dog beaten with bricks

Three thugs wanted for beating young dog with sticks and bricks

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One week ago, a young dog was viciously attacked by three thugs who used sticks and bricks to beat him – according to Fox 8 News, the horrific case of animal cruelty took place on the afternoon of March 9 on Cleveland’s East side.

A witness has stated that the dog was being abused by three men, between the ages of 16 and 20 years. The victimized dog, dubbed “Indiana Bones,” was allegedly struck again and again by the men who were using sticks and bricks as weapons – the men fled the scene after they learned that the police had been called.

The one-year-old dog, who is described as “very sweet,” was taken to the Cleveland Animal Protective League for care. He has multiple injuries and will need to undergo surgery – tragically, veterinarians believe that Indiana Bones had been hit by a car before the men started beating him.

The animal welfare agency is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the people responsible for Bones’ injuries.

Cleveland APL CEO Sharon Harvey told that the men wanted in this cruelty case are described as:

black and between 16 and 20 years of age. One wore a black hoodie with a Nike logo and sweatpants, another wore a gray hat and North Face fleece, and the third wore a khaki hoodie and jeans.

(Image via Cleveland Animal Protective League)

Watch a touching (you might cry) tribute to Dr. Travis’ elderly dog, Nala – click here.

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  1. Kathleen Drude says:

    These things need to be held accountable! This poor dog is hit by a car and then these things beat him! Each and everyday my hatred and yes that’s the correct word hate for the majority of the human race grows!

  2. Sheri says:

    The same should be done to the three punks who did this. Evil, stupid POS who think they are bad asses. They’re just punks, picking on a defenseless dog.

  3. LaffingGravy says:

    I consider what I scrape off the bottom of my shoe worth more than these slimeballs. I remember watching on a nature channel the reactions of chimps when a stuffed toy lion was put in their midst. What these POS did was probably a lot like what the chimps to that toy. One major difference though – the chimps felt threatened. These thugs, on the other hand, saw something weak and helpless that couldn’t fight back and attacked – like the chimps. Why? Because scum like them are morally bankrupt and no good to society. I’d put the chimps higher than them on the evolutionary scale.

  4. Debbie Dearmore says:

    What is wrong with these people that watch happening and don’t stand up for these babies. Step up and stop them. Think about those babies. For sure if they hit you they will go to jail. Everybody should take a stand against hoodlums like them.

  5. Dorothy Faye Reynolds says:

    Black, black hoodie, Nike logo, sounds like the same kinda thugs that murdered Michael Jordon’s daddy. Nothing but a bunch of no good deadbeats that could use a good ole Chicago ass kicking…!

  6. elaine Vallos says:

    Wishing BAD KARMA to follow you 3 imbeciles for the rest of your lives. You need to be given the same disgusting treatment that you gave this beautiful animal. Remember…………what goes around, comes around. Best punishment for you 3 idiots is to be left to swing by your ba&&s until you can no longer breathe, or break every bone in your bodies and let you rot.

    • tina says:

      Ha ha. The Rev Yvonne will quote her bullshit as usual. I believe in karma and agree with you Elaine. Karma is a law of cause and effect and these assholes need to be punished. Wish them bad karma!

  7. Darla says:

    Poor Bones….hit by a car and then beaten. Just give me 15 minutes with the three spawns of Satan who hurt him. I hope they find the POS, and I hope Bones can make a full recovery. He’s just a baby.

  8. Diana Bradshaw says:


  9. Cynthia Como says:

    They will probably never be located! At least here in Ohio,where this horror took place,animal abuse is a third degree felony. Hopefully one day soon it will be a first degree felony. It took so long to get this crime elevated to a felony that it will also take way too long to have it elevated to a first degree felony! At least we are one step closer to having this viewed as a first degree felony! I hope this poor,sweet,innocent dog gets well soon and finds the loving home he so deserves!!!

  10. Lisa says:

    Sick BARBARIANS who could beat this poor dog. I don’t know who raises such heartless trash but they are surely totally worthless people who I’m confident do NOTHING for the greater good. Praying for this innocent boy to recover physically and emotionally and get the best of best forever loyal loving home.

  11. Nancy Raymond says:

    Three fucking punks and no one steps up to help a defenseless dog being beaten by them – What is Cleveland made of – a bunch of cowards who stand by and watch? I don’t care who or how many there were I would be making such a scene and be in the middle to rescue this poor dog – I cannot believe no one did anything but watch – that is pitiful.

  12. Jessica says:

    These three males are disgusting and must be found as I’m sure they will commit such horrid acts again. I’d like to see all three of them stripped naked and tied standing with their legs spread. Then pound them between the legs with a baseball bat until their nuts are pulverised and their dicks pulped!

  13. Diana Rowell says:

    So, explain to me again…WHY do people of color complain about being shot first, then asked questions? Statistics show that MOST violent crimes are committed by people of color, latinos, asians, african americans, etc. Out of those statistics it’s the african american folks committing most of the violent crimes out of all other races. I’ve NEVER held the belief that other skin colors are different than me, BUT when I read statistics, then hear them bemoan the so-called racial injustice, I have a problem with that. YOU have the power to change the perception that law abiding citizens have of you, YET you do NOTHING but exacerbate it. At the end of the day…YOU BRING IT ON YOURSELVES. And YOUR PARENTS are even more to blame for raising you to be smart ass, inconsiderate assholes. Period!


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