Tragic end for cat who was tortured

Tragic update on tortured family cat ‘Sage’

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A family cat in Utah, named “Sage,” has met with an untimely and tragic end. The six-year-old cat, who spent time both indoors and outdoors, was found by his owner on Wednesday morning – someone had tortured and abused him to the brink of death.

On Thursday, the Humane Society of Northern Utah updated its Facebook followers about the death of the badly abused cat:

My heart is broken. Little Sage passed away. He fought so hard….but was just too broken. He went downhill really fast and they did CPR but he was gone. Thank you to all the wonderful people that sent love and prayers. Little Sage is at the Rainbow Bridge where he can’t be hurt any more.

Sage’s owner detailed how the cat was hurt by a stranger…whoever abused him used hot glue to burn his skin, and beat him badly enough to break his ribs and feet. Despite the extensive, horribly painful injuries, Sage managed to crawl back home.17191093_1281113488620771_2884735826004942856_n

The reward to find the cruel person responsible for Sage’s torture has climbed well over $5,000. On Thursday, the shelter wrote:

Special thanks to The Humane Society of Utah for offering the $5000 reward and to our anonymous angel for the $2500 reward to make sure Sage gets justice.

Donations towards the reward to find the individual guilty of this crime can be made at this link.

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Jim Zimerla

36 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Oh how heartbreaking, rest in peace Sage, my heart goes out to his owners finding their precious boy tortured like this. I hope they find the monster that did this to this cat, there is NO punishment they might receive will ever be enough!

  2. Janice Rooney says:

    wtf is wrong with some humans!! poor poor darlin ..hope to fuk the abuser is found and brought to justice by a vigilante group .. as prison or a fine would be too lenient ..bloody heartbreaking really is sage????

  3. pennysdachshund says:

    There was a time when YOU would NEVER EVER READ SEE OR HEAR of atrocious acts LIKE the ONE with SAGE committed in The STATE of UTAH… What has happened to the Mature, Honest, Caring, Adults, Youth, of that State… the families there were Church orientated , family and animal friendly, against violence , drugs, and alcohol abuse. I was never afraid to drive thru there in case I had a break down or needed assistance!!! Wow!!! Things have certainly changed… for the WORSE !!! The “PUTRID” EVIL PERSON WHO DID THIS WILL MOVE ON TO Children, Elders, and Adults, NEXT WHY you have another TED BUNDEY there!!!

  4. maxiemom says:

    No punishment is enough for the filth who did this. NONE. I hope they find the bastard and he gets what’s coming to him.

    This is a great example of why you should always leave your cats indoors. There are so many sick people in this world who have no problem killing your cat in the most heinous ways possible. People are twisted.

    • Kathy says:

      All to real. I don’t let my babies out due to the fact that we have cat haters right here in the neighborhood. Lost a few babies already.

  5. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    S’il est retrouvé, pas de pitié, donnez le moi, je me chargerai de sa sentence.
    Sois en paix petit ange.

  6. Solveig Pettersson says:

    RIP Sage ???? so sorry for you and your family ❤❤❤ Ä Little Cat shall not be treated like this ????????????????????

  7. Red says:

    Oh I hope they find the rat b***** monster that did this and someone beats the crap out of him…. don’t turn him in until you HURT him. May karma find this creep and really, really, really, hurt him, her, them, whatever!!!

  8. barbara says:

    It is so horrible to hear about this sort of abuse on animals,I all ways know that I love my cats but when you read about this sort of abuse I am afraid to let my cats go outside even do I live in Belgium where you do not see any thing like this ,but we know that it takes only one stupid person and it could be happening here too.RIP sweet baby you are in a much better place,????

  9. Zoey's mom says:

    Thank you for the update. God bless all of you that help God’s critters that cannot talk.
    I hope the person or persons that killed Sage and others too are found. I would hope that their cruelty would not escalate to humans.????

  10. diane larocque says:

    they will have to asnwers when there time comes and may be the same pain what they put that poor sweet animal though.

  11. Tracy says:

    Someone knows who did this I pray they do the right thing and
    bring the evil scum to justice, anyone who would do this do a small helpless animal is the lowest of the low! And anyone that
    withholds information to protect this lowlife abuser is as bad as
    the abuser.

    • Natalie says:

      Whoever knows who did this needs to out this person, this is so horrific and I am so angry, I have fur babies and I love them so much and I am heartbroken to hear this.. This is pure evil and this type of demon does not stop.

  12. Janie Ledergerber says:

    I would love to get my hands on the person who did this. I am so filled with rage at those who abuse animals. If I got my hands on one of them, all of the rage would be expended on that person. I would have them believing that I was sent by God to avenge every abused animal. I would have them wishing that they had never been born. Poor little Sage….precious baby. This world is an ugly place and the best way to protect your kitties is to keep them inside. I know I am not alone with regard to how I feel about animal abusers. I don’t care if the abuser is six or sixty. If you abuse animals, you are sick and twisted and you don’t deserve to live another minute–what you deserve is to die horribly and slowly and without mercy. You are hated by every decent soul. I hope Sage’s murderer is found and punished but I don’t think the punishment will fit the crime. It never does.

  13. K Raddatz says:

    Animal Guardians everywhere: we have to step up our guardianship and bring others in to do the task at hand. It is only through educating, organizing, advocating and affirming that we can maximize sharing the planet with all animals.

  14. Mary Elizabeth Rice says:

    someone who would do an act of evil like this should be taken and taken the thinnest wire you can find and wrap around their little private parts and hung from a big high tree and hang there till they die or tie them up and do the same.. i am not evil but whoever raised your sorry ass needs it too.

  15. Kathleen Drude says:

    If you have cats then don’t allow them to go out! It’s just that simple! If your cat insists on going outside then either make him a cat friendly enclosure or put a harness on your cat and walk him or her! Starting this at a very early stage will make it easier for the kitty to acclimate themselves, patience is the best way with an older kitty!

  16. Nancy Raymond says:

    Whoever tortured Sage is a prime candidate for the wood chipper – put in feet first so they can feel it making mincemeat out of their useless ass – I hope Sage’s owner learned a good lesion – keep your cats IN the house. That is the ONLY place they are safe.

  17. M says:

    People who love animals need to band together and talk to legislators so that our voice is heard in lieu of these dear creatures who can’t speak in human forums. This is a human problem, and it is not going to just go away. I agree wholeheartedly that education on how to treat all animals with respect and compassion should be mandatory k-college, and even the work place. Penalties need to be much more stringent, and no parole for proven willful abuse. The FBI is now tracking some of these types of crimes, but should really be involved in all of them. Very important. They can work with local authorities, humane society investigators and help find these abusing murderers. Things need to change. Also, once convicted the abuser’s name and current address should go on a National Animal Abuser Registry, just like is done for sex offenders. Both types of victims are innocent and helpless and cannot protect themselves. A convicted abuser should never again be permitted to own or work/live with an animal. Random spot checks by law enforcement to make sure the person is following the law, and mandatory education on respect for life.

  18. Sherri Hensley says:

    My Heart is Breaking into a million pieces right now.My Tears won’t stop falling. I can’t believe how Evil, Sick and Demented people can be. I Hope who ever did this that Karma Bites them in their ass!!! Beautiful Sage Rest In Peace you were a Beautiful innocent Cat Run to the Rainbow Bridge.

  19. SP Mason says:

    I continue to pray that whoever did this will be found and punished. They deserve, at the very least, the same that they did to this helpless kitty. Surely someone knows and could name the person. I hope the reward will inspire them to tell it all.

  20. Angie says:

    I dont understand why the perp of the crimes agai n st sage have not been caught. You know its a neighbor or close by. They knew where sage lived. Someone had to notice that there was a place this happened that would have evidence. Like in a gatage. If there is silicone around your house check to see if its missing. Check all the neighbors and their families for scratches. The guilty party has been in trouble before. Check records. Come on clearfield cops. Do your jobs. This is not that difficult to investigate. Are vigilanti methods the only way nowadays. ? Someone will get you . you are too sick to go unnoticed for too long.

  21. O Olon says:

    The monster/monsters who did this must be caught and severely punished. FBI studies show that animal abusers who abuse, torture and kill animals move on to doing the same to humans. MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF THIS MONSTER. Jail them for 2-3 years, fine them a huge amount including the vet bill trying to save Sage, BAN THEM FROM EVER HAVING OR BEING AROUND ANIMALS, DEMAND THEY GET PSYCHIATRIC HELP AS THEY ARE MORE THAN JUST SICK THEY ARE EVIL!!!



  22. Katy LeRoy says:

    Someone please investigate people around the house where the cat lived. I have a suspicious that the cat was placed back in their yard since it’s wounds were so bad. I believe in my heart whoever did this knew where poor sage lived and put him back so he would be found. Please consider these facts!

  23. resqdogz says:

    My heart goes out to his bereaved family, but I have to ask again: Whatever possesses people, not to keep a constant vigil on their cherished companions AND NEVER LET THEM OUT OF YOUR SITE FOR A MOMENT!!!???


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