Murdered man's service dog killed

Tragic ending for murdered man’s missing service dog

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A missing service dog, who belonged to a murdered man, whose body was found burning in a field last week in Payne County, Oklahoma, has met with a tragic end. According to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI), the service dog who belonged to 38-year-old Michael Hamilton was also killed.

On April 3, OSBI stated:

Payne County — Investigators learned this afternoon that Michael Hamilton’s service dog was shot and killed this weekend. The pit bull mix was dumped in either rural Kay or Noble County after Hamilton’s body was dumped and burned in Payne County last week. Investigators were hoping to reunite the victim’s dog with his family.

After Hamilton’s murder, investigators had reached out to the public to help find the dog, named “L’il Mutt,” in order to reunite him with the victim’s family. The men accused of killing Hamilton allegedly took the dog with them after the murder and dumped him in another area; there are unverified accounts stating that Lil Mutt was shot by a farmer who feared that the dog was dangerous.

(OSBI Photo)

Dog beaten and left to die – read the tragic story here.

Dog beaten and left to die

20 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Do they know who killed this man and then dumped his dog? How nice of the farmer shooting a service dog, I would highly doubt a service dog would be dangerous, just shoot Lil Mutt and ask questions later!

    • linda says:

      Because it’s stated “unverified account” I’m wondering if the dog was actually shot. If so RIP L’il Mutt and my condolences to Michael Hamilton’s family.

  2. maxiemom. says:

    Nice. Another stupid farmer who didn’t bother to see if the dog was mean, a missing pet, or anything, but who simply took his gun and killed the dog for no reason whatsoever. Charge that bastard! This is INEXCUSABLE!

  3. pennysdachshund says:

    Well John Steinbeck was CERTAINLY before his Time when he wrote about the Riff-Raff in Oklahoma !!! These ANIMAL ABUSING BASTARDS have been crawling out of the CRAKS down there this past YEAR!!! Too bad the farmer didn’t use a 38 on them instead of the poor broken hearted dog!!!!! This farmer was a shoot first ask questions later jerk!!!

    • Terry Van Hooser says:

      Regarding the farmer: Those are UNVERIFIED ACCOUNTS!!!! Most likely, it was the maggots that murdered Michael Hamilton that also murdered his service dog and dumped it in a different county!

  4. Cynthia Como says:

    We live in a extremely cruel,violent and brutal world! And it’s terrifies me! I hope this crime can be solved and those responsible are brought to justice!


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