Three amazing children help rescuers free dog trapped in drainpipe

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Three amazing children helped rescuers free a five-year-old red tick coonhound who became hopelessly stuck in a drainage pipe on Saturday after chasing a raccoon. The dog named Penny, had been out with her owner on a night hunting trip when she became trapped .

Volunteers from the Greeneville Emergency and Rescue Squad  from Greeneville, Tennessee arrived on Sunday morning to help after the dog had already been inside of the pipe for  hours:

This all started Saturday night around midnight. It was better for us not to respond at night,” said Kevin “Bucky” Ayers, captain of the rescue squad. “Knowing the dog was pretty much OK, I just can’t put our guys in danger for that,” the captain told the Tribune-Ledger News.

On Saturday night, Penny’s owner, Stacy Ricker had been out hunting on their property when the dog took off chasing a raccoon. As they searched for the dog, they heard her barking and on examination figured out she had chased the animal into a drainage tile that had a partial collapse. All night the concerned family tried to coax Penny out, but that wouldn’t happen. Even when rescuers arrived the next morning and tried to push her backwards or tie a rope to her leg to help her out, the rope would slip. As the rescue efforts became more complicated, the owner brought in his mini-excavator to dig out a section of the pipe.

Now here’s where the amazing children came into the rescue efforts. Since the pipe was too small for adults to crawl into, brother and sister “Bubby” and Kailee Carter volunteered. The children were able to get a rope around the dog’s waist and one attached to her collar, but still couldn’t pull her out beyond the collapsed pipe. Finally, the mini-excavator was used again to remove another section of the pipe, and Penny was successfully pulled to safety.

In the end, it would take four rescue squad members, a little help from a couple of kids small enough to fit into the pipe themselves, an excavator and 15 hours of work to free the 5-year-old hunting dog.

When Penny was finally freed, she shook herself off as if nothing happened; maybe her canine pride had been slightly dampened, but according to her owners she drank a lot of water, appreciated the biscuits offered, and besides a cut or two on her leg and some stiffness from being trapped in one position, Penny is expected to make a full recovery. Now the children have even expressed an interest in helping with emergency situations as they get older. Let’s all spend a few minutes commenting here and congratulating the children and their families for raising such fine young citizens.

On the Greeneville Emergency and Rescue Squad, the organization updated their Facebook page about Penny’s rescue stating:

 “There is more to the Squad than just cutting cars. Great job guys!!”

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Photo of amazing children help to rescue dog stuck in pipe courtesy of Greeneville Emergency and Rescue Squad.

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  1. I TOO am a Penny and I am so very GLAD the COMMUNITY RESCUE IN Tennessee of all places where the appears to be such a terrific problems with NEGLECT< ABUSE< TORTURE <ABANDAMENT < of OUR 4-legged companions.. Greeneville Rescue, children, and family of Penny YOU PEOPLE ARE AWESOME!!! Penny Pup is so VERY LUCKY TO HAVE a BUNCH of CARING DEDICATED PEOPLE SUCH AS ALL OF YOU come to her assist!!!

  2. Penny’s “owners” should perhaps hunt for ANIMAL KILLERS, which is what they are! Penny may NOT BE SO LUCKY next time! But, thanku to kids that helped in her rescue!

  3. A couple of very brave youngsters. When I was much younger you couldn’t get me into a dark cramped space. Good job and thank you to a variety of heros on this case.


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