Do you recognize this terrified 3-legged dog

Terrified 3-legged dog found – do you recognize this dog?

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Update 8/12/17: Adopted!

On August 7, a 3-legged dog was picked up and taken to the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas. The dog, whose name is unknown, is clearly terrified.

Someone paid to have this dog’s leg amputated – someone cared enough to get him expensive surgery. It would seem that this dog has an owner somewhere – but where? Volunteers at the animal control agency are hopeful that someone will recognize this stray and come forward to take him home.

Please share this information and help reunited this frightened dog with his rightful owner.

Harris County Animal Shelter
612 Canino Rd. Houston, TX 77076
Monday-Friday 1pm-5:30pm
Saturday-Sunday 11am-3:30pm

Petharbor link here.

Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services at (281) 999-3191
Ask for information about animal ID number a490175

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21 replies
  1. pennysdachshund says:


  2. (Flamingfeather) Beth says:

    Shared on twitter, I would be frantic calling every shelter etc where ever I had been.
    and why is the dogs bed up against the wall!???
    what they think cause he’s handicapped he cant get on it or what! at least give him a choice of the bed or cold floor maybe be thoughtful enough to give him a blanket geez.
    bad humans have it made in prison, comforts of home
    why cant these innocent ones have this…

    • Audrey KIRK says:

      They do not get a bed there. or a blanket or even are ever allowed to be dry. Our little dog bit a man that was attacking her with a hammer. They made us lock her up in the shelter for 9 days. They first made her swim through a pool of dog dip so she was soaking wet. Then they put her in a tile cell with a stainless steel bed. The shoved her food through a hole in the door and twice a day they took a high pressure hose and washed out the pee and shit. She was soaking wet for 9 days. She was so sick when we got her out it cost us a fortune to save her life. Those people are heartless pieces of shit.

  3. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG!! This is beyond sad! This poor dog,he has obviously been thru a lot already! So damn unfair,I’m praying this beautiful fur baby is rescued! Utterly heartbreaking

  4. Lisa says:

    Yes! He is Charlie! I’ve seen the poster posted before. I can’t post a photo here. Call 281-865-4850. That’s the number on the poster!

  5. Sherry says:

    This is so sad. Amanda, did you contact the shelter? I pray for a happy ending to this tragic story; hope he finds someone that loves him to get him out of there!


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