Thieves rob families homes and pepper spray their dogs

In Raleigh, North Carolina, thieves have been reported breaking into area homes in Wake County;  not only stealing possessions, but have used pepper spray on the family dogs. When the thugs broke into the rear door of Clay Adam’s home on Labrador Drive at the end of September while he and his girlfriend had been at work, their home had been ransacked along with their possessions missing.

According to WralNews, when Clay returned home, he heard his dog whining from the back bedroom. When he entered the room, he saw that his dog had been maced.

“His body was like entirely pink – almost red,” Adams told news reporters. “His nose, right across the front of his nose, was bleeding, right across here because I guess he had scratched his nose trying to get it out. He was real red everywhere.”

And although a lot of the couple’s personal items were stolen, the pain his dog had to endure hit him the most.

Area residents are being asked to keep an eye out for these home intruders. One day later, another break-in occurred in Wake Forest – that dog was also maced and locked in a bedroom. The thieves pepper spray the dogs to keep them from protecting their homes or from barking. The spray can carry 10 to 20 feet, and once shot into the eyes of a dog, the animal suffers from incredible pain.

Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison stated any person able to hurt a dog that much would most likely injure people if they walked into their home accidentally while the burglary was in progress. Three people in the area have  been arrested for suspected burglarizing homes, however no one has been charged with these specific incidents. When apprehended, the thieves could also be charged with animal cruelty.

(Photos of family dogs pepper spray via screenshots WralNews)

The dogs are recovering.

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