Thieves break into shelter – dump all food and take supplies

Thieves hit animal shelter
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On Friday morning, thieves wreaked havoc on a no-kill animal shelter in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. The El Ranchito animal rescue, which is funded entirely by donations, has been crippled by this cruel incident. Whoever is responsible cut through wire fencing, dumped all of the food into the dirt and made off with solar panels and a converter.16708441_1770030769689512_802931827181723086_n (1)

Not only did the incident leave the shelter’s dogs without food, but one of the dogs, a female Labrador retriever mix, was taken (or escaped when the thieves were inside of the shelter area). The crime has been reported to the local authorities – in the meantime, the small animal shelter is in need of help to get back on their feet.

Donations are being collected to help the shelter at this link. Facebook page for El Ranchito here.


About El Ranchito:

A fairly new organization founded by two young girls with a dream. We are funded entirely by donations. Our volunteer list is small but hard working and devoted to our cause. You can be part of making a world of difference by Adopting, Donating, Volunteering, or simply let others know about El Ranchito.

Note: The writer of this article is familiar with the El Ranchito organization, and the Caboholics Facebook group. The animal shelter is responsible for helping many homeless pets in this area.



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  1. That’s terrible, how could anyone be so heartless?? And to take one of the dogs on top of it!!! Karma to those evil POS who did this

  2. How can one steal solar panels? They are huge and they are on the roof. You would have to a have a large truck to store them, Also they don’t work unless you have them installed from the company. Something about this story is amiss.

    • Here’s the original in Spanish:
      Amigos con mucha tristeza y coraje les damos la mala noticia que en la madrugada de hoy entraron al Ranchito, rompieron la malla y robaron el conversor y el centro de carga de los paneles solares, además se tomaron el tiempo de tirar todas las croquetas, echarles tierra y soltar todos los perros. Se levantó el reporte con la policía y ya se esta levantando la denuncia contra quien resulte responsable, no vamos a quedarnos con los brazos cruzados frente a estas injusticias.
      Este tipo de maldades sólo demuestran lo mal y lo podrida que esta la sociedad, que clase de personas atentan contra animales que no se meten con nadie, El Ranchito siempre ha demostrado que es un lugar transparente, todos son bienvenidos, ayudamos cuando podemos, a nosotros como personas nos lástima la maldad y la saña con la que actuaron, pero a los perritos los afectaron directamente privandolos de sus alimentos que con mucho esfuerzo todos ustedes donan con amor.
      Lamentablemente hoy los perritos se quedan sin comida, pero se refuerzan las ganas de hacer de este mundo un lugar mejor, más amor, menos envidias, más empatia, menos egos.
      Una de las perritas de El Ranchito esta pérdida se llama Monse es una perrita mediana color negro con pelo largo. Si la ven agarren la por fa.

  3. mike, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the thieves were after the solar panels for their own use. They aren’t cheap, so many will steal them instead. As for installing them and connecting them up, an electrician is able to do the job.

  4. I believe this situation is very sad and I hope they find the missing dog, but at least no animals where harmed. Food and electronics can be replaced and it may take while but the will persevere. Could this have been a inside job? Why target a fairly new rescue, it doesn’t make sense.


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