Terrified Golden retriever attacked by pack of dogs as people watched

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In Dallas, Texas a terrified Golden retriever was mauled by a pack of stray dogs at a rural trailer park. Residents from the mobile home development stated there was nothing they could do; everyone was afraid to get too close, and so they watched in horror as the gentle dog was nearly torn apart. When the crowd was finally able to ward off the attack and scare the dogs away, the injured retriever ran and hid underneath one of the mobile homes. Covered in blood and badly wounded, Goldie had no intentions of ever coming out.Goldie RDR

The helpless dog laid in shock until neighbors were finally able to get him out from underneath the trailer. Goldie was extremely weak and reeked of a rancid odor – the result of his multiple infected wounds. Brought to a local kill shelter, he never would have had a chance to survive without the help of animal advocate, Leslie Ysuhuaylas who called Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and asked if they would step up for the dog’s  survival and his emergency treatment.Goldie RDR2

Goldie has been transferred to the organization’s partner veterinarian hospital in the  Dallas/Fort Worth area. Once Goldie is treated and his condition is stable, he will need an approved foster home. If interested, please contact Rescue Dogs Rock NYC here.

To donate to Goldie’s care, please click here or PayPal to Donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.

Photos and video  of Golden retriever courtesy of Leslie Ysuhuaylas and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. It is not known who Goldie belonged to, but obviously his family didn’t care or was not financially able to help him. What we do know however is that Goldie will never be afraid again.

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Goldie’s video can be seen here:

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Sunday, February 19, 2017

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  1. Linda Patton says:

    How could you just stand there and watch an animal being attacked! You and the others could have grabbed brooms, sticks, chairs, trash can lids, anything and scared off that pack of stray dogs. To just watch is horrific!!! The poor dog being attacked was looking to you all for help, you ignored him, you let him get damn near killed. You ought to be ashamed of your selfs. I’m sure one of you had a gun, you could of shot into the air or one of the attacking dogs. You all make me sick! Then the poor thing was full of infection, so you must of just left it hurt under that trailer for God knows how long. Infection doesn’t occurred overnight. I hope none of you have animals as they certainly can’t count on you should trouble come their way.

    • Darla says:

      Amen. I agree with everything you said. There’s no way that I could ever watch a dog be attacked. I wonder how long that poor dog suffered under the trailer. As you said, infection didn’t happen overnight.

    • Tina Ladd says:

      I Agree. What didn’t you get a hose or take some action. A bunch of idiots. Where was the owner letting her run loose. She deserves a brand new home where people care.

    • Donna Rodriguez says:

      And, there it is there…. i couldnt have sad it better myself Linda. You, told it ,as you see it and, its the truth… shame on any one who will stand there and, not try to help in some way….. if this was a kid they sure would have done something. Or would they ? Who knows, nothing suprises me anymore…

  2. SLV says:

    No one could do anything?? Then they took Goldie to a high kill shelter??? Really???? I’m sorry but I think something more could’ve been done….prayers to Goldie for a quick recovery and a forever home filled with the love he deserves.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Way to go people of Texas! Let a dog get mauled by a pack of dogs, (couldn’t get a hose out, buckets of water, go at the dogs banging some pans making a noise, something to try to drive them away?) Then let the poor thing crawl under a trailer until it’s wounds get infected (how about calling animal control for help?) Then make sure the poor thing goes to a “kill” shelter. Yep that’s really caring about this dog’s life! Thank goodness for Leslie Ysuhuaylas who called Rescue Dogs Rock NYC! Prayers for this poor baby, and thank you Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for again stepping up!

  4. Debbie hawley says:

    The people that just watched should be ashamed of them selfs or was it cause they didn’t care if the poor dog live or die

  5. Kathleen Drude says:

    The fact that all these idiots stood there and watched as this poor dog was attacked is beyond me! They could have stepped in and prevented this very simply! They could have used hoses squirting water, they could have yelled and banged garbage lids or they could have just walked into the middle of this and gotten Goldie out of the middle! I have had to step between dog fights more times that I like to say, you do what you have to do to save the dog being attacked! Grow some balls!

  6. tina says:

    Poor baby. I would have gotten a broom immediately to ward off the dogs. Rancid smell? That quickly? Sounds as if Goldie has been attacked once before..

  7. Johanna Falber says:

    How do you know that Goldy doesn’t belong to someone? How do you know ‘the family doesn’t care’? Dogs get loose and they run far distances; they get stolen; they lose their way and get picked up and then taken farther away from their homes… We’ve heard the stories dozens of times where only a micro chip helps to reunite them. You are assuming the worse abiitvrhe family when you really don’t know.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I guess I missed where someone was criticizing the family of this dog, if indeed Goldie has a family. So what are we assuming about the family that we don’t know? Any criticism is aimed at the worthless humans that stood around and watched a dog get mauled and then let it hide under a trailer until it’s wounds were infected. I would imagine also they have checked for a micro chip to see if Goldie belonged to someone. Hopefully if Goldie has a “loving” family somewhere they will claim the dog and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC can then spend the money on another dog that needs help. I won’t hold my breath on that happening, however.

      • pennysdachshund says:

        HOW RIGHT YOU ARE !!! I know that I get POSITIVELY RADICAL over Texas and the apparent uncaring of (NOT ALL) but a very large segment of the population about animal welfare in any way, shape or form!!! This was a classic example… several people with brooms, buckets of water, a hose with the spray on full force!!! honking horns,,, FOR CHRIST SAKE DO SOMETHING!!! ANY of the above would not lead to hand to hand combat , but could have scared the shit out of the attackers…. also call for assistance ( but again the crazy way some of our elite officers respond they might have killed even Goldie)… but to not get help for that poor dog after the fight is disgusting at the very least…. Maybe they were afraid their documentation would be checked!!!!!

  8. Angela Corso says:

    A big concern is if those vicious dogs are still running loose. In fact, those dogs create an incredible threat to the safety of children and other small animals. I hope this wonderful dog finds a safe and loving home soon.

  9. Nancy Raymond says:

    So you all stood there and watched this poor dog get torn apart because you were ALL afraid – No way – you jerkoffs live in Dallas and no one had a gun to shoot in the air OR a bucket of cold water? Then apparently you left that dog lying under a trailer until his wounds were infected – what a bunch of losers – Thank God for Leslie who had the smarts to get Goldie help and I hope she recovers and gets a safe loving home which she obviously never had.

    • pennysdachshund says:

      HA!!! how right YOU ARE I have started to WONDER if the whole population of Texas is inbreed or if they all qualify for extras in the series of “THE WALKING DEAD”!!! a series that I fortunately don’t watch!!!

  10. LeaAnne Kelley says:

    What are you trailer folk going to do, when that pack attacks one of your small children? You better get animal control out there. You are cowards! You could have grabbed shovels, brooms, rakes, even your beer cans. Society is judge by the way they treat weaker species. You give Trailer Trash a bad name.

    • pennysdachshund says:

      I would venture to GUESS that many of “these people” don’t want to CALL ATTENTION to themselves and families ! with the law involved and then in the near future immigration authorities come for a visit… I have friends in Texas who say that many trailer courts in rundown area’s are a refuge !!! Sad to Say , but ‘What IS:IS”!!

  11. Sharon Frant Brooks says:

    I would love to foster (I have 2 rescued goldens now 9 years old) and one of my sweet goldens died at age 13 last year. But I cannot tell from where you should be to foster- Texas or NY? One of my goldens was a rescue from NYACC and on the list to be euthanized that day. But I am in NJ and could not tell if it is possible to apply to foster or not. Can someone give me a clue?

  12. Kathie Cacchione says:

    I cannot believe that not one person stepped up for this poor baby. Shame on every one of you . I would do anything to protect/ save an innocent creature yet you sat & watched him be torn apart.May God forgive you all. I would love to give this poor pup a loving home when & If he makes it

  13. Ilona Brost says:

    When it says “Texas” – it is BAD. When it says “trailer park in Texas” – … even second coming of Jesus would not help there.
    GOD must be really watching over Goldie.
    Once again, bless your hearts, RDR.


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