Tragic update on German shepherd puppy found in parking lot with broken legs

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Over the weekend, a four-month-old emaciated German shepherd puppy was found in an Atlanta, Georgia grocery store parking lot barely able to move. Apparently Sammy had been hit by a car; one leg was literally crushed and the other had been broken in multiple areas. 

When the local shelter called Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for help, co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan immediately arranged for the dog to be transported to an emergency local veterinary hospital where he was administered intravenous fluids and pain medication. On Monday, private transportation was arranged to bring Sammy to New York City where specialty veterinarian orthopedic surgeons would try and save at least one of the puppy’s back legs.

And on Tuesday morning Sammy underwent surgery. Tragically, there will be no happy ending for Sammy:

 “With the heaviest of hearts we must let you all know that sweet Sammy arrested and passed during surgery today,” Jackie posted on the organization’s Facebook.  “He was apparently run over by a car recently which crushed one back leg  and left the other broken in several places. He was stabilized for a few days and then needed surgery to try to save at least one of his back legs.

The medical team was able to get him back once, but he unfortunately arrested again and was gone. This beautiful 4-5 month old baby had his entire life ahead of him and had done well until the end of his surgery.”

Fly with the angels Sammy. We regret that someone let you down – you were just a puppy and your owner never kept watch over you. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and all their volunteers, followers and supporters tried their best to save you.

“We are so sorry this happened to you sweet angel and that your life was cut short. We will never forget you and will always love you,” added Jackie.

Read the previous story about Sammy here. (Photos of Sammy the German shepherd puppy courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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36 replies
  1. Marsha says:

    Omg!! I was sure he’d be ok…. I’m so sorry sweetheart,so sorry your human failed you…You were too good for this terrible world…Fly free and pain free darlin????????????????????

  2. Joanne says:

    My heart is broken, this precious adorable baby did not have a chance to blossom. Sammy would have blossomed to be an awesome and handsome companion and family member. Angel Sammy, Rest in Sweet Heavenly Peace, precious baby you are now safe in the tender loving care of Jesus. Play with the Angels in Heaven’s soft white clouds. You are dearly loved sweet little Angel. ????⛅️????????????☁️????

  3. Lorraine says:

    RIP sweet angel. May your journey over the rainbow ???? bridge be kind and peaceful, your are no longer your in pain, but you unfortunately your beautiful little life was cut way too short.

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    I am heartbroken, this beautiful dog never had a chance for a good life and to be loved like he should. Rest in peace Sammy, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, I’m so sorry for your loss, I keep asking why these things have to happen to these precious pups and I don’t know how these rescue organizations deal with these heartbreaks, time and time again. I just admire them so for never giving up and being there for the worse cases of abuse.

  5. Lisa Jackson says:

    I’m so sorry. I was really pulling for Sammy. This breaks my heart. How do pet owners let animals run free or dump them and expect them to fend for themselves. RIP SWEET SAMMY.

  6. Karrie McIntyre says:

    Poor little guy. RIP I hope who ever did this and abandoned the poor puppy gets caught and they do the same thing to you

  7. Susan says:

    Sweet baby came to this earth to suffer even though it was to late he seen that there are caring people. Thank you

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    Sammy did not deserve the pain he was put thru by the human trash that left him – Thank you to Rescue Dogs Rock for your gallant attempts to save him. To the human maggots who hurt him, I truly hope your life ends painfully, and you suffer big time – you deserve it.

  9. Roland says:

    Rip sammy my shepard is also 5 months old and her name is sammy as well heartsore to read an article of this nature .????

  10. Mellissa Hodge says:

    I feel So sad for you Sammy. My heart breaks that you did not get a chance to live a long life. But you are with Jesus now in his ever loving arms. RIP sweetheart……

  11. Nancy Raymond says:

    I hope the maggot shit that tortured Sammy dies a horrible, painful and long suffering death – Sammy was an innocent victim who deserved MUCH better than to be treated like trash.

  12. Sherry says:

    This boy had five months of neglect, sadness and pain. Humans were not good to him and I don’t understand this. I donated a small amount to help with Rescue Dogs Rock sending him to the vet. I know they were heartbroken that they couldn’t get him fixed and then put him in a nice home. I know RD Rock takes unused donations and applies them to another dog that is abused and in need of medical attention. My prayers go out to the rescue for their loss and to Sammy. May he be met with lots of love and dog bones on the rainbow bridge!

  13. Kathleen Drude says:

    To all the lost ones I bow and i give them peace! Rest now it’s all ok you are no longer in pain you are once again whole and happy as you run and play! Lots of food and clean cool water! Lots of sunshine and friends! I close my eyes and I see all of you and I ache to hold you all! Good night little ones!


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