Dog with extensive burns has died

Tragic update on dog found with extensive burns

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There is a bitterly sad update on an emaciated dog who was found with extensive burns over his body. According to Live 5 News, the grievously wounded dog, who smelled of gasoline when he was discovered on Tuesday, could not be saved.

The young dog was picked up this week by an animal control officer, and then taken to the Francis R. Willis SPCA in Summerville, after he was discovered wandering in a woman’s yard off of Quaker Road in St. George. The wounded dog was unable to walk and was in shock when he was found. He was taken to the Charleston Veterinary Referral Center to be evaluated.

Kelly Harrold, Marketing & Development Manager for Frances R. Willis SPCA had commented on the dog’s pitiful condition shortly after he was taken in:

“He’s burned off all his fur on his legs and the underside of his body. He’s riddled with fleas. He’s not well-taken care of. He’s purely emaciated. This is one of the worst cases we’ve ever received here at Frances Willis.”

Though this dog’s short life was obviously comprised of severe neglect and cruelty, in his last moments, he was provided with love and compassion. Shelter Executive Director Kim Almstedt explained in a release.

We did everything we could and even though this dog in critical condition passed, his last moments were surrounded by love and compassion. For a brief moment, I have to believe he felt my hands on his back and knew he was loved. His past, whatever happened, was now truly in the past. His future is bright and filled with no pain.”

An animal cruelty investigation has been instigated – anyone with information is asked to call the Dorchester County Animal Control at 843-563-0015.

Prior article about this sad situation here.

(Francis R. Willis SPCA photo)

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17 replies
  1. Darla says:

    So very sad and 100% preventable. I hope the POS who made this sweet dog suffer will rot in hell. I’m glad this sweet pup knew love and compassion at the end.

  2. Kathleen Drude says:

    Your life was filled with pain and fear! In death you have found peace! For a minute you were surrounded by people who gave you love and tenderness! Little man run and play! Plenty of food and cool clear water! No more pain only new friends to play with! You are now an angel looking over others who are being treated as you were! Good nite little man!

  3. Me' says:

    RIP little one. All humans are not evil even though in today’s time it is getting harder to find decent good humans. Another example why I will no longer help the human race

  4. Michele says:

    I am in tears…flowing….I’m so sorry precious are now in Gods arms and in no more pain. He knows who did this to you and will have to answer to him one day. Run free baby will see all my babies there to play with. I hope the sorry excuse for a human being is found. ❤????????????❤

  5. Sherry says:

    My only daughter died two years ago on Christmas and she was an extreme animal lover and advocate like me. I believe in my heart that she is at that rainbow bridge greeting dogs and showering them with love as they arrive. I always pray about these cases to God and I have to believe that he listens and makes sure they feel the love they were deprived of here on earth and are free of all the pain they suffered here at the hands of man. RIP sweet baby.

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    This poor dog only knew pain, suffering and cruelty and whoever did this needs to be put through a wood chipper feet first so they can scream in agony and pain – someone KNOWS who this maggot is and needs to step up and turn them in.

  7. Linda Kovacsiss says:

    So very very sorry this poor innocent doggie was treated so horribly cruel & the wounds were too severe. The monster who did this must be caught & punished severely!! This poor precious baby didn’t deserve such cruelty & now deserves justice!! Thanks to all the kind who tried as hard as they could to save this sweet baby!! Rest in Peace little Angel in the loving arms of God!!


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