Two dogs dead and one barely alive in abandoned trailer tied to doorknob

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The sole surviving dog, left tied to a doorknob that was rescued from an abandoned trailer in Bogalusa, Louisiana, is slowly recovering and has cause to celebrate Thanksgiving. In an inspiring rescue post, just perfect for the season of gratefulness, the Humane Society of Louisiana, posted the following good news on their Facebook page:

“We sincerely thank Dr. Liza Ledet and the great staff at Mandeville Animal Hospital for always stepping up to help when it is needed most.

You may recall that MAH took in and cared for dozens of animals who survived the Great Flood of 2016 at no cost and just yesterday took in “Thea,” a victim of terrible animal abuse!

We thank and congratulate our friends at MAH for the great services they provide our animal brethren and the generous spirit they exemplify. Well done, MAH!!”

The disturbing story began on Sunday when a man who was burning trash behind his home noticed a terrible smell emanating from the trailer next door. When he looked in the window, he saw the dead bodies of two dogs and a third dog barely alive that had been tied to a doorknob. Officers from the Humane Society of Louisiana arrived and rescued the dog now named Thea. (Baby Rescue) Thea was transferred to the Mandeville Animal Hospital and is being treated for heartworm disease, anemia, and hook and whip worms infestation. Without being rescued when she did, Thea would have likely died, still tied to a door knob.

According to the WafbNews, the Humane Society of Louisiana contacted the owner of the abandoned trailer – an elderly woman who said she had rented the trailer out to a man who promised to fix it up in lieu of paying rent.

“…We are confident that Thea will make a full recovery and that the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office will arrest the individual responsible for this crime and charge him with three counts of felony cruelty to animals,” wrote the rescue organization on Tuesday.



HSL has established a fund to help pay for Thea’s (Baby Rescue) medical care. Donations can be made online here. For more information, visit HSL’s Facebook page.

(Photos of surviving dog left tied to a doorknob courtesy of  HSL and Mandeville Animal Hospital)

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  1. Theresa says:

    I like to find whoever did this put a chain around your fucking neck tie you to a tree deep in the woods leave you there so you can die a slow painful death you fucking dirt bag

  2. Mary Ann Clark says:

    The person who basically tortured three dogs and murdered two of them should be in prison for life or better yet executed

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    I think ONLY a BUNCH of ” DRUG INDUCED METH HEADS ” would be living like that in the first place!!!! they are VERMIN!!! they deserve to receive a Bolus of their “Own Medicine” to assist them out of this world before they do this again////////


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