Throwaway puppy nobody wants: Who can help ‘Pinky’?

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The question continues to repeat itself over and over, yet the answer always seems to be fleeting. How can anyone allow their dog to get this way? Everyday, poor little Pinky’s condition deteriorated, yet her owners went about their own lives and never looked out for the welfare of an innocent puppy? Poor little Pinky roamed the streets trying so hard to survive.

And on December 15, Pinky arrived as a stray at the Polk County Animal Control in Winter Haven, Florida. Her Pet Harbor adoption listing states: “I am a female, brown Bulldog mix. I am a puppy. I have been at the shelter since Dec 15, 2017.” For more information about this animal, call Polk County Animal Services at (863) 577-1762. Ask for information about animal ID number A916716.

A Facebook page for Pinky can be followed here. Please note this dog can only be rescued by an approved animal rescue organization because of her health condition. Advocates have been pledging funds to help. According to information, there are several rescues interested in helping, however that has not been confirmed. Please note – no dog is safe until they are safely out of the building of any shelter. Pinky is currently on “stray hold” and cannot be released until next week.

“There are actually 3 already in, not sure who is first, but the pup will be released to rescued when her stray hold is up – which will be sometime next week. In the meantime she has already been given Bravecto, which has proven to work wonders as an initial mange treatment and has seen the vet and is on antibiotics and other meds, and being VERY well cared for by the shelter staff,” has been posted by shelter staff on Facebook.

More information to follow about Pinky as soon as it is made available.

For additional information, contact the Polk County Animal Services at 863.577.1762. (#A916716)

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  1. Keep us posted and we will help with donations. This is so sad. I can’t contribute much as i do a small rescue of my own for disabled dogs. I would take Pinkey in a minute but i live in Oregon and even though i volunteer for a free transport service we don’t cover that many miles. Good idea people — please volunteer for free transport for your area. A coordinator. a “leg” M/L of 100 miles, pass maybe 4 dogs/pups (double tethered and/or crate) on to the next volunteer. Saves a lot of lives. We even have pilots that volunteer for long “legs”. VERY REWARDING. Rescues love us and it’s fun as well as being gratifying.

  2. thankfully the shelter started treatment as most of them don’t do that and simply euthanize.. I wish this little girl luck and a rescue that will take a chance in helping Pinky live a normal life

  3. Whoever these subhuman maggots are that let Pinky get in this horrific condition then dumped her on the streets have proven themselves to be on the lowest level of humanity and may it all come back and slap them into oblivion – Anyone who would do this to an innocent defenseless dog deserves to be treated as poorly as they treated Pinky. PLEASE help this tiny being recover from the horrible treatment she did not deserve and hopefully she will fully recover and get the safe loving home she obviously never had.

  4. Thankful to hear that Pinky has been started on Bravecto!! It saved my Westie boy, Tutter from a horrible infestation of mites, which had burrowed in to the hair follicles, and a very big Thankyou, to Happy Valley Vet, in Clackamas, Oregon, and Dr. Kralich, and all her staff taking care of my boy for 6 months, to get Tutter better!! Pinky, please feel better soon, and I wish for you a fur ever home, sweet girl!!


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