Tortured dead dog found lying in chair on curb

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In Tuscon, an animal cruelty investigation has been opened after a dead dog was found on Friday lying across an old recliner at the curb. When a call came into the Pima Animal Care Center, officers were dispatched to 8800 E. Broadway Boulevard.

According to NewsKgun9, Animal Control was notified after a viewer of the news station sent a message asking for help:dog-left-on-chair-dead-2

“I was on my way to the McDonald’s and stopped when I saw a dog laying in a recliner set out for donation. I thought it was a stuffed dog, a toy. I got closer and noticed its mouth was gagged shut with a sock and there was blood soaked on the sock. A few other people stopped too and one of them called 911, but they transferred her to animal control. She had to leave but I got her name and number. The animal control came at the same time as the donation collection truck. Animal control checked for a chip and the dog did have one. They said they will investigate the owner. No report was filed. None of our contact info was collected. They just put the dog in a black trash bag. So I decided to call KGUN9.

Authorities  are treating his death as a matter of animal cruelty and on their website cited the following information:

“We’re actively working with TPD to bring justice to this poor dog,” said José Ocaño, PACC’s director of operations. “This cruelty case is devastating to our community and we won’t rest until justice is served.”

On the organization’s Facebook page, authorities acknowledge the heartbreaking photos and is asking the community for help:

“You may have heard about the badly abused dog who was found deceased this morning. We know this story and images are heartbreaking to you, as they are for us. We are working in full cooperation with Tucson Police Department to find justice for him. This is an active investigation, and we will update you as we can.”

If you have any tips or information regarding this dog’s death, please contact the 88-CRIME hotline at 520-882-7463.

Rest in peace sweet dog. We are sorry humans failed you.

(Photos of dead dog via TPD and NewsKgun9 screenshots)

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34 replies
    • Marlies Renee says:

      i was told once they cremate dead animals then i found out they simply throw them in landfills with all the other trash, If your pet dies try to bury it yourself

  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    The picture of that dog is just heartbreaking. I hope they find the sick POS that did this and they rot in jail!

  2. .Linda says:

    Ok, tucson, anyone know this dog? Do you know who owner him? What a sick person who did this. I hope they lock you up and never let you out. If you do that to a poor dog you will do it to a child . You need to be lock up.

  3. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Quand ses sous merde seront retrouvės, j’espère que la justice les condamnera le plus sévèrement possible. Ils ne méritent pas d’exister. Bande de lâche, que votre vie devienne un enfer jusqu’à la fin.

  4. Bunny Peters says:

    SMH……. what is wrong with people???
    There is NO reason to abuse or abandon an animal…….. This is outrageous and disgusting…… I can’t understand WHY this furbaby was so badly treated…….

    If you didn’t want a pet or the challenge of rehoming an unwanted pet yourself, then please take the animal to a shelter (preferably a “no-kill” shelter)…… where the animal will have a chance to find a home where s/he IS wanted & treasured as a family member……….

  5. LEA FROM HAWAII???????????? says:

    I can’t stop crying????????????????????
    Please find that son of a bitch & torture him the same way????????????????????

  6. Edward says:

    You have Justice for the person that did that to the poor animal take a bottle of soap York 100 cent acid throw it down his throat and watch him scream tools on timely and Beautiful Death you piece of f****** s*** gotta make a new law that stroller for animal abuse like just putting them both for your f****** head

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    OK Tuscon, AZ – this dog had a chip so the owner information is available – No information was collected from the good people who found the dog – he was stuffed in a trash bag – no report was filed – Thank God one of these kind people was smart enough to contact KGUN9 – and hopefully this will force this disgusting case of animal cruelty to be investigated and the guilty party arrested.

  8. lilsdad73 says:

    Evil scum, you f**king horrendous pieces of shit. You chose to torture and snuff out the life of a beautiful creature, a fellow canine being. Shame on you, you evil c*nts. Rot. Please, just rot.

    • Dorcas Pruitt says:

      Its been a while since this poor dogs body was found. Has anyone heard of an update ? Have they found the bastard that did this ? Was there an award for info leading to an arrest ?????

  9. Lorreen k Magnus says:

    It is a felony in all 50 states for animal cruelty. Something has to be done with all this animal torture. Makes me sick.

  10. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    I hope you find who did this to this Poor baby and PUNISH them to the fullest extent of the Law. This is just HORRIBLE!!!!!

  11. Angela Corso says:

    This is a day and age where you can’t leave your pets outside unattended. People, there are evil and very cruel individuals in the U.S. and they are heartless!!!! Take care of your pets like you would your toddler.


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