Out of time: Lito holding his ‘stuffie’ unaware there will be no more playtime

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RESCUED! Many thanks to everyone who shared the story of this incredible pooch.

The only constant in Lito’s life at Brooklyn’s New York City’s public shelter has been his “stuffie.” He cuddles with it, he rubs against it and when a volunteer offers to play with him, he grabs his toy. His short life has been summed up as follows:

“IMAGINE A ‘STUFFIE’ BEING THE ONLY THING IN THE WORLD THAT YOU HAD TO LOVE — IMAGINE NOBODY LOVED YOU … This sweet, sweet boy has sat there for weeks peeking his nose through the bars that keep him confined. His tail wagging, his eyes look up with such hope as each person passes him by – but nobody picked him. Lito plays happily with other dogs and is average rated (will fit into just about any home). So today he is out of time simply because he is homeless. This dog IS ONLY 12 MONTHS – AND WILL BE KILLED SHORTLY AT NYCACC – BROOKLYN, NY.”

A Facebook page for Lito can be followed here. Please note that dogs placed on “death row” only get 18 hours to be shared and rescued. With a holiday weekend approaching, Lito’s chances become slimmer, but not before volunteers get one more chance to sing this little guy’s praises. According to Rachel Bennett, who has interacted with Lito, here’s a first hand peek into this playful dog’s personality:

“I have walked Lito a couple of times, and he’s out of this world beautiful! Though he’s very friendly and sweet, he’s a big boy and can be a lot of dog at times (a bit pully on the leash). He is very house trained and seems highly trainable! I love the way he’s always sleeping on the bars of his cage so he doesn’t miss anything!”

Share this boy’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Euthanasia begins at 1:00 p.m. Be the difference for Lito.

My name is LITO. My Animal ID # is A1106806. Brooklyn Center, NY. I am a NEUTERED male tan and white am pit bull ter mix, approx 12 months old, weight 69 lbs, rated Average (will fit into just about any home)”

LITO A1106806 is available to be reserved on the ACC website until noon of April 13th

(Photos and video courtesy of Julie Carner and Must Love Dogs)


Watch his video here:


96 replies
    • Brittany says:

      And what exactly do you expect them to do john? When they have a facility built to hold 70 animals and are LEGALLY obliged to take in EVERY animal that comes through the door (owner surrenders, strays, animal control, etc) day in and day out, what do you expect them to do with no space? How about you educate yourself, your community and get off of Facebook and actually DO something if you feel so strongly. Kill shelters are NOT the problem, as the problem begins LONG before an animal ever sees that shelter. HUMAN ignorance in not spaying or neutering pets thus contributing to overpopulation is the beginning of the problem. Lack of education of spaying and neutering contributing to overpopulation is the beginning of the problem. Humans treating animals like objects and property and throwing them out when they no longer suit their needs, is the beginning of the problem. Educate yourself and direct your anger to the APPROPRIATE place or nothing with EVER change. As shitty as kill shelters are, we are lucky to have a shelter PERIOD to get thousands MORE animals that come through that door homes.

      • Erin says:

        ^^ this! As always, the “problem” begins with humans and human greed and animals continue to pay the price. </3

      • Verda parker says:

        How does “no kill” do it. Here at home we have “no kill” shelters & isn’t adopted out until been spay/neuter. Also, they offer low cost spay/neuter to the public. Every thing you said is true & already known, but why kill on top of that to those left behind abandoned scared innocent animals at no fault of their own by heartless irresponsible owners or abuse & neglect. What does that mean to have a shelter for to get thousands more animals that come through the door. You forgot to mention all the killings before them as if they didn’t matter. All animals lives matter. If you can have the money to kill, then you can take that same money to become a “no kill” spay/neuter. & you work there, because your love for animals? How can anyone love animals if killing them everyday. They didn’t ask to be here & yes it’s the subhuman’s, that they end up there. Don’t take it out on these already scared innocent unwanted left behind poor animals at no fault of their own.

      • Nancy Raymond says:

        NYACC pays BIG bucks to the director, a female maggot named Weinstock who makes little to NO effort to get any animal adopted – they are paid for the dead bodies of euthanized animals and if you don’t believe me, check it out. The mayor promised a NO KILL Shelter – just like he promised to end the horse carriages and has done nothing – this shelter gives animals as little time as possible to get rescued and/or adopted. This shelter gets donations and what do they do with it, they refurbish their lobby. Any animal in a shelter should be spayed/neutered before adoption – since people are so irresponsible the shelter needs to step up and do this – it is a low cost option yet the damn lobby is more important than the animal’s well being.

      • Bill Taylor says:

        I’m in full agree with you. When these so called humans are tired of their pets, their idea is why don’t I just drop it off at the kill shelter and let them kill them. This shelter should let these fine human beings that are so called pet owners kill their own pets and maybe they would think before they run out and get another pet. After they drop their first pet off to the kill shelter, they should never be able to have any type of a pet again.I realize that there are exceptions but you shouldn’t be allowed to drop them off just because they no longer fit your life style

      • ROBYN GROGAN says:

        Nancy, do you live in the city where this kill facility is located? If so, I suspect you and all of the other animal lovers can get everything changed but first of all FIRE this useless “female maggot”! FORCE THE MAYOR TO DO WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD! The only way to make change is to SIMPLY DO IT!! Do it for the beautiful sentient beings whose lives are being stolen by a non-caring killing system!! IF you truly love these dogs and cats, STOP THE KILLING! WE ARE THEIR VOICES!!

      • Lindsay says:

        Please educate yourself. Kill shelters are often run by volunteers who want nothing more than to save every animal, but if no one is adopting or rescuing and new dogs are coming in everyday, there are no options. The workers there cry with every euthanasia and are haunted by the friends they couldn’t save. The problems are breeders and those who buy from them while these amazing dogs waste away.

      • Adoptdontshop says:

        Any kill shelter is no better than any animal abuser it’s the same exact thing you kill a dog you’re going to be there you kill any animal you’re an animal abuser they go there to be safe but he didn’t real they’re not and they have no clue when the end of protists Ledo I hope you found a home but if you didn’t rest in peace little guy if I woulda known about you earlier I would have posted you everywhere follow the bridge and be brave don’t be scared on the other side are all your little friends waiting for you to come and play with them love you

      • audrey says:

        Perhaps you should open a no kill shelter. I don’t like the idea of kill shelters, however, an animal abuser purposely hurts a dog. Kill shelters take in dogs that are strays who have had to fend for themselves, owners who surrender them because they don’t want them. At least some of the dogs are given a second chance. Do you have a better solution?

    • Anne Peverett says:

      They don’t they are a business like all others even as a charity it’s just merchendise if it don’t sell it goes. simple and as pragmatice as that and they also use your sympathy vote to emotionally blackmail for help and profit. I do not mind them too much as I realise what they are about I just get cross with people who buy pets or breed pets and then these animals suffer without folk taking responsibility. They are the real cruel ones those who breed to an over crowded market for money in the first place.

    • Cindy says:

      Dumb comment. Why would you say that? Do you know these people? Ever worked in one? Any idea how heartbreaking it is to work in this environment? Idiot, what would have them do? There is only so much space. Your anger should be towards those breed unresponsibly and those who treat their pets like yesterday’s trash.

      • Crow Bryan says:

        I volunteer at a kill shelter and I volunteer there because it’s a kill shelter. Every animal that is put on death row gets my special attention because my official job is a Hospice Chaplain and Bereavement Counselor and I pray over each one of my animals that God would have mercy on them and that someone would open their hearts and homes to these animals. And not one of my death row animals die alone. I’m with every last one of them and each one has a special place in my heart and yes I cry over everyone them. My question is when will people take responsibility for their actions. If you can’t afford a child you can’t afford an animal. Be responsible and spay or neuter your animals. These animals are like children in that they can’t take care of themselves so don’t throw your animal out onto the streets. If you find you’ve made a mistake in getting an animal or the owner has died please call a Rescue Shelter. Most times they will come and get the animal and foster it out until adopted. We’ve got enough animals that there really is no need for breeding right now. And don’t buy one from a store ADOPT one. Rant over

  1. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG! I will forever be enraged at the fact that society refuses to find different solutions for dogs whose only crime is being homeless,which is the result of some assinine human! The killing of wonderful happy sweet healthy dogs is a MORAL CRIME! I will ALWAYS find it an UNACCEPTABLE act!! This rich nation wastes money on the most idiotic unimportant things! No one will ever convince me that there can and should be different solutions! It is NOT difficult to become a NO KILL shelter! For reasons that elude me not enough people care about the lives of dogs! I live in a city/county that is not wealthy,we are a city that struggles but our local shelter has a %98 rate of not euthanizing dogs! Tho we are a depressed area we have a HUGE population of dog and cat lovers that work hard at NOT euthanizing healthy dogs and cats! For that I’m forever grateful! It seems to me that too many shelters are not interested or willing to even try to end the moral crime of killing dogs for no good reason but being homeless! I’m SO HURT AND UPSET READING ABOUT THIS AMAZING WONDERFUL DOGS PLIGHT! OMG! WHY? WHY?WHY? Praying so hard for this poor innocent dog! Wondering why the Bully Crew have not been notified?

    • Cheryl Moss says:

      Well said… Exactly the way I feel. This has become a throw away society.. The “Rich,” get richer and the poor get poorer … It breaks my heart to think that these kill shelters even exist… ????????And the “ban” on pit bulls is ridiculous. It isn’t the breeds fault it’s … People or should I say sick P’sO S. That think they know it all .????????????. It’s the poor innocent dogs that get put to death for any excuse they can think of. To me it’s “ABUSE,” of animals and abuse of “sub-humans POWER.. Oh!! One more thing Pamela Bolton these “people” don’t have HEART’S…Grrr!!! Or souls. It’s all about

  2. Pamela Bolton says:

    come on people. There has got to be someone out there who has a heart big enough to save a life. I have 6 dogs and do you think I wouldn’t if I could. Taking a friend would be the best thing for the both of you. What if “you” were the dog? Find your heart and save this love bug.

  3. Stormy Wallace says:

    Pls, someone help, I can’t stand the thought of him being PTS – look at him – please, someone help, thanks

    • Cecily Roberts says:

      need help with transport or want to foster AND are local to NY tristate, New England, PA,VA, contact the Urgent Helpdesk for guidance as rescues to which to apply. helpdogs@urgentpodr.org – make sure you check all your folders such as spam and ‘other’ for the response.

  4. Helen says:

    I’m sorry baby boy. If I can have another dog in my condo complex, I would take you home. Where are all the rescues?

  5. William Joseph Gaynor says:

    In New York there are no foster homes that would take him in until he could be adopted?
    The little guy breaks my heart. They end up executed like a murderer, and have done nothing more than want someone to love them and give the same in return. What a crime, to just want love.
    Marsha saw your post, I hope for Lito’s and your sake it comes true. Bless you and Lito both.

    • Elena says:

      Alexa please contact christine with Scooby Doo’s rescue mission asap she is on facebook. Look up scoobys fb page. She will pull him for you of you are interested!!

  6. Patti says:

    I’m crying here in Ohio. There is nothing I can do. And this little boy is probably going to die. I’m so sorry Lito we humans weren’t better to you. Please know you are loved by many they just don’t live close enough. I hope before you kill him you take him for a walk. Give him kisses and hugs. All the dogs dying today. We wronged them. At least let them feel love once. Maybe even give them a special treat. But mostly let him hold his stuffie while he feels his life being sucked from him. At least he will have stuffie. Lito I’m so sorry. Other beautiful dogs dying because of the Easter holiday I’m sorry that is more important then u. You are loved. I’m so sorry. I hope to see u one day at the rainbow bridge. ????????

  7. Melissa Gurley says:

    There us someone on the comments that wants the dog have you connected her marsha I pray she can take this wonderful dog at least people are stepping up and someone else asked if the dog was still available

    • Amanda Netherland says:

      Wish I could help him but I’m in Texas with no way to get to him and I can’t fork out 200$ on Easter weekend ???? This poor baby breaks my heart! They make it next to impossible to save these babies!

  8. Joy long says:

    So just read your requirements for adopting. So you want me to hand over $200 for a for a dog your going to murder without any confermaition that I will even be able to adopt him if Im denied you than keep the $200 as a “donation” and still murder the dog. How dose this make sense at all? It truly looks as tho your all about how much money you can get “donnated” not the well fair of the animal. Shelters like yours truly upset many. I was going to fill out all the info & posssbly drive from Mi to get him but as I dont have $200 just to give away I unfortunetly cant afford it. Just remeber karma comes to find those that deserive it. You kill shelters are just an excuse to murder animals the deservive the chance to live. I find it hard to belive there are no rescuse you could find to out take him. I know of at least 6 here that thats all they do is buy dogs from kill shelters to save them.
    How do you people sleep at night?

  9. Dee says:

    Please dont hate the shelters. Blame all the people who breed and breed and breed. And all the people who throw animals away. People who wont spay and neuter for whatever reason. People who bitch and complain about the kill shelters. But wont donate a dime. Go volunteer at your local shelter and see what its like. Stay a year and watch what happens to the people who have to play god and dont want to. You live. You die. You die. Go ahead do it. are u brave enough

  10. linda says:

    As of April 13th, Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue pulled Lito, but, don’t know if he has left the building. Anyone have other updates?

  11. Linda says:

    It is almost summer. Plenty of street fairs and block parties. ACC should put dogs in mobile vans and take them to events where there are throngs of people and show off the animals. They will be adopted quickly

  12. jt says:

    All this outrage and anger and yet none of you have offered to save this dog. But I’m sure you all have a good reason not to.

    • linda says:

      Did it ever occur to you that people who comment on this site have rescues and have done so in the past? I have seen many here that have. Have you offered? If not what’s your reason not to.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Excuse me for showing “outrage and anger” when a healthy, beautiful dog is being put to death, because his time is up at the “shelter”! Excuse me for not taking in another dog when I aready have 4, and driving 8 hours to a shelter that I wouldn’t have gotten to in time anyway to try to save this dog! Many on this thread were offering money, transport, sharing his plight, and you have the audacity to imply we are doing nothing to help save him. Tell me what are you doing? Because of our “outrage and anger” and sharing, this dog has been saved by Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue​ so we must have done something! You need NOT be questioning us and asking what good reason we have for NOT taking in another dog. You need to be questioning why a shelter needs to dispose of a healthy, beautiful dog just because his time has run out. There are no kill shelters that seem to be able to avoid such actions

      • Cynthia Como says:

        BARKLEYS MOM THANK U FOR EVERY SINGLE WORD IN UR COMMET!! I immediately thought the same thing,JT wants to dis all of us BUT what has he contributed to Litos plight? Very assuming and ignorant on his part! I have 3 rescue dogs and all 3 are seniors with 2 of them having chronic conditions that are very costly! It is because of the high cost of vet care that I do not have more! I live with my 83yr old father and until I no longer have my beloved Dad with me I can’t foster. I am DEFINATELY going to be fostering in the future which will save lives! I would never take a dog in that I could not provide vet care for because that is abuse in my opinion! Ur comment is right on the money!!!!❤️

  13. Sue says:

    So what is that most up to date info on this pup??? Is he or is he not still in the system?????? As of Saturday night 4/15/2017

  14. Sara-Patricia Ann Mason says:

    To CROW BRYAN who responded to a comment above: God Bless You, whoever you are, for what you are doing. Your kindness to and love for these animals helps renew my faith in the human race. I so wish there were more people with a heart like yours. I pray for your well being and continued ministry to these precious little guys. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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