Test results back on emaciated boxer who was owner surrendered

Test results back on emaciated boxer
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Last Tuesday, someone surrendered an emaciated boxer to a rescue group in Colorado. The skeletal dog, dubbed “Spartan,” has been undergone extensive testing to determine if there is a medical reason for his malnourished state of health.

On Saturday, the rescue group, Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue, updated Facebook followers about Spartan’s rest results:

Spartan’s ultrasound showed no blockage, only mild inflammation. All of his blood work has come back normal.

Spartan still needs to have a few more tests (fecal sample, urinalysis, and colitis biopsy) to ensure that he is otherwise healthy – thus far, however, it appears that Spartan’s poor health may have been sheer neglect.

Donations for Spartan’s ongoing veterinary testing and care can be made at this link.

Prior article about Spartan here.

(Image via Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue FB page)

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  1. Charge the former owner to the fullest extent of the law in that state and permanently ban them from ever having another pet.

  2. There not a damn thing wrong with the dog! It’s the things that had him! I don’t have to do a barrage of tests to know neglect and abuse! Give me a break bring those pieces of shit up on charges of neglect and abuse! Better yet do to them what they did to this beautiful boxer!

    • D’accord avec vous, il mérite d’avoir les mêmes souffrances que ce pauvre bébé. Pas de pitié pour les barbares.


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