Tiny dog will lose her leg after extreme neglect and matting

Barely four-years-old, a tiny Shih Tzu and Maltese mix dubbed Loretta will lose her leg due to extreme neglect. Rescued on Sunday from Animal Care Centers of New York City, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were shocked at the horrific pain the six-pound dog had to have endured for an extended period of time. On the organization’s Facebook page, the organization’s co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan posted the disturbing photos of tiny Loretta with her tragic story:Loretta 4 paw

“As you can see in these horrific photos, this poor dog is missing part of her paw and leg; the cause- she was so badly matted that her own fur strangled and dug into her leg over time to cause this terrible and painful injury. Can you imagine? Not only is the smell terrible, imagine the pain this tiny 6lb dog endured! This happened slowly, over time. Our vet estimates it probably took about ONE YEAR for this leg to get like this, eroding through her bone.”

Loretta has been transferred to the organization’s veterinary partner and is now on intravenous fluids for nutrition, infection and pain control. Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday.

“There is no way someone “didn’t know” this was happening, NO WAY! The leg is ruined, it’s done, she cannot use it and hasn’t for some time,” Jackie stated, but instilled hope for the little one’s future in the pitiful situation with some kind words.  “Our hearts break for this tiny angel who deserved so much better. The only silver lining is that she is forever safe; out of whatever house of horrors and extreme neglect she came from. She will lose her leg but not her life.”Loretta 5 xray

Loretta is a sad reminder to report all suspicions of animal abuse, neglect and cruelty. Someone out there must have seen this little dog suffering. Why didn’t they just make a call to Animal Control? Be the voices for those who cannot speak. Loretta suffered needlessly for a long time before she was lucky enough to have been found and subsequently rescued.  To help with this dog’s veterinary care and rehabilitation, please click here,  donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org or RDR NYC PO BOX 101 NY, NY 10028.

(Photos of dog will lose her leg after extreme neglect courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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