Trio pleads no contest for neglect of small dog

Trio pleads no contest for severe neglect of dog kept in basement

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A trio has pleaded no contest to charges resulting from the horrific neglect of a small dog who was kept in the basement of a Macomb County, Michigan, home. According to Macomb Daily, Christopher Penn, 36, Sonja Sturdivant, 49, and Demico Knight Jr., could face up to four years behind bars when they are sentenced on April 26.

The felony charge which each individual is facing stemmed from the abysmal treatment of a Shih Tzu mix, named “Elvira,” who was so badly matted that she was nearly unrecognizable when she was found last October. Elvira’s body told a sad story of ongoing neglect – she was blind in one eye, had lost a paw, and had several broken bones in her back legs.

Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith told CBS Detroit how Elvira suffered, alone in the basement of the home:

“There was another dog in the house that lived upstairs, that was taken on daily walks, that was treated the way any other dog should be treated. But for some reason – this sweet little dog was left in the basement in its own filth, never taken outside and hardly fed at all and left to wither away.”

After being found and treated, Elvira went to NBS Animal Rescue in Troy for foster care – updated information about her current condition has not been released. The individuals responsible for Elvira’s pitiful condition have been free on personal bonds.

Continue reading – dog rescued after ongoing neglect at the end of an outdoor chain, read more here.

Skin and bones dog was left chained in the cold


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  1. Kathleen Drude says:

    They had another dog who they treated properly? Are you kidding? After what they did they should never be allowed to have any animals! To be kept in a basement waiting for a kind word or touch! Hearing the sounds above and knowing no one was coming for her! Yea I think at this point the injuries tell the story of a little dog being either kicked or thrown back down the cellar steps if she dared to come to the door! These three things need be put in a place the same as where this little girl spent her life! Hearing sounds of life and hoping some one would let them out to join in! Screw that on them I place a special curse you and those you care about will know what it is to be in the dark and suffer!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    They “could” face up to 4 years. More likely they will pay a small fine (if that) be released with a suspended probation sentence and allowed to do this to the next poor dog. Why they treated this poor dog like this, is anyone’s guess. I only hope they get a judge at sentencing that will punish them! But I won’t hold my breath!

  3. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    Those little bastards need to rot in a little cell in the dark and left there. They don’t deserve to live or breath freedom again.

  4. Red says:

    This crap will never end because the courts, and judges do not care, They slap the abusers hand and send them on their way to get yet another animal to abuse. These are monsters, who feel really big and tough abusing animals!! If the courts….. judges would ACUTALLY PROSECUTE ABUSERS….. monsters may stop and think before committing these horrible acts!

  5. Carole says:

    Damn SOB’s need to die a slow painful death and rot in hell for eternity. I am so sick and tired of these a$$holes never being severely punished for their crimes against sweet innocent animals by judges who don’t give a damn and are just as bad and should be punished as severely as the POSs that torture the innocents. For a start, since the judges are a huge part of the problem they need to be taken out and beaten half to death.
    Maybe then they will begin to understand how the poor little animals suffer.

  6. Dawn Hubbard says:

    Please keep us posted as to the punishment of the thugs and the people who left the Shitsu in basement. Thank you!

  7. Carole says:

    Send those 3 SOBs to jail for life. They don’t deserve to live. No animal is safe around them. Maybe fellow inmates can make them understand by sending them directly to hell.


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