Texas shooter claimed to have purchased pets from Craigslist for target practice

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As if Texas shooter Devin Kelley, accused of killing 26 people and wounding 20 others at a Texas church last Sunday wasn’t disturbing and heartbreaking enough, new information reveals a former Air Force colleague has told authorities Kelley purchased pets from Craigslist and “used the dogs as target practice.”

According to CNN, Jessika Edwards had worked with Kelley at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico from 2010 to 2012, and what he told her about the animals was enough for her to stop communicating with him. The admissions of using pets as target practice came in Facebook messages in 2014 when Kelley tried to reconnect with Jessika in civilian life.

Jessika said Kelley had also made jokes about wanting to kill someone. She would respond that it wasn’t funny, but she described his obsession was so strong when Kelley was disciplined for poor performance, she was afraid Kelley would “shoot the place up.” And even though Jessika states she frequently tried to reach out to help him, and who she said attended regular sessions with a chaplain for mental health counseling, hadn’t seemed to help.

In another example of Kelley’s mental illness, he allegedly praised Dylann Roof, the man who entered a South Carolina church and killed nine people.

“He would say isn’t it cool? Did you watch the news?,” Jessika stated. “He would say he wished he had the nerve to do it, but all he would be able  to do is kill animals.”

According to the Denver Channel, Kelley had been arrested for animal cruelty in Colorado in 2014. An El Paso County Sheriff’s Office affidavit states deputies arrested him at the Colorado Springs RV park where he lived. One neighbor told a deputy that Kelley chased the young Alaskan Husky until he caught up with the dog and then jumped on top of it – pinning the dog down to the ground. With a closed fist, Kelley beat the dog in the head and face several times. Another neighbor reported he had witnessed Kelley grab the dog, throw it into the air and then onto the ground as he dragged the defenseless animal back to his camper as the puppy whined and cried.

When officers arrived at the camper on August 1, 2014, Kelley initially refused to speak with authorities and denied abusing his dog. One deputy said the puppy appeared underweight. When Kelley finally agreed to talk about the dog, he stated he chased the dog because she would not obey his commands and continued to run away.  He also stated the dog had been acting “aggressive to another dog,” but denied abusing the dog.

Officers arrested Kelley for misdemeanor animal cruelty and took the Husky to a veterinary center. Kelly was given a probationary sentenced and was ordered to pay $368 in retribution.

After the shooting, Jessika told the FBI about the messages on Facebook hoping they could recover them. She also told authorities she gave Kelley her cellphone number and told him he could always call her if “he found himself in a state of mind that he was going to hurt himself or someone else.”

Jessika’s phone never rang.

(Photo of Texas shooter via CNN)

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  1. Interesting. Another pos that abused animals, then women and toddlers before slaughtering 26 people and wounding 20 others. So many mistakes. The judicial system needs to take animal abuse seriously. Stop the weak, if any, punishment of the pos and maybe they could save lives. Or it too soon to talk about prosecuting and punishment for convicted animal abusers.

  2. Did Jessika Edwards ever contact police about this POS’ behavior, the Facebook messages, etc.? Why did she wait until AFTER he killed 2 dozen people? WTF is wrong with HER???? I would have reported him the second that he told me about killing dogs.

  3. She should consider herself Lucky to still be alive herself, BUT also because of Her Not making an effort to Put a stop to The Demon she associated with ::: Look was he was able to accomplish!!! People need to have the foresight to get ahold of the authorities when they learn of such vile acts committed against animal’s it only escalated further and further!!! She will carry this burden the rest of her life…

  4. WHEN are people going to speak up to authorities about people they think are off the wall? I hope this haunts Jessika for the rest of her life, she could have done something. You are as much responsible as the shooter!

  5. Why didn’t she speak up when he told her this? Why didn’t she report him? Why don’t people take this seriously enough to understand that it means you’re dealing with a MONSTER who is very likely to kill people? How many flags did this guy leave out there that were either ignored or not entered into the databases so he’d be stopped?

    The more we learn about this story, the more there is to be angry about because it never should have happened. All of those people should be alive, and would be, if people had only paid attention or done their jobs.

  6. I am very happy to say I’m extremely glad that ugly maggot fat fuck is dead!!! Good riddance to some extremely bad rubbish. If I have to look at that face one more time in the news or any other medium, I am definitely going to puke.

  7. So I hope now we can close Craigslist forever and investigate all the law enforcement officials which refused to carry out their sworn duty!


  9. Ugly POS .. he needs to be executed. Fuck a trial!!!!! As for the stupid bitch who could have prevented so many deaths. Eradicate her ass too

  10. Another prime example why Craigslist should stop and delete their posts of ALL animal sales – they ‘claim’ posting animal sales, animals for stud purposes, animals for dogfighting are all ‘prohibited’ yet the site does nothing to stop or supervise any of these posts. This hunk of maggot shit got dogs from Craigslist to abuse and kill – Craigslist is a HUGE danger to all animals and this is a great example of their irresponsibility by ignoring posts they supposedly prohibit –

  11. When I was a child…(in the 40’s-50s) one of our young neighbors set a mule on fire…the poor animal lived, but suffered for weeks. The neighbor boy was not jailed. Later, the same boy stabbed and killed his younger cousin for no apparent reason. He was convicted, and died in prison. Animal abusers do, indeed, become murderers.

  12. Another case where the abuse of his dog wasn’t taken seriously! $368 in retribution, wow and did they even take the poor dog away from him? Doesn’t sound like it. Ms Edwards is lucky she wasn’t the object of his rampage, If she had knowledge of his killing dogs and the other signs of mental problems, she should have spoken up and told someone! How many times do we see a nut case like this walking the streets, they are a ticking time bomb and in this case many innocent people were killed and injured. Here is a case where there were many signs of problems and yet this loony toons was allowed to purchase an automatic weapon, something needs to be done, better back ground checks and why do people need automatic weapons anyway!.


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