Truly emotional moment when dying man gets his last wish to feed a horse carrots

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Patrick Saunders, 87,  of Braunton, Devon, had been a lifelong lover of horses, and it was his last wish to feed a horse treats – carrots, apples and perhaps a handful of polo mints.

According to Cornwall Live, Saunders had spent most of this life around horses – beginning his working career at a stable after his father, Victor had introduced him to the stately animals. From that day, Saunders always had a strong connection to the animals. At the hospice facility where Saunders spent his final days, he was too weak to get out of bed, but had constantly told the nurses stories of his relationship with the horses and how much he loved them. And so the staff at North Devon Hospice set out to arrange for  a horse named Victor, a stately stallion, to visit Saunders so he could pet him and feed him treats one last time.

Although he had not been feeling well at all, the day that Victor showed up, both the staff and Saunders’ daughter couldn’t help but notice the joy in the elderly man’s face.

“When they told me that a horse was coming to visit Dad, I thought that maybe he would be able to see the animal from his balcony. I had no idea he would be able to get so close,” stated Jayne. “It’s something I’ll never forget.”

It had been one of the nurses caring for Patrick who arranged Victor’s visit. 

“His passion for horses was so clear and they’d obviously played a big part in his life. One phone call later and then there was a beautiful brown stallion standing outside the front door of the hospice. I’ll never forget Patrick’s smile when he was stroking the horse’s face. You could see they had a real connection and it is experiences like that which make hospice care so special,” said Cathy Whattingham who made the arrangements.

Sadly, Patrick died three days later, but not without that special experience – thanks to the nurses and the stable who arranged for Victor’s visit. Rest in peace Patrick Saunders. You will be missed.

(Photos of dying man’s last wish screenshots via Cornwall Live and YouTube)

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Check out the video – bring your tissues:

7 replies
  1. Gizmos Mommy says:

    What a wonderful story. This kind man is gone yet abusers are still slithering around. It’s true – the good die too young.

  2. susispot says:

    Sweet story. I’m glad Patrick had the memory of a soft muzzle fresh on his mind when he left this world for his final reward.

  3. ellen cottone says:

    all horses at the end of they day thinks they will be eaten.
    that is the root of all mistrust between man and horse since the beginning when primitive man hunted meat and the early small horses fed hunger.
    if you understand that you understand everything about horses.

    Patrick never owned a horse . he didnt ride or train he is a groom and always has been.
    its the groom who is the protector and guardian. the feeder the medicinal healer and witch doctor. he is responsible for all aspects involving in the mental health and physical needs of a horse in captivity.

    you got it .
    tv calls him horse whisperer but he has an older name and i cant say it and i cant spell it
    because it goes back to cave man time. it goes back to early man and early horse in the very region this man lays in now. the birth place of horse.
    this man goes back to the first experience where a meat eater primitive man and would not betray it for food.
    this man took pity on a creature and he and his family would not eat horse and they lived together . im not saying this man and his tribe did not eat meat but they could never betray a horse for food.
    a early horse is not a caver too dangerous but this small early horse lived in a cave with this tribe. the horse introduced this man to edible vegetation and medicine.a real early intersperses relationship all but forgotten.

    but Patrick was the first. in each of his lives as a groom for every warrior, king or night in the realm of what is know the British isles. he shivered thru out history in the night protecting horses of noblemen. all horse whispers in the united states are related to this man and his early tribe but nobody knows it because they dont have to but every frontiersmen of the west comes from Patrick’s region and i am talking about holy divine horse whisperer not the corruptible s. Patrick direct descendants are holy,

    Patrick keeps telling the nurse about just one horse. not many. it the same horse that is born into each one of his lives this is the powerful love between Patrick and the horse companion from the dawn of time.
    and when the thoroughbred walked away he said wow nice guy,
    but when Patrick was wheeled back to his room his horse friend walked thru the hospital doors thru the hospital halls and waited out side Patrick bedroom door looking in the window for 2 days on the 3rd day he was allowed to come in and envelope his friend with the eternal love and light . horse stayed with him.
    when Patrick lifted out of his body and the room erupted in light and wind that nurse the only person sitting in the room froze . she could see Patrick and horse leap with other.
    Patrick put his arm over horses shoulder and walked together to the glorious light.
    but they both turned to each other and smiled then both turned to the good nurse and smiled
    thats what she saw the night Patrick died. she didnt know she is divine placement she thought she was just a fellow horse men, She is a fellow horsemen who aids in the passing of noble men


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