleas and ticks and make sure the pup is vetted, and maybe they can help placing him in a loving home. Even shelter dogs get returned so much because people don’t have patience to teach dogs these days…God Bless you for keeping him safe.

  2. I saw the video yesterday. Someone knows who this scum is and needs to turn them in. I worry about the welbeing of the other dog as well. As for the puppy, she’s adorable! I don’t understand how someone could do this in the first place. Some people are just plain evil.

  3. Watch for them. One of the girls has something wrong with her foot. She has a bandage or something on one. What a pos they are. Please find them and prosecute..

  4. I hope this will be the beginning of a much, much better and happier life for this pup. Even if she had been stolen, the people that had her didn’t deserve her if they let her get in such frightful shape. God bless you baby.

  5. Someone KNOWS who these two wastes of flesh and bone are and if they have an ounce of conscience they will turn them in – I too, worry about the second dog, if they would treat one so cruelly, then the other is obviously in danger too. PLEASE someone step up and get these two aholes arrested. And a HUGE THANK YOU to the lady who was kind enough to care for the puppy. I do hope the media picks up on this story and broadcast it so these people can be found.

  6. Best thing in the world that could have happened for that Poppy is for those two b****** to do what they did! And doing Rescue all of my life I’ve seen it many times at least this one is healthy for the most part and we’ll have a good life from here on out. May the good Lord leave this video to who knows who they are!

  7. Someone should throw them too when they are sick and laugh at them. See how they feel poor excuse of human beings. Not Human most like insect slugs they are. Animals are not something you toss away when they are sick or need care. They have feeling and just like us give us love unconditionally visa versa If you get a pet , that becomes the owner responsibility. If those poor excuse of slugs cannot handle the Responsibility’s do not get a puppy.

    • Animal cruelty is not a crime that gets punished in this country so don’t think for even a micro second that if these jerks are caught that anything other than a fine will be imposed upon them!!

  8. I hope they find these wastes of humans and prosecute them. Maybe this is a blessing for this poor, innocent pup. Thank God for caring people.

  9. I’m SO THRILLED that this adorable puppy is now out of the clutches of these sub human bitches!!!! This is THE BEST thing that could of happened to this poor baby!!! Now this baby will get the love and care it deserves! God bless this sweet puppy!!

  10. What a beautiful puppy…..Where is he/she? What breaks my heart is the little baby being covered in big ticks & many fleas….I mean could you imagine ? Never being able to rest because you are constantly being bitten….I’m gonna follow this stor to make the puppy gets good vet care & gets health…it could be anemic with big ticks & fleas. God bless you precious.

  11. Well, the dog is better off away from these wicked subhuman creatures. They are everything the writer of the post said they are.

  12. Another thought just occurred to me. I believe they intended to dump this dog somewhere. If not over the fence into this person’s back yard, where? A trash can or worse place? Even though the dog is better off now, they need to be caught and prosecuted.

  13. She is adorable!! Would take her in a heartbeat, ticks and all. Some “sub-humans” don’t deserve to breath clean air.

  14. Here’s the great news….they will be judged one day!!! It breaks my heart to see the puppy running after them because that’s all it knows. Someone’s going to get a new family member that will be spoiled rotten. 🙂

    • BJ Hutter – Yes. We will all be judged one day. The unsaved will be judged at the great white throne judgment where they will give an account for every sinful thought, word and deed before being consigned for all eternity in hell/the lake of fire. Christians will be judged at the Bema judgment seat of Christ – not for sins as these have all been forgiven when we repented and accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour – but to lose or receive heavenly rewards depending on what we did or didn’t do on earth for Jesus Christ.
      Hopefully, these people involved in this ill treatment of this poor puppy will also be held accountable here on earth as well.

  15. What broke my heart was this poor baby wanting to go back to the evil person who dropped it over the fence ????. This same reaction occurs daily all over this country when owners surrender pets that they’ve had and just casually leave the shelters with the animals crying for them ????????. I hope and pray that this baby finds a wonderful home ????.

  16. Some one knows these low life sorry excuse of human flesh!!! Please, have a heart and report these people…someone out there knows them. They thought they were so funny…not knowing they were being filmed….report these idiots!!! Poor little pup, running after them because she THINKS they love her. Think how grateful she will be to learn true love and compassion!

  17. This bitch thought it was funny dumping this poor dog. Two disgusting POS who needs their ass kicked. All I can say about animal abusers is for them to get cancer and slowly rot since they are nothing but a waste on this earth. Yes, dumping this dog in the backyard is better than dumping the dog in the woods. I wonder what kind of life this dog had at least it isn’t with these scumbags and I feel sorry for the other dog. Let me put my hands around the throat of these two bitches.

  18. Poor baby, I would have kept the pup & taken it to the vet to get up to date on shots & get rid of the ticks & fleas….and what about the dog they were walking, concerned for his safety too… sad how that pup ran after them even after they dumped him….so so sad…..praying they screen really well before they let someone adopt him, so he doesn’t end up in another bad home.


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