Tortured and shot, poor dog ‘Buddy’ lived outside of a store while strangers ignored his pain

In South Texas, an abandoned, tortured and shot dog lived outside of a store. No one knows how long “Buddy” had been sleeping next to the wall, however no one ever stopped to help him despite every inch of the puppy’s body had been covered in mange and scabies. Then there were the bird shots Buddy survived -along with  pellet gun assaults and even a .22 rifle. Who can figure out why Buddy became the enemy; just a kind dog who would quietly approach strangers and with his soft brown eyes, timidly look up as if begging for a kind word and a scrap of food. Buddy, however did have one friend – the small white dog who stayed by his side providing some comfort to the endless days and nights of loneliness and pain.

And finally there came help. On Sunday, a social media plea circulated when Lizbeth Pereyra-Bollinger from McAllen, Texas posted the dog’s near hopeless situation on her Facebook page and asked for help. The plight of the two tortured dogs quickly garnered support and as plans were being formulated to raise funds for the dogs’ medical care, Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC agreed to help.

“There is not an inch of his body that is not infected. His only friend has been right by his side. This boy is being rushed to the emergency room right now. He’s in grave condition. We have to try and save his life; he deserves every chance we can give him …,” stated Stacey.

Late Sunday, the dog’s update – although still extremely serious expressed some hope:

“Update on Buddy, he is heartworm negative, has scabies, and mange (obviously) but he has also been shot several times, with a pellet gun, bird shot from a shot gun, and probably a .22,” wrote Lizbeth on her Facebook page. “The vet said he is not sure how he has made it this far. But we want to thank everyone for their donations, and prayers, especially a wonderful God sent individual from Montana, Ms. Janice, who donated a large sum to Buddy’s treatment! Buddy will need lots of prayers and lots of love. We also couldn’t leave his friend behind. And she is also getting treatment as well. Thank y’all once again, hopefully Buddy will pull through and he can be happy. Buddy has been accepted to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. If you like to donate to his recovery please donate to or donateRescue Dogs Rock NYC.”

How desperately tragic it was for so many people just to walk by this dog and never stop to help. Be the voice for those who cannot speak. Report animal neglect and cruelty. Don’t allow abandoning Buddy or any pet outside of a store as acceptable.

(Video and photos of Buddy courtesy of Lizbeth Pereyra-Bollinger) Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.

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