Tragedy from monsters: Chinese slaughterhouse demands ransom for not killing dogs

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Men from a Chinese slaughterhouse have been filmed demanding ransom money from animal rescuers to save the lives of at least a dozen dogs scheduled to be brutally murdered. The horrifying video showed Labrador retrievers, Goldens and huskies chained up in a filthy area waiting to be killed in Harbin, Helongjiang province. The dogs were beautiful, friendly and most likely stolen from their families.

According to the Daily Mail, the beyond disturbing footage posted on social media via Pear Video shows a woman standing in front of the slaughterhouse where she points to a table and says:

“When we first arrived, a Golden retriever was being slaughtered.”

The woman and a group of rescuers offer to buy the dogs in order to spare their lives; the butchers demand approximately $220. for each dog; stated to be the average weekly salary for a Chinese worker. When the rescuers are not able to raise enough money to save all of the dogs, the butchers kill the dogs – without a moment of compassion.

German shepherd, Chow Chow, Kunming Wolfdogs and Shar-peis are the most popular breeds raised for dog meat. Pets such as huskies and Golden retrievers are rarely seen being butchered. Many of the dogs still wear their collars and are the victims of theft as men travel the countryside stealing pets from their homes. It is estimated more than 10,000 pets are stolen each year. China kills between ten and 20 million dogs annually for human consumption. 

The heartwrenching video garnered almost three million views in just one day. Users on Weibo have called out the butchers as disgusting for setting an “unreasonable” price to set the dogs free. When will this brutal massacre ever end? When will China make laws against such egregious animal cruelty?

“These pet dogs appear to be stolen dogs. They are not supposed to be cooked. The butcher probably has raised the price up after seeing these potential buyers.,” one person commented.

The video ends as another dog was being butchered.

(Photos of dogs from Chinese slaughterhouse screenshots from Pear Video)

Graphic and disturbing video: (12 dogs were brutally murdered)

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  1. I personally, think it would be appropriate to start taking these men out, dropping them in their tracks, that have no respect for life. I would have been all over the first man, like white on rice, when he killed the first dog They only think about the MONEY THEY CAN MAKE on stealing and murdering these dogs. They have no use for these animals, just THE MONEY THEY CAN POSSIBLY MAKE. And then people wonder why we, or I, feel so opposed to China. Watch the video, if you dare, and see for yourself. I would not feel any remorse for any of them. I’ll discuss it with GOD when I see him.

  2. Monsters is the correct word for these POS despicable people. It tests my faith in the goodness of humans when I see such actions against these beautiful dogs. These are heartless people and I try my best to not purchase items from China and support these murderers!

  3. Get these males, chain them up and slowly slice off their gonads. They’re not men anyway do what difference could it make. They’re maggot pukes.

  4. I agree with the previous post from Tina! If you remove the problem, it can’t return. What a sad reality in the world; cruelty beyond comprehension.

  5. I agreed with everyone replies. They are all beasts, evil and POS on this planet who will rot in a place where they will suffer and pay for what they have done.
    My heart is tormented and feel so deeply for the lives of these innocent souls who have died brutally in the hands of these evil people.

    May all the beautiful and precious souls be with all the saints and angels and bless their souls.

    We will continue to fight for all you until these evil monsters stop killing you.

  6. Washington Post:WASHINGTON, May 10, 2012 — China’s one child policy, baby trafficking, and sex trafficking of North Korean women aren’t the worst human rights violation happening in the country. Aborting innocent and healthy unborn children and eating them to boost one’s stamina and sexual health is. So I’m not surprised they steal pets.

  7. These are not people. People have hearts, compassion, etc. THESE THINGS ARE MONSTERS. ANYONE WHO CAN DO THIS TO AN ANIMAL……and most likely a stolen companion pet…are freaking, lousy, sinful, monsters. Deserving NOTHING but horrible karma.

  8. These rescuers should gather together and storm this hell hole and take the animals by force. I have no problem with them killing every one of those bastards who demand money – PLEASE get those dogs out of there – they literally have taken companion animals and hold them hostage – so as far as I am concerned they have no right to live – THESE DOGS ARE INNOCENT VICTIMS OF HUMAN MAGGOTS –

  9. I’m too upset and outraged to comment except to say that I wish this entire race was non existant!!! Sorry if that’s offensive but I have a growing hatred toward anything Asian

  10. A bullet between the eyes seems appropriate until you realize that it’s way too easy of a way out for these pieces of excrement. They need to feel exactly what their victims feel before they go to hell. I’d be more than happy to help

  11. these heartless scum of the devil can’t even call people WHY NOT DO FUND RAISING ON FACEBOOK TO SAVE AS MANY DOG’S AS CATS AS POSSIBLE AND TWEET THERE’S A BIG WORLD OF ANIMAL LOVERS OUT THERE MILLION S OF US please god let there be a end to all this tourcher death to the fur babies amen.


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